Demons & Intelligence agencies play upon their target’s fears. Advertising plays upon potential buyer’s insecurities. And governments & bullies take advantage of both. This article reflects on how our minds are manipulated.

SUBLIMINALS. There are various forms of subliminals, noises behind sound tracks, pictures with hidden words & objects, and films that place a message on a single frame that the conscious mind is unaware of, which is still picked up by the subconscious, which has no filter. Certain modern churches have used subliminal messages behind their music to increase donations. After discovering the potential secret power to subliminals, broadcast codes forbid ads from using them…but the catch is that they have to be detectable to be caught. In William Friedkin’s The Exorcist (1973), Father Karras’s dream is made more disturbing by a subliminal shot of a satanic figure. In John Carpenter’s They Live (1988), when John Nada (played by Roddy Piper) puts on special sunglasses allowing him to see the subliminals of the ruling class (aliens & the elite) there were actually subliminals placed in the music to cause the viewer distress. Here we see a movie exposing subliminals using subliminals! The movie, by the way, has a powerful message, & shows such things as a church acting as a front for the elite. The subliminals of the movie called on citizens to “obey & conform”. I found the movie so parallel with our hidden reality that it was a classic with me. When I came back from Asia in 1965, TV was a novelty to me, and I would watch it through the national anthem, which ended the day’s broadcasting and a logo appeared. The U.S. govt. during the 1960’s would have that music video of the National Anthem on TV every night as the programming ended for the evening. And just like They Live, the govt. had a subliminal “DO NOT QUESTION THE GOVERNMENT”. Another said, “TRUST THE GOVERNMENT”. And another “REBELLION WILL NOT BE TOLERATED”. And another government subliminal as the anthem played was “OBEY CONSUME” repeated twice. And as a further parallel to They Live, which based its subliminals on MK Ultra & MK Naomi…the govt. subliminal behind the closing national anthem said, “BUY ULTRA BUY NAOMI DECLASSIFIED”. In other words they wanted anyone who heard about these 2 programs to think they had been exposed and declassified.

FROM CRITICAL THINKING TO PASSIVE THINKING. Researchers soon discovered that the minds of television watchers shifted in less than a min. from Beta waves (critical thinking) to Alpha waves (passive learning). The television viewer was more suggestable to programming…and the World took full advantage of that. Cartoons were used to instill attitudes & behavior. The viewers were desensitized to killing by cartoons, and the Vietnam War demonstrated the success of this desensitization programming. (See Grossman’s study On Killing.) Some of the apostate churches (TBN, etc.) have been using subliminal sounds to move their audiences into alpha waves during their services.

INSECURITIES. People, esp. teenagers, wrangle with forming an identity & to feel secure that they measure up to those around them. Advertisers spend millions of dollars identifying people’s insecurities, and then project an image of their product that meets people’s fantasy identity. Am I am person with good breath? Will I project a romantic image? Am I my own person? Am I strong? They also know people are insecure about getting the real deal…so a lot of ads play on the “real” concept. This product has “real ingredients” vs. their competitor. “Real beauty for real women.” And as Winston cigarettes said, “Real people real taste.”

A FORGOTTEN WARNING. The word “image” occurs about 100 times in the Word and is usually accompanied by a judgment like “destroy” & “break down”. Along this line, ISA 2:18 says, “And the idols He shall utterly abolish.” The Word of God says, “You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath…” EX 20:4-5 (This is repeated at EX 5:8, 23) There is one image that is good, we are to conform to the image of the Son of God (ROM 8:29) who himself is the image of God (2 COR 4:4). Unfortunately, parents don’t realize that children watching TV are being taught what image they should be. We are also warned about the future image of the AntiChrist, and how it will be worshipped…and we have seen historically how minor fulfillments of the AntiChrist (like Caesar, Mao, Stalin, Hitler & Marx) have had their images placed everywhere for worship. What kind of mind manipulation will go along with the image of the AntiChrist?!? Hitler restored people’s confidence in themselves. He built a positive image for people of who they were as Germans. (Their self-images had taken a beating from their defeat in WW 1 followed by a hellish depression.) He used the same techniques that make for successful advertising. You can count on the AntiChrist making people feel great about themselves! Buy my product and you will be your fantasy…you will be your dreams…you will be success. It has worked in the past, it works today, and it will work for the AntiChrist. Enslave people by manipulating their insecurities.

FEARS. Those who have followed my lectures, have heard how our fears attract the very things we fear. They become self-fulfilling prophecy. There are many dynamics to this. Two external dynamics, are demons and intelligence agencies. Having studied how intelligence agencies plan an operation against a person or group—they will study their fears. I have read & studied numerous such operations by different secret agencies. One notable example is the Normandy D-Day deception. The film Saving Private Ryan made that battle known to the modern public. The key to its success was a strategic deception that the Allies (mostly British) did to the German high command. The Germans feared that the Allies would invade Europe at the place closest to England (Pas de Calais area)…so the British took advantage of that fear with a long range deception campaign called Fortitude. Large numbers of German panzer and mobile infantry divisions that could have decisively stopped the invasion were held back due to the deception.

Likewise, the World and the spirit-world’s demons play upon our fear, causing us to hold back from success the resources that would give us the victory. This is why Christ repeatedly says cowards will not enter the kingdom, and that we are to be of good courage, and that it is a virtue to be courageous. I noticed when I was Amish, because they were outside of the World’s indoctrination, that many of the insecurities & fears that most people take for granted were absent. I don’t think many people appreciate how much insecurity & fear are generated by the World System. I am reminded of a man I spoke with today, who knew an ex-IRS agent who would help the common man face the IRS. He said that the IRS agents would intentionally take advantage of people’s ignorance (knowledge gaps) to intimidate them. As the retired agent knew the laws better than most agents, the IRS would not play those scare tactics when he accompanied people into hearings.

LET GOD’S WORD HAVE THE FINAL SAY…”Cast all your care upon Him; for He cares for you.” (A) “Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me [Christ]”.(B) “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in Thee.”(C) Guard your mind my friend. And be blessed, and fear not, we serve an awesome God!

(A) 1 PTR 5:7 (B) JN 14:1 (C) ISA 26:3


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