This message builds upon yesterday’s post about losing God’s guiding presence. It shares what the Spirit gave both me & another brother with some of my own comments. Certain churches are using worldly strategies to market themselves & to gain revival. But they lack spiritual understanding. What is spiritual understanding for the person of faith? It is linked to knowing Christ & that he is truth, being filled with knowledge of His will, being knit together in love with Christ’s Body of fellow believers, walking spiritually & listening to one’s father.(A) Do you detect a common element here?? Yes, it is relationship. As yest.’s message said, we were created for relationship. God even created Adam lonely!(B) Adam was lonely prior to sin entering his lovely Garden home. So we were created to want a relationship with our Creator & with fellow humans. The ability to become lonely & seek company is a God-installed trait. In fact, God’s leaders (as some of the Biblical prophets) can find themselves in a lonely leadership position. Even Yahshua went to a lonely place.

SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING IS CRITICAL IN SPIRITUAL WARFARE. As you contemplate the linked aspects of understanding (listed above) that the Spirit showed me (& are also backed by the Word of God), consider Christ’s teaching recorded at MT 13:18-23: “When any one heareth the word of the kingdom, and understandeth it not, then cometh the wicked one, and catcheth away that which was sown in his heart.” WOW. If you don’t have understanding, the devil steals what God put in your heart! That is why these worldly church building strategies will backfire! Neither the implementers nor the new recruits are using a foundation in spiritual understanding…hence, the wicked one along with Satan’s little helpers, will steal back what was lost. These (false) great revivals are forerunners to the false glory cloud. The remnant reader knows that Christ is “coming with power & great glory”(C) and “coming with clouds”(D). And now you have heard that the enemy intends to create a false glory cloud.

CHRIST TAUGHT ON SPIRITUAL WARFARE. Yahshua taught, “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or home divided against itself shall not stand…”(E) Mankind’s military history demonstrates the principle: the isolated straggler gets picked off by the enemy; for instance in WW 2, straggling bombers got shot down & straggling merchant ships were sunk. Hence, there is the proverb: “There is safety in numbers.”

FAMILY LIFE. Ex-Illuminati members told me how they were taught in Illum. meetings how the Institution of the family was to be destroyed. The skill by which this has been done is amazing. Every aspect that makes a family strong has been undermined & attacked by the World. But the destruction of the family has far wider ramifications!! The Word teaches, “For if a man knows not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?”(1 TIM 3:4-5) Imagine an entire generation of young men not knowing how to create a successful family, and what this means is that there are no eligible candidates to take care of God’s church. The skills in being a successful father overlap the skills to be a successful pastor. The fatherhood of faith is an organic part of our faith. Half the time in America, fathers are removed from their families. If the skills of fathering are lost, in the church we will have the blind leading the blind.(F) Christ as the good shepherd prays & cares for His own.(G) He taught that we need to spiritually clean the inside before we clean up how we look on the outside.(H) This is another reason that the worldly methods for church growth will spiritually backfire.

SOME THOUGHTS ON THE TRADITIONAL FAMILY. There are a number of important skills that were practiced in the successful old traditional family. I personally witnessed these skills as being common among Amish families, which are very successful traditional family units. These skills include: appreciation for each other, a commitment to help each other, the ability to communicate with each other and people at all the different stages of life, spiritual unity, spending vast amounts of time with each other, and finally the ability to adjust or deal with adversities. These things build strong character. Actually, the first year of a child is important. Amish children learn to open their heart…you know…risk a heart-to-heart involvement with another human. I see many children in our society never developing that trust. They are so battered and abused they will never open their hearts, and so they will go through life limping along emotionally. This is the beginning of the isolation that the enemy desires. Good words are powerful–pleasant words can make one emotionally strong (PRV 16:24), wise words can be unforgettable (ECC 12:11) and encouraging (ISA 50:4). The right word can turn away anger. (PRV 15:1) The ability to speak such good words comes natural in some Amish families…and it is sad that such social skills are not just neglected today, they are lost.

JEZEBEL SPIRIT. In the early 90’s I mentioned the rise of the Jezebel spirit. The original Jezebel, a dominating feminist, had an evil son Ahaziah, who “walked in the ways of his father & mother.”(I) No surprise there. The enemy of God wants to destroy the hearts of the fathers & children for each other. Malachi 4:6 is the last verse of what is called the Old Testament. It ends with a curse, which is why Jews read another verse after it, in order not to end on a curse! “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet, before the coming of the great & dreadful day of the Lord. And he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers, lest I [God] come and strike the earth with a curse.” WHEW! Let’s think about Malachi 4:6… Elijah was a prophet of reconciliation turning the people of Israel back to YHWH. Both Moses & Elijah are mentioned by Malachi and appear with Christ at the Mt. of Transfiguration. Both restored Israel to God. Elijah typifies a type of reconciling prophet. God wants to restore the family. In fact, much of what the Christian life is about is restoration & reconciling (i.e. the new birth, the resurrection, etc.)

WHY HAVE I MENTIONED PEOPLE BEING ISOLATED & FATHERS LACKING FAMILY SKILLS?? 30 yrs. ago, I never would have guessed how isolated our entire society would be from each other. There has been a big breakdown in intimacy. The traditional family has almost been destroyed. Most people in my city (for example, on public transportation) have their faces locked onto a screen, and refuse to communicate with those around them. The controllers have fragmented us (especially the young generation) into self-focused individuals who have few if any deep relationships. Although they don’t have the perspective in time to realize it, today’s generation lacks basic social skills…many have never enjoyed a family meal together, or learned how to tell a good story, or learned how to yield personal rights by transferring (dedicating) them to God. Abraham, who was the father of many nations, and who was prophesied to bless the entire world (& did), had to dedicate his right of fathering his son Isaac to God. When God receives our cherished rights & possessions, He takes good care of them. No matter what, what we have given to God (like our lives) are His to do what He wants. David gave his life to the Lord & was provided with hiding places by God when everyone spoke vanity & godly people weren’t around; & this inspired him to write, “Thou shalt keep them [the remnant of the godly], O Lord, thou shalt preserve them from this generation forever .”(PS 12:7) Joseph, who was hated by all his brothers, years later forgave them, which reunited the family.(J) That forgiveness was crucial to the creation of the 12 tribes of Israel.

ALLS WELL THAT ENDS WELL. We must wait on the Lord. If we abide in Christ, the fruit of the Spirit will naturally be there.

(A) These links are found in 1 JN 5:20, PROV 4:1, 15:20, & COL 1:9, 2:2 (B) GEN 2:18 (C) MT 24: 27, 29-30 (D) REV 1:7 (E) MT 12:25 (F) Christ warned about blind leaders leading the blind at LK 6:39 (G) This theme appears frequently: MT 9:22,36; 14:14; 15:32, LK 7:12, JN 10:11, 14:18, HEB 4:14-16, 2 THS 3:3 (H) MT 23:25-26 (I)1 KG 22:52 (J) GEN 42:24



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