In 1996, I described the infiltration of a number of Mennonite & Amish Mennonite groups in my book The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave. This post will build upon that information which was on pgs. 150-155 of the “Formula” book, as well as some articles. This article is not designed to make Mennonites & Amish look bad, as there are many wonderful servants of Christ among these groups. What this article does show is how much power & leverage the PTSNB have to corrupt denominations & to spread both their mind control, as well as their secret control over church hierarchies.

DEVELOPING THE MIND CONTROL. In the ‘40’s & ‘50’s, the Illuminati had been upgrading their trauma-based mind control of individuals. In the 1960’s and ‘70’s, they began shifting their research into the control of religious groups. They not only created religious groups whose members were generally under t.b. mind control, they studied and co-opted groups that already existed. While the CIA fronted for the Illum. in these projects, when I study them in detail, you will notice that all kinds of people in various groups controlled by the Illuminati such as Freemasonry, their politicians, the controlled media and NASA also appear in the cast of characters involved. So you will notice Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple (began in ‘60s), Eckankar (began 1965), Marshall Applegate’s Heaven’s Gate (began about ’73-74) and Robert’s Brethren (1971), …all m.c. ops.

They also took over organizations…Elizabeth Claire Prophet began the Church Universal & Triumphant in 1975 from the previous new age activity of others. Her organization was run by the CIA, and was MK Ultra. Not surprisingly, it was given help by the media & Freemasons. (One of the first multiples I met, before I met Illuminati t.b.m.c. members, was a MPD person who had escaped C.U.T., which is how I had first hand info as well as a large box of inside printed material for the pages on C.U.T. in the 1991 Be Wise As Serpents book.) David Koresh took control over a group of the Branch Davidians in the early ‘80s & turned it into a mind control operation. The denomination under discussion in this article came under study during the same period. In the early ‘70’s, a NASA scientist (pretending to be a Christian) joined this denomination, and brought in a son w/ t.b.m.c. A number of other people were involved in the process of using this denomination. Bear in mind also that the Vietnam War was used to program Mennonite & Amish boys who did alternate service in the mental hospitals with t.b.m.c. These young men then went back to their various communities & denominations. Amish families directly said to me that they did not recognize their boys when they returned as their personalities had been altered.

CONTROL THE TOP. Churches that function with a powerful hierarchy have been ripe for subversion. Some churches operate without these types of hierarchies, but this one particular Mennonite one has a powerful one. (For various reasons, this article is not providing specific details, but is offering a pattern with the goal that others may see similar things in other denominations.) When men become miniature religious kings with almost the power of life or death over people—they become vested in that power. The particular denomination under discussion can excommunicate & shun a member, and the power is used arbitrarily. Out of the blue, you might be told one day by the ministers that you are proud or rebellious, and you must submit. Either you submit to the church leadership or you are gone, to be shunned by even close family. This particular “conference” when it’s membership was less than 10,000, had a church wide purge that kicked out about 1,000 members. A close look at that paneling “purge”, which began in the early 70’s, reveals that its purpose was to solidify church power, the top hierarchy now had unquestioned authority. But we are describing men that will protect their positions of power. And this is where the Illuminati catch them. Using bait, these powerful men are placed into compromising situations, and then blackmailed.

AN EXAMPLE OF BLACKMAIL. One reliable trick that works with many power-drunk hierarchy members is sexual entrapment. There has been an organized active campaign to entrap ministers. A programmed multiple sexual kitten can easily be brought in and used to seduce a man. (Women who were trained to do this have described it to me, and how they operated, etc.) One technique would be to have a skillful sexual alter taunt the man into rough sex, questioning his manhood for not been rougher, & begging for abuse. Most men are not prepared to resist because they don’t know about the mind control and how they are being set up. During the abusive sex, the woman can switch to a “dead” alter (one that appears dead), and the minister is then told by authorities that they will conceal the crime of murder if the minister cooperates. Of course, once a man is entrapped, the entrapment campaign will continue. In a denomination that gives unbridled power to men at the top, once those at the top are controlled, there is no relief for the rank & file, as they are not in a position to challenge the power of “God” at the top. These hierarchy leaders claim they speak for God, and resisting God’s true church is resisting God.

GRASS ROOTS. My observation is that these kind of compromised religious leaders (controlled by the PTSNB) begin to have a trickle-down effect on the rank & file. Mind-controlled victims seem to increase in numbers in groups that have been taken over, which is no surprise. In this particular instance, at a time when the mind control researchers & programmers wanted to take control over Haiti, you will notice that this Mennonite denomination’s leadership decided of all countries, Haiti was one of the top mission fields in the world. The group’s missionary efforts raise a number of questions…what was really going on? Who were the ones that were sent and why? After decades & lots of activity & effort a few hundred converts have resulted. It looks like the organization’s missionary efforts were really a front to allow things to be done for the t.b.m.c. that the PTSNB were enveloping Haiti’s population with.

SUMMARY. This has been a look at how a denomination could be controlled & used. (Specific details where known have not been discussed.) One final conclusion would be for people to stay away from religious power & cults. We have more than our share of them in America, & I note they are proliferating in Russia now.


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