This post is a short review of important world news.

DAM EXPLOSION. I have been watching out for dam explosions for a number of reasons, for instance, it is one of the targets that are on the Illuminati agenda for chaos. On 8 Oct., the powerhouse at the Priests Rapids Dam on the Columbia River, which is 200 miles downstream from the Grand Coulee Dam, had an explosion from a high voltage short. Six workers were hurt, two ended up in critical condition in the intensive care unit. According to a Grant Public Utility spokesperson the hydroelectric dam’s structural integrity is still solid. Last yr., its sister dam, Wanapum Dam, had to be shut down for repairs when a spillway crack appeared.

DEUTSCHE BANK AG (USA). The Illum. global Deutsche Bank is having serious financial problems due to poor management operating procedures & decisions. Considering the sensitive nature of the global markets, a collapse of Deutsche Bank could seriously escalate the global economic meltdown. You might be thinking that things are resolving themselves, after all, last week Glencore PLC, who I wrote about, seems to be recovering after Citibank praised it. Unfortunately, it still has lots of problems, and is a high risk for failure. Likewise, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the Nasdaq, and S&P 500 rallied to show gains this last week, but the same factors that caused a 2 month crash are still lurking around. And it looks like the Fed. Reserve won’t raise interest rates in the next 2 months. Don’t be fooled. This is a similar situation as the Scripture prophecy, “Watch out when they say, ‘Peace Peace.’” Watch out when they say the economy is strong and the stock market is turning around.

DISQUIETING DISCORD. Red China continues to prepare for war with the U.S.A., while Russia actually successfully stands up to the U.S. and eliminates ISIS. Netanyahu & Putin met in Moscow and set the stage for further cooperation. On Friday (9 OCT) Israeli & Russian military chiefs set up protocols to prevent clashes between the two nations in Syria. While Israel is flirting with Putin, there are other nations that were solidly behind the U.S. in the past, which have become less supportive. The U.S. continues to lose its dominance. This growing weakness will only encourage Russia & China to further challenge America.

DISASTERS. The same kinds of disasters that made the 20th century so lethal still threaten mankind in the 21st. Obviously, the wrong kind of people have been running the show for humanity is not that stupid.


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