NASA 7 OCT 2013

NASA: Where are they taking us?? A post revealing the dangers of NASA to freedom loving Americans.

Insiders at NASA have for many years said that NASA means “Never A Straight Answer”. For decades there has been quite a credibility gap in what NASA tells the public. Even the govt. realizes it. The Office of Management & Budget flunked two govt. groups for fiscal irresponsibility: NASA & FEMA. Besides their reputation for bogus info, NASA can also be rather secretive…look at a NASA phone book & an alphabet soup of codes has to be known to figure it out. Code F means “NASA Office of Human Resources” and H means “Procurement”. NASA also set up their own bogus opposition ProSpace, a fake watchdog. Part of the secrecy, if we give NASA the benefit of the doubt, is that they have worked hand-in-hand w/ the Air Force & Intelligence to put up spy satellites and use their astronauts for military photography & military missions from the very start of NASA. This explains for instance why the dir. of National Recon. Office (NRO) & Sec. of the Air Force later became the Deputy Administrator at NASA.

Perhaps you (like myself) were watching on 7/20/1969 when “eagle has landed” & then a few hours later mankind was said to have taken a “big leap”. I was excited…mankind by Amer.’s NASA was pushing back the frontiers & continuing the American habit to explore the unknown. Many Americans, who were proud of landing a man on the moon, now have had second thoughts, & sincerely question if the event was not sophisticated staged drama with film previously shot on earth. Researcher & critic of NASA Richard Feyman says, “NASA exaggerates the reliability of its products to the point of fantasy.” But this post is not about NASA’s lies, but about the threat they pose to freedom.

The elite planned to use NASA to get richer, while destroying the economy for the rest of us. It will come as no surprise to my readers that the leaders of NASA are connected to the elite, for instance: James Webb, 2nd Administrator of NASA (‘61-‘68), 33 degree Freemason; James C. Fletcher, hd. of NASA ‘71-77 & ‘86-89, Temple Mormon, & part of SDI; Sean Charles O’Keefe, NASA hd. 2001-05, bd. of dir. DuPont, Bohemian Grove mmbr. who came from a family of Louisiana politicians. V.P. Cheney got O’Keefe his appointment as NASA’s head. Both Webb & O’Keefe were career bureaucrats w/ no technical or scientific background. Why assign bureaucrats to head what the public sees as a scientific organization? The heads of NASA are primarily busy getting Congress to ante up vast billions of dollars every year for NASA to give its select elite-run contractors billions of dollars. The 2003 budget was $15 billion. Two congressmen involved w/ NASA’s budget were given free space trips on the shuttle: Sen. Jake Garn & Rep. Bill Nelson. Dan Goldin (aka Capt. Crazy) who was the 20 year manager of our spy satellites became head of NASA after ’92. Goldin used the $4.5 billion Space Launch Initiative as a cover to funnel money to NASA’s existing contractors (like Boeing & Lockhead Martin). The huge deficit spending by our govt. reduces the chances that the govt. will deal w/ genuine problems. The military-industrial complex has made outrageous profits at times, their execs have had outrageous salaries & bonuses, while soldiers & sailors and their families were living in poverty. Eisenhower described the rise of the military-industrial complex as “disastrous” in his Farewell Address in ’61. They have been called the High Priests of waste. The recent NASA X-33 was a billion dollar project that never flew & was terminated in 2001. NASA’s enormous expenditures are contributing to the bankruptcy of America. In fact, the elite planned it that way. Their paperwork show NASA was intentionally created to give pork barrel projects to the elite while seriously ruining the economy for the rest of us.

The Shuttle (NASA’s golden goose) was used to keep the aerospace industry out of a major slump…and it also seriously impeded the creation of a viable commercial space industry. The favored contractors at the trough got rich, & entrepreneurs were repeatedly put out of business…so much for free enterprise. Dan Goldin helped obstruct commercial space projects. Due to Mormon political pressure Thiokol of Utah got the booster contract while the head of NASA was a Mormon. Richard Mike Mullane, a West Point grad & an astronaut w/ 3 space missions, blamed the NASA leadership for the Challenger disaster. The NASA leadership blamed it on underfunding, even though they were never cash poor.

Besides helping to bankrupt America with many expensive projects that provide no benefit, NASA sites (like Huntsville) are also used regularly as programming centers for the Illuminati’s trauma based mind control. NASA also uses their funding for grants for mind control research, as well as carrying out new sophisticated harmonic mind control techniques. Now you see further why there is Catholic & Mormon leadership at NASA, it ties in w/ the mind control. (For those who haven’t read my detailed books on the Illuminati’s mind control, they can ordered at my, which also has some bio info on me for those asking for some.)


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