I am repeatedly reminded of the subject of food, nutrition & food storage, & believe a few thoughts would be worth sharing for your edification. This post is a collection of thoughts about food storage, nutrition & malnutrition.

MALNUTRITION. If you follow my posts, you’ll have noticed I have written about how people can be eating large meals & still have malnutrition. I notice that some who are storing food are unwittingly setting themselves up for malnutrition. Of course, in the global context, we already have about half the world’s population surviving on less than $2/day; children going blind because of malnutrition, others are getting Alcohol Fetal Syndrome because of careless lifestyles of pregnant women, plus countless other problems from poor nutrition. People worldwide are abandoning their healthy traditional diets for the poor nutritional western diets & are now experiencing high rates of degenerative diseases. We’ve heard of the brain drain from 3rd world countries, a bigger brain drain is all the intelligence lost by kids not getting adequate nutrition & education. Agribusiness & govt. have promoted the consumption of wheat (w/ its glutton) & corn (becoming GMO). You see that promotion in the govt’s food pyramid taught to public school children. Wheat has gluten (which creates neg. reactions—for some very subtle to realize) while low on lysine (a super essential amino acid). Many have been incorrectly taught that powdered low-fat milk & flour will provide the nutrition they need, & incorrectly think they have solved their emergency needs by having the two. The process to produce powdered milk eliminates usable lysine, so the 2 products (flour/wheat & powdered milk) together are deficient in this super essential amino acid. You may think, so what if I am getting the others? Unfortunately, the body only gauges what it works w/ to the lowest supply of the 8 different amino acids, in other words, if you have eaten 100% of what you need of 7 of the 8 amino acids, but only 10% of the 8th…your body uses only 10% of all of them. So being low on lysine affects what the body can do w/ the other amino acids. Not only has wheat been overrated, so have other popular food storage items like soybeans, which again have a mediocre amino acid profile, for instance, soybeans are low in methionine. When we think of nutrition let us remember the importance of enzymes, amino acids, & watch that we get protein from our diet. If the body gets adequate protein, carbs are not essential. Amino acids play a big role in proteins. And digestive enzymes incl. papaya’s papain & pineapple’s bromelain. Finally, beyond being nutritional, it has to be edible in looks & taste. While some supplements are merely made to sell, the correct use of supplements can greatly enhance your life. Good fish oil & cayenne pepper are but 2 of hundreds of great/powerful supplements. (By the way, GMP certified supplements are pure & good.)

ARE WE PREPARED? No gas=no trucks=no food. Limited supplies means food, cigarettes, & booze will function as mediums of exchange. Will those who are used to full stores & full bellies be prepared for when the trucks stop bringing food to the stores? Our bountiful food supply in the U.S. is vulnerable to high fertilizer & gas costs to farmers, bizarre weather, labor, low water supplies & transportation. Already my farm relatives in western KS have limited production due to scarce water supplies, high production costs, & have suffered repeatedly from aberrant bad weather. Other farm areas have experienced the same. The American farmer grew excess crops that supplied many foreign lands, but they have been put out of business by the elite’s agribusiness & govt. policies. Agribusiness has been in the works for a while. In 1943, Rockefeller Foundation opened a research ctr. in Mex. to develop new strains of beans, corn & wheat for agribusiness’ “Green Revolution”. The Green Revolution has failed to remove hunger around the world & food insecurity in the U.S….part of the problem w/ food supplies is politics, market manipulation & policies. But many of the poor worldwide have no comprehension of the PTSNB, they simply work hard & fail to get enough to eat, because the World system is rigged to make the rich elite richer, at the expense of the poor (in spite of what the controlled media tell you!) Over the years, the more I’ve learned about JFK, the more I am impressed…he sincerely wanted to eliminate world hunger, realizing it is the seedbed for other problems…in contrast to the PTSNB who quietly carry out programs to exacerbate the hunger problem while pretending to be against it. If at times this world seems like an insane asylum, it’s because it’s run by a psychopathic elite w/ crazy agendas.

ARE WE PREPARED FOR GOD’S CALL? What about those of us who oppose the PTSNB’s craziness? Of course we care for our loved ones, yet beyond that we are also our “brother’s keeper”. “Blessed is he who considers the poor” (PS 41:1) “Whoever shuts his ears to the cry of the poor will also cry himself & not be heard.” PRV 21:13 So the law of God repeatedly details instructions to remember the marginal who are hungry, for instance, DT chpt. 14, 15 & 24, & EX 22. God’s ultimate will is for mankind to be well fed. (ISA 25:6) Meanwhile we are God’s instruments—we were saved by grace & are His instruments of grace for the purpose of giving our lives to works of love! (EPH 2:8-10) Accept God’s role for you to be a hero. And if you happen to be one of the hungry poor, use the experience to gain spiritual riches & grow spiritually, rather than letting it take you down spiritually. It is possible if you move into the center of what God is doing, He will miraculously provide for you.


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