Putin & Erdoğan announce a new pipeline. This post is to provide the reader with some feel for the hidden business operations that manifest themselves as confusing politics. The goal of the post is for the reader to obtain more feel for what goes on behind the news.

THE OSTEND, BELGIUM AGREEMENT. On July 31, 1928, the Rothschild’s BP, the Rockefeller Oil companies, Shell and other oil companies made a secret agreement “to share and share alike all oil discovered and produced” within an area marked on a map with a red line that included Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan & Turkey. Iran was outside of the red line as the British already had a concession given to them by the Iranians. In other words, to cut to the core, the Illuminati got their oil corporations to sign an agreement that they would not compete but cooperate in the Middle East for the oil. Another meeting in Achnacarry Castle in Scotland that year divided up the shares of the oil loot, and basically established the blueprint for a corporate-run world government. Modern governments cannot run without gas & oil, and the big oil companies owned & directed by the Illuminati were working as a single organized entity.

SUBPLOTS WITHIN THE SCRIPT. Readers who have followed my books & talks know how controlled conflicts are the means to create change for the Illuminati. Zionism & its rogue state of Israel have been used to constantly stir up trouble in the middle east for at least 7 decades to run all kinds of agendas & changes. The U.S. was chosen to provide the backing to insure Israel’s viability/survival. As small as Israel is on the map, in terms of power, it has the power to direct American politics to its advantage. Israeli (& Egyptian) liquefied gas had the possibility of using the Nabucco pipeline network which is in the development stage IF there was a regime change in Syria allowing a pipeline thru to Turkey…hence the desire by the U.S. & Israel for a Syrian regime change and Israel’s recent provocative air attacks, & the repeated use of militarized groups (mercs & the Salafist invasion) helped by nations friendly to the U.S. to overthrow Syria’s pres. Bashar al-Assad. Russia helped foil the overthrow of Assad. An Egyptian govt. under Morsi that was in favor of Israeli pipeline plans through Syria was put in place during the Arab Spring in Egypt. But lately, Turkey under Erdoğan has been leaning towards Iran & the BRICS nations, and Morsi was replaced with Sisi.

NABUCCO-WEST PIPELINE (aka Turkey-Austria gas pipeline). This proposed pipeline would move the Shah Deniz gas from Azerbaijan (in what used to be the USSR, and is SE of Baku—remember my article on Stalin’s early life & the Rothschilds in Baku? It was titled “Stalin, Was he a Rothschild?”). The Rothschild’s BP operate the Shah Deniz gas field, which is said to hold up to 3 billion barrels of oil. As you may imagine, the EU & the U.S. under direct Illum. political control were in favor of the Nabucco pipeline project which would make the EU less dependent upon Russian supplies. Part of the World’s international script is conflict over the Ukraine. The Ukraine is strategically important to the EU, and because it was once part of the USSR is still viewed by many Russians as belonging intrinsically to them. (I’ve written at least 5 posts about the deeper details of the Ukrainian conflict, incl. how the conflict plays on historic issues that go back for centuries. The best scripts are ones that build upon existing deep differences. The script writers for these conflicts are geniuses skilled in psychology & anthropology. They now have computers helping them generate these complex scripts.)

THE SOUTH STREAM PROJECT. Russia had worked out with the EU a pipeline project that would incl. Serbia and Bulgaria, & was publicly proposed in 2007. A few days ago (on Dec. 1, 2014), Putin announced that this South-Stream pipeline project would be dropped and that Russia & Turkey were going to construct an alternative. Putin blamed the EU for his cancellation of the South-Stream project. The EU had put pressure on Bulgaria not to accept the Russian terms for the South-Stream project. Putin personally went to Ankara to meet with Turkey’s president Erdoğan to hammer out this new pipeline to Turkey. That he personally went indicates that this new pipeline announcement has wider ramifications.

ERDOGAN. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (bn. 1954) is Turkey’s President, & has been their prime minister from 2003 until this yr. Erdoğan appears to have had a falling out with the Illum. & my Illum. sources say they want him gone. Does that make Erdoğan a good guy? No, he is a repressive dictator who feels no problem torturing & killing his own people. Turkey’s human rights abuses is one reason it was not allowed into the EU. It would not surprise me if the campaign to show how corrupt ’s Erdoğan’s govt. is didn’t begin with some Illum. directive. Three of his inner circle ministers had to resign. Erdoğan built himself the world’s largest palace Ak Saray in Ankara on ground where it was illegal to build as it was protected forest. His corruption is extensive, and a former Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen in America has tried to make life miserable for him by preaching against his corruption. When Erdoğan himself got exposed in Dec. 2013 on the Internet, he said he’d “rip out the roots” of Twitter. He tried to block Twitter & Youtube from coming into Turkish computers from Feb. 26 to June 3. His attempts backfired & were a fiasco.

SOME OF THE BIGGER PICTURE. Erdoğan & Obama spent time together at the 2014 NATO Summit. Erdoğan may be a loose cannon, but Turkey has been cooperating with the Illum. for a long time, & you will note they have always had a big role in the Bilderberg mtgs. In 2007, Erdoğan & Greek P.M. Kostas Karamanlis met on the Evros River Bridge on the border between Greece & Turkey, & inaugurated the Greek-Turkish natural gas pipeline. The pipeline gives Caspian gas its first direct Western outlet & reduces Russia’s economic clout from its gas. Also Turkey & Greece, once longtime enemies, signed an agreement to create a Combined Joint Operational Unit within the framework of NATO to participate in Peace Support Operations. Yet, Erdoğan refuses to recognize the nation of Cyprus, a member of the EU. Go figure. So here we have 2 strongmen—Putin & Erdoğan— who are (at least publicly) defying the EU (in reality the Illum.) announcing a new pipeline between Russia & Turkey that will cut out uncooperative Bulgaria & Ukraine. Putin did not need to visit Erdoğan to seal this deal, so we are looking at a move with geopolitical & wide economic ramifications. There is more to this pipeline announcement than meets the eye.

A CANCELLED PROJECT? The reality of the situation is that Serbia did not begin working on the cancelled project near Bulgaria, but in Novi Sad in the north, which will be used in the newly proposed Russian-Turkish line. That is a clue that this announcement may be no surprise to Russian planners, and that there may have been plans to ditch the South Stream project all along. The main Russkaya CS plant (supposedly built to help the South Stream pipeline) will be used for the new proposed line. So the 5 billion Euros spent will not be wasted. Indeed, this new proposal was actually years ago proposed by the CEO of Italy’s Eni, Paolo Scaronione, who company was involved with the South Stream pipeline.

RUSSIAN MOVES. Russia is constructing a military intelligence facility near Nish, Serbia. They would also like to pressure Bulgaria into their sphere of influence, as in having the Russians play a role in their intelligence, secret police & military. This simple announcement of the cancellation of one pipeline for the construction of another is really an indication of significant geopolitical chess moves. But one must never lose track that underneath all these confusing & hidden political moves, operate the real streams of power, the Trans-national corporations that are operated by the Illuminati kingpins. They are the real kings, even though they operate quietly behind the scenes. They design events for their profits.


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