If only like Ali Baba we could say, “Open Sesame” and get to the truth about Bin Laden! What we have been given could be compiled into a Modern Arabian Nights Tales. As most of you have read, on March 21, 2015 it was announced the Osama bin Laden’s bookshelf included the 1997 edition of my book Bloodlines of the Illuminati (publ. Ambassador House). As info on what was seized in the raid has been secret, and most of us have not been involved with following the little info that has been leaked, it would be worthwhile to discuss this topic. This post will provide a chronology of events concerning Bin Laden’s library AS THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA HAS REPORTED, as well as a little commentary.

May 2, 2011–SEAL TEAM 6, along with Intelligence agents raid bin Laden’s home at night, shoot him in the head, and dump his body over the ocean. The operation is called Operation Neptune Spear. A “Sensitive Site Exploitation” team spends 40 minutes shoving his belongings (DVDs, books, paperwork, about 100 thumb drives, etc.) into large canvas bags before quickly leaving the site. (Hayes, 2014)

May 7, 2011—A Pentagon military intelligence officer tells reporters that “As a result of the raid, we’ve acquired the single largest collection of senior terrorist materials ever.” (Hayes, 2014)

May, 2011–In the aftermath of the raid, the material seized from bin Laden’s home is data mined by a CIA-led team for important info. James Clapper, dir. of Nat. Intel. says that 400 intel reports were created from the intelligence gained from the bin Laden material. The CIA is given executive control over all the bin Laden material. (Hayes, 2014)

Spring-Fall, 2011–A bureaucratic battle between different intelligence agencies over the bin Laden material begins. The CIA refuses to share the intel with other groups. The DIA and CENTCOM, who want to use the info for the military in Iraq & Afghanistan, are blocked from studying the bin Laden material. (Hayes, 2014)

August, 2011–After Alex Jones has predicted that Seal Team 6 would be eliminated because “Dead men tell no tales”, we learn that they indeed have died. Congress investigates the deaths of the team members. (Jones, 2011)

Early 2012–The Obama admin. has a media campaign to convince the public al Queda is nearly destroyed.

March 18, 2012–David Ignatius, a writer for the establishment’s Washington Post writes about the bin Laden documents after being shown a few of them by Obama admin. officials. Ignatius writes that bin Laden “sensed that the movement [al Queda] itself had lost its momentum.” (Hayes, 2014) The following day, Peter Bergen, a national security analyst, publicly declares that al Qaeda is defeated and we should declare victory. The memo he bases that declaration on is part of a small number of bin Laden documents that the Obama admin. have approved for declassification & release. (Hayes, 2014)

April, 2012- Three wks. before the anniversary of the raid, West Point’s Combating Terrorism Ctr. begin a report on 19 selected bin Laden documents given to them by the Obama admin. Some of these docs are to be put online for the public. Lt. Col. Liam Collins is the dir. of the CTC center. The Nat. Sec. Council demands one of the 19 docs not be released, and their request is accepted.

May 3, 2012–West Point’s CTC report supports the Obama’s administration’s line that al Qaeda has lost its power. The report claims “the rise of lower leaders who are not as experienced and this would lead to the repeat of mistakes.” (Hayes, 2014)

AFTER CTC’s report–DIA & CENTCOM officials claim that the Obama admin. is wrong; that in reality al Qaeda is growing & getting stronger.

July, 2012–It is reported that Lt. Gen. Flynn, dir. of DIA, is forced out of his job because he is challenging the Obama admin.’s line that al Qaeda is nearly finished & defeated. He is claiming that when he viewed the CIA held bin Laden material documents, it documented a story just the opposite of the Obama’s admin.’s claims. (Hayes, 2014)

Congress passed wording in the Intelligence Authorization Bill requiring the dir. of Nat. Intell. to complete a declassification review of bin Laden material in 120 days. We are told that this is why new material is being released. So we read in the May 20 Guardian article, “Bizarrely, the [bin Laden] library includes several works by conspiracy theorists, including New Pearl Harbor, which argues that the government of George W Bush was complicit in the 9/11 terror attacks, and Bloodlines of the Illuminati, which claims to reveal the secret network of power-brokers who rule the world.” (Spencer, Yukas, Burke & Boone, 2015)

May 21, 2015—The U.K.’s Daily Mail has an article “Bin Laden’s very varied reading list”. They report that his reading incl. Grappler’s Guide To Sports Nutrition and Bloodlines of The Illuminati, which they say shows he was interested in “conspiracy theories”. [The book is history, chuck full of history, but never mind that–to these people it is automatically “a theory”!] (Bin Laden’s very varied reading list, 2015) This same day in USA Today is an article about Osama bin Laden’s bookshelf. It says that the Office of the Dir. of Nat. Intel. (ODNI) has released a bunch of documents from what was seized at his home in Abbottabad, Pakistan. (Vanden Brook, 2015)

THE REST OF THE STORY?…The alternative media has a totally different view of things. First, the alternative media has been reporting on the wealthy bin Laden family and their connections to our elite for years. Second, they note that it is widely known in the Middle East that Osama bin Laden died years ago before he was supposedly killed. Next, they claim that the “bin Laden” we have had as an enemy was a creation of the CIA. (What Really Happened) Attached on the thread will be a document with the name Tim Osman. And the deaths of Seal Team 6??? I will leave this short & sweet, and allow my informed readers to comment & leave links on the thread!

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Deaths of SEAL Team 6 Exposed


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