UPDATE ON T.B.M.C. 21 MAY 2015

Many of my fb readers are interested in trauma based mind control, & recognize my work in this area. Years ago (1995) I sat on the floor of my living room with about 120 files on t.b.m.c. programming tactics and brainstormed how I could make it understandable. I came up with 12 mind control sciences, which include trauma, drugs, deception, hypnosis and 8 other sciences. This update will use those 12 sciences as a way to organize some more material which I offer in this post. The purpose of this post is to provide information that was not written up in my 3 books on the mind control. I have written several articles this year to provide new info on the t.b.m.c. programming, for instance, I wrote on the Theta programming, a type of programming that not all t.b.m.c. slaves receive.

TRAUMA. The victim’s mind has developed the habit of splitting (dissociating) when torture (pain), stress or the programmer’s conditioning is present. It will do this as a natural coping mechanism in day to day life. This is a God-given defense mechanism, and animals also use the same ability to dissociate to deal with traumas in their lives.
Perhaps you have noticed that a natural built in reaction is to fight or flight. What happens when neither seems available?—what can happen is a deer-in-the-headlight’s freezing. At a certain point, the t.b.m.c. victim’s mind is so overwhelmed that they stop fighting the abusive programmer & quit trying to mentally flee, but are fixated on the programmer. At this pt. there is the possibility that the mind—reaching into its survival instincts—can become totally docile & suggestible to the programmer. Why? Because the terror in the subconscious mind communicates to the victim that IF they want to survive they must totally comply. Now the mind of the victim lays open to the programmer. Whatever the programmer says is uncritically accepted, for the mind realizes this is necessary for survival. By the time the child victim grows up, the programmer may not need to genuinely torture the mind controlled slave, as the mere thought of it brings compliance & suggestibility. Survival depends on listening to “daddy”. Intense trauma can also cause the mind to dissociate prior recorded info in the brain as it splits—this is a survival mechanism that basically is saying, what worked in the past does not pertain to survival, so start with a clean slate. The programmers know this & take advantage of this clean slate phenomena to now build whatever they want out of that clean slate part. One might call this kind of programming “fear-of-survival-driven” programming.
Brain stem scarring is a specific tactic to produce photographic memories—but if something goes wrong, the result can be multiple sclerosis. You will note that there are various causes for multiple sclerosis—and of course the controlled medical system is not going to admit that t.b.m.c. programming is one of the causes—although the literature on m.s. does mention trauma to the spinal cord as one of its causes. One victim of t.b.m.c. (in Germany) reported to me that his doctors would not talk to him about his brain-spinal cord MRI. Apparently, the scars from the brain stem scarring showed up. Yeah, doctors (in general) if not guilty are at least compliant to hide the facts from people, knowing that their careers are on the line if they don’t comply w/ powerful threats.

Another aspect of programming traumas is that it disrupts the ability of the victim to form natural family relationships. Spouses, friends and other significant others in the lives of t.b.m.c. survivors often blame themselves when family relationships are distorted, not realizing that without therapy the survivor is not likely to have the ability to form & understand genuine family relationships. Events in their lives are interpreted/perceived in distorted ways, and then they respond to these distorted perceptions. Many people ask me how can someone traumatize their children?? They fail to realize the distorting effect that the trauma-b.m.c. has had on the parent. Even then, the main programmers often have to blackmail the parent into helping traumatize their own children. One of the common traumas, perhaps used in half the victims of t.b.m.c. at some time or other is a near drowning. (Remember, my recent post where I mentioned a JW programmed multiple whose son mysterious drown in the family pool?)

HYPNOTIC TRIGGERS & CODES. Historically, many secret societies/tribes around the world have had secret names for their members, with the belief that if a person knows someone’s name, then they have control over that person. Who knows the names of the system’s alters?? The programmers and handlers, so they have a natural construct to claim that they have control over the person; they are the only ones who know the real name!
Many of the codes that were given in my books are still valid.

DRUGS. When I wrote my books designer drugs were more limited. Now legal designer drugs are widespread, and available for the programmers. These drugs are specifically designed and in certain cases, better for specific programming uses. The effect of drugs can be held by a split so that the victim can be programmed to think they have a vial of that drug inside their body. When something triggers a certain program the “vial is released”…what actually happens is the part with the drugged state comes up behind the alter holding the body and gives it an abreaction of the drugged state. The sensation is that the vial of the drug (or toxin) has been released.

BUILDING INTERNAL STRUCTURES. Castles were mentioned quite a bit in my 3 books on the mind control. However, the two stages to program it internally were not delineated. The victim is often taken to a castle and forced to become intimately aware of it. Later an accurate small model of the castle is used as a prop to hypnotically place the castle into the mind of the victim. The all-seeing eye as a structure was mentioned and even illustrated (and this programming object is reinforced by every dollar bill), and a similar structure, the Eye of Lucifer may also be hypnotically implanted into the belly of the victim. The importance of 28 was missed in my Formula book. The number is considered by some Satanists as the number of the Beast and is also linked to menstrual cycles. Remember, that the foundation of occult theocracy/occult science is the Kabala, and 28 means power for Kabbalists.

While I mentioned how the programmers set up conflicts between parts of a system so that only the programmer can bring order out of chaos…I didn’t mention one of the conflicts that is set up: having alters with different religions! Imagine an alter system with a Jewish alter and an Islamic alter! The programmers also create internal spirits, which are controlled by the programmers’ magical powers. In line with these magical powers, the programmer’s duplicate alter may appear as an internal genie in the system. As mentioned, places like Neverland & Shadowland appear in many internal structures. Also a magical pillar of power may be placed in the system somewhere. Watch sci-fi movies to learn the type of critters & structures that could be placed internally into the victim’s internal worlds.

THE PROGRAMMERS. I have another group to add, this time from Australia. A survivor of t.b.m.c. reported to me of a group in Australia that he was involved with. This group practiced t.b.m.c. & had many psychologists in its group. The group is located on the east side of Melbourne, Australia, & had property in the Catskill mtns. of NY, & the Broom Farm in England. The founder of the cult was Anne Hamilton-Byrne, who the police estimated had a fortune of $50 million. And the name of this cult? Well they used a name which is popular with several groups, incl. the Illuminati & the Mafia—which is “the Family”. They also called themselves “the Great White Brotherhood”. They met at their Santiniketan Lodge, their White Lodge and their Crowther House. Whether they were associated with the Illuminati or some intelligence group like MI-6 in 1961 when they were founded, I don’t know. On Aug. 14, 1987 they were raided by the police. In recent years, they have had power struggles and lost their power. Were they kicked to the curb by the Illum.? There is more to their story, but I don’t know the details. Being aware that they used drugs, electro-shock, trauma, and hypnosis at their private psychiatric hospital owned and operated by a member, Marion Villimek, helps fill in some of the pieces concerning Australia. The t.b.m.c. has spread global, and is especially prevalent in N.A., Europe, the Middle East, Russia and South Africa.

FINAL THOUGHTS. This article is as long as I care to make these posts. For those who have used my books as a reference to understand the t.b.m.c., this post has been designed to provide additional info.



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