NAKED 11 DEC 2013

It is commonly accepted that we are naked before God, who knows all things (1 JN 3:20b) & has an infinite understanding (PS 147:5). What has been harder for Americans to accept is that they are also naked before our intelligence agencies, esp. the NSA (jokingly called “No Such Agency” because of their penchant for secrecy). This post is designed to clarify how naked we are before the 2 Kingdoms of Life & Death, discuss the technology monitoring/spying on us, and provide an overall context for this.

One day I saw a meeting between the 2 Kingdoms: a Christian prophet in ministry w/ me & an Amer. intelligence agent. My brother prayed & then told the intel. asset about the agent’s life (as the Spirit had revealed). The revelations were dead on, & the shocked agent became silly putty, & was fascinated to know my Christian bro. If we realize that God Almighty is observing what we do, it should mitigate some of the concern that someone is spying on us…we have nothing to hide…it is all going to be revealed at some pt. anyway. Of course, that is a generalized truth, there are likely things in your life that should kept private. And the idea that the wrong people know all about us is creepy.

I frequently get asked how much the World Order (pronounced Odor by some, aka the PTSNB) know about us. At the very top levels, essentially everything…in fact, likely more than you yourself know. This is because their supercomputers have essentially infinite memory, & use artificial intelligence, neural networks, algorithms, visual simulations to analyze how you make decisions. They may know how you think better than you do, as they have been tracking & analyzing you with their powerful supercomputers. They monitor essential all communications, for instance phones & emails. The spirit realm assists their dark kingdom & yet my experience is that the evil spirit realm has limitations. The NSA has their limitations also…on Jan. 24, 2000, the NSA’s supercomputer system totally crashed. (It’s possible that the stress to get Y2K OK, had removed some of their workers from dealing w/ other computer problems.)

The key to the NSA’s ability to watch the entire world is the supercomputers & software they use. Years ago, they used CRAY’s 1,2, & 3 models. Later, they used the ETA-10 and the SX-4 supercomputers. Eventually, they turned in house & have developed their own R&R group: Supercomputer Research Ctr. (SRC) which in recent years is providing their needs at Ft. Meade, NJ (aka Crypto City) where they are located. Their inhouse research for faster computers is taking them into molecular-based, quantum-based, & DNA-based computers. They have adopted one of these, which I don’t know, but I do know their computers basically have infinite computing power, & access to essentially everything communicated by the Internet, or digital communication, for instance they can monitor the fiber optic cables, no easy job… some of the better fiber-optic strands are able to move as much data in a minute as the Internet contains.

You can imagine as they suck in the communication & computer activity of 1 billion Chinese that they are on communication overload. As the random messages are pulled in, they go thru filters & key word selections done by A.I. directed computers. Eventually if their messages are important enough, an actual person will evaluate them. Crypto City, (with a daily work population greater than 30,000 being a city itself), is compartmentalized & well trained not to discuss anything with co-workers. They do have their own intelligence news network, & several of their own Intranets (nets not part of the Internet…ISS, Intelink-C, ATDN, Webworld). They can do real time tracking w/ their Automatic Mapping System, tracking a car, plane, or ship on high resolution computer maps. With their incredible advanced computer technology doing most their thinking, they now have the means to become god-like with omniscience. Besides Ft. Meade (Crypto City), the NSA has 3 regional SIGINT centers, Fort Gordon, GA, Medina Annex, Lackland, TX, Underground near Kunia, HA, and Madina Annex, Lackland, TX, and numerous small listening posts.

Something both Russian & Amer. intelligence did was use the moon to bounce microwave signals back, this makes the signal almost undetectable & immune to jamming…likewise Mars & Venus are feasible for bouncing signals back if a strong high-gain antenna were used. Both the USSR & US shot microwave energy, and by beaming & directing the beams they could get the beam to return to a very specific point. The NSA figured out how to intercept these microwave signals from space. On to other things: the Echelon software is used to steal trade secrets. The NSA (& other Amer. intel. agencies) use a variety of transportation: planes, ships & other vehicles to support their monitoring of events. They use biometrics (voice, facial, & retina scan) to identify their 30,000 plus workers. They also use color coded badges, secret handshakes, codes & oaths. So they are both on the cutting edge of technology to identify people, as well as employing the ancient oath type of tactics Freemasons.

This has been a quick look at the Intelligence agencies abilities to monitor you.


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