Truth remains truth, whether we like it or not 6 OCT 2013

Truth remains truth, whether we like it or not…
AMERICA YOU’RE MISSING SOMETHING! You made a wrong turn & are going the wrong way. On the road of history there were warning signs & signs of direction, but you are drunk with pride, distracted by your music & idols & novelties, and are not watching the signs. You have lots of company for this wrong road. You are on a road of death leading to the City of Death. Someday you will come face-to-face with the reality of your mistakes. Then you will realize that the way of the Lord was the right way. As a prodigal son you could return to your Father. As a nation you are restless, you sense things are wrong. Your Father is slow to anger & quick to forgive. Your Father wants you to turn around & get back on the right road.
AMERICA you are accountable. God is not mocked. Nature is not mocked. The Laws of God will not be mocked. Many of you came from backgrounds of physical bondage and tyranny, and your forefathers gave thanks to God for their freedom. Freedom will be taken from a people full of lies, rebellion & witchcraft.
Ask yourself, are your preachers more boring than heroic? My remnant, it is a time to resist in the faith, to be steadfast in faith and to be heroic, for your cruel enemy is looking for every weak spot to devour you. You cannot live by food alone; but as it is said, by every Word that comes from your Father in Heaven. These truths shall always be truths.


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