This update will approach the subject from a new dimension, the spiritual dimension to Operation Jade Helm 15. The purpose is to stimulate the reader’s attention to the spiritual issues involved so that a better conscious awareness pervades. Call this food for thought for those who care about spiritual things. What were the Luciferians who planned Jade Helm thinking when they made the logo, the purpose & objectives of Jade Helm 15???

JURISDICTION. The spiritual children of God are in a “legal” dispute with God’s enemy. Satan (the fallen Arch-angel Lucifer) has certain limiting parameters that God Almighty has placed on him. Lucifer was originally given jurisdiction over this planet, and has hated humanity ever since Adam was given authority over what had been his. The control & destruction of God’s ultimate creation–mankind–has been the goal of Satan & Satan’s little helpers.(A) When we come into agreement with the Kingdom of Death…and there are seemingly countless ways to come into agreement…we give evil spirits jurisdiction in our lives. The Principalities & Powers of Satan’s system use symbols as a way to communicate and to gain agreement. Most of the time that we come into agreement with Satan’s Kingdom/World, we are not even aware of it. The whole topic of “Revelation of the Method”, where we are given predictive programming, relates to the occult desire for our wills to give jurisdiction to Satan’s spirits & the right for him to carry out his agenda. Satan is getting around those certain limiting parameters that God Almighty has placed on him.

MASTERING THE HUMAN DOMAIN. There is a subtle but powerful double meaning to the Jade Helm objective: “Mastering the Human Domain”. What power in the World most wants to master the human domain?? Yes, the Non-Human Spirit Realm–call them “evil aliens” if that helps one understand. The area of Jade Helm 15 is in SW USA where the major underground DUMB bases of these non-human interdimentional entities are based & where eyewitnesses have seen them interact in secret with our compromised evil World govt. The whole topic of jurisdiction gained by us moving in, working in & assenting to their jurisdiction is worthy of a book…it parallels to some degree our own court system…where you give the court jurisdiction by coming into its realm, for instance, when you cross the wooden barrier. Mentally, we give agreement to spirits to build spiritual strongholds in our minds. Much of this goes on without the awareness of the person. A drunk gets locked into his addiction, by giving jurisdiction to spirits of addiction & booze to build spiritual strongholds. Yet, he is not even aware why it is so difficult to break his addiction. The 12 step program discovered that a higher power is needed, but the complete dynamics of why & what is happening are not realized.(B)

Some Christians have discovered their enormous power & authority they have as reps of Christ’s Kingdom. We are given a window to this when Christ teaches what we bind & loose will be done on earth.(C) They can rebuke the authority of these strongholds and agreements. There are all kinds of oaths & agreements made by survivors of t.b.m.c. and these need to be broken to move forward. We are given a heads up on this, when Christ told us that one first has to bind the “strong man” (in the context he means powerful Spirits & Satan).(D) We can resist Satan’s jurisdictional moves by coming under God’s jurisdiction.(E)

RUMORS OF WAR. The realm of Satan, a Kingdom of Death, feeds off of fear & other negative emotions. These evil spirits harvest (feed off of) these negative emotions. They not only encourage, control these emotions of humanity, they feed off of them. In the last days, which are to replicate the days of Noah, you will note that Satan’s World not only has a plan to create wars–BUT ALSO rumors of wars. So Jade Helm is part of the mission to instill fear, anger, and the martial spirit to fight the Beast system by carnal means. Seeing Super soldiers moving around SW America, encourages Patriots to want to fight back against the tyranny. (Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for self-defense.) We must be careful to plan our measures as the boy David against the giant Goliath. David’s story of victory is clearly a spiritual example of what we must do. He was fearless because he was in the Kingdom of Life, using the authority of God. There is a way that leads to life & true power; there is a false way that gets us wrapped up into fighting the World without the jurisdiction of God being applied. You cannot beat Satan at his game…you must make him play your game.

SPIRIT BATTLES. Seven Powerful Spirits serve before the throne of God.(F) Ezekiel saw a vision of powerful living creatures, and so have other people of faith.(G) There are battles fought in other dimensions of which we know little or nothing about. Spiritual truth sets us free from the power of the lies, the lies are an aspect of the Kingdom of Death’s jurisdiction. A parallel is how our present judicial system, the Straw man capital letters of your name, and a thousand other tricks, are used to establish a false jurisdiction over us. Most of us are totally unaware of these legal moves…likewise, the subtle jurisdictional moves of Jade Helm 15 will go over heads of most observers. Notice, that great effort was made across the nation to get local govt. officials to write/email & request and invite Jade Helm into their area. Do you see the jurisdictional issue & how there are spiritual jurisdictional compromises created by the Jade Helm exercise?! Even the American super soldiers & police involved are giving mental agreement to treating the American people as the enemy.

THE LOGO. The sabot shoe in the logo is related to the word sabotage. Spiritually, there has to be significance to the wooden shoe (sabot in French, a language of Belgium), and the arrow. The arrow has many spiritual meanings. It is an offensive weapon. We are told to defend against the fiery darts of the enemy. And where we are told to “Be still and know that I am God”(H), it teaches us, “Come behold the works of the Lord, who has made desolations in the earth. He makes wars cease to the end of the earth; he breaks the bow and cuts the spear in two; He burns the chariot in the fire.”(I) In other words, the jurisdiction of God’s Kingdom of Life, destroys the works of the Kingdom of Death!

The arrow in the Jade Helm logo obviously symbolizes force & power. It may have other occult meanings, such as the arrow that hit Achilles used by Apollo. According to occult myth, Apollo was angry that Achilles had desecrated Apollo’s temple, & he took over Paris’s body & shot the arrow that killed Achilles by hitting his only weak point, his heel. Apollo was the Son of Zeus, the Father God figure of the Greeks. The Roman Emperor Domitian (51 A.D. to 91 A.D.) claimed he was the reincarnation of Apollo, as well as the new Caesar Augustus & therefore deserved worship. Apollyon (mentioned in REV 9:11) means destroyer, and in Heb. is “Abaddon”. In the occult world, Apollyon is at times linked with the destroyer side of Apollo…in other words…Apollo is Apollyon when he is in his destroyer mode. Apollyon in the Word of God is both the angel controlling the bottom less pit and the King of the destroying locust. One Illuminati t.b.m.c. survivor had a statue of Apollyon given to her by an Illum. Grand Master…in other words, implying that Lucifer, the one worthy of worship, was recognized as Apollyon.

I realize that this concept of the arrow meaning Apollo (the Anti-Christ’s) power is only conjecture…but by pointing out the occult story of Apollo shooting the arrow that killed Achilles in the heel, it was hoped that the reader might realize that someone in the Illuminati hierarchy, who would be fully aware of this occult story from Greek myth, would likely have these associations in mind when an arrow was mentioned. At the very least, the context of the arrow in the Jade Helm logo represents force & power projection. It is possible that an extended occult meaning is the projection of the AntiChrist’s power & jurisdiction.

This has been a short look at the spiritual ramifications of Jade Helm 15. The Luciferian Powers are projecting their spiritual power & jurisdiction into America.

(A) This theme occurs a no. of places, for instance, 1 PTR 5:8-9a (B) cf. EPH 6:10-18 (C) MT 16:19, 18:18 (D) MT 12:29, MK 3:27 (E) James 4:7. COL 1:13, PRV 18:10 (F) REV 1:4 (G) EZEK 1 & 2 (H) PS 46:10 (I) PS 46:8-9


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