ERADICATING RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISM: A rational look at the topic. This post will factfully & rationally challenge a number of politically correct myths, exaggerations, & false histories about Christianity & what is termed “religious fundamentalism”. The truth is that violent militants are not the same thing as devout believers. There has been an active campaign even before the 1960’s to equate the concept of believing in the fundamentals of your religion (say Christianity, Islam or Judaism) with being a terrorist. (I had a post on the elements of this campaign long ago. Weishaupt promoted it, & Illuminized Freemasonry had as its written goal the destruction of religion. See my Be Wise As Serpents book about this.) For decades, I have repeatedly warned that the Illuminati agenda is to eradicate religious fundamentalists. Now I want to challenge 5 ideas of this long campaign, which in general the World’s propaganda has succeeded in getting the secular world to believe. These 5 ideas are 1. Christianity is anti-Science. 2. The Christian faith is irrational, an illusion, a superstition; atheism is the proper rational basis for society. 3. Christianity & faith in God is dying. 4. Christianity is evil & to blame for countless wars & crimes of history incl. the fall of Roman civilization. 5. Atheism is “morally superior” to belief in God. (I suspect this post may have to be broken into more than one part. When I get to a certain length, the post will stop to be cont.)

IDEA 1. CHRISTIANITY IS ANTI-SCIENCE. It is true that today, the set of modern scientists are one of the most atheistic groups, a study showed only 40% believe in God. Many who don’t believe in God, believe in the myths I want to expose.

The truth is that the origin of modern science took place in Europe under Christianity & because of the world view of Christianity. Its role has been covered up & forgotten. False history (myths) have been created to make people think that the Christian church persecuted scientists, when actually the Church sponsored scientists! For centuries, early European scientists had Christian goals; science was a means to discover God’s hand in the universe…similar to Greek philosophers who sought to see the mind of God by the study of math. Franciscan bishop Robert Grosseteste (1175-1253), a theologian, scientist, & philosopher, gave scientific investigation a boost by proposing knowledge be accumulated thru inductive, experimental methods. Hinduism & Buddhism by contrast had no theologians who tried to study God and His thinking. Math is the foundational science to all the other sciences. The concept that there are (divine) laws of nature is a concept that ALL scientists have to work from. This concept comes from the Christian faith, even though faith in this concept has taken on a life of its own…and scientists have not even comprehended that faith in this concept is the foundation of all their research. The universe would not have to be orderly & consistent…It could be a wild, capricious, & inscrutable enchanted universe where things pop in and out with no consistency. In fact, Pagan Egypt, Greece & China were limited in what they discovered precisely because they had no concept of a rational god who had created a principled universe. They were not looking for a principled universe. Greek philosophers freed themselves from the ideas that countless gods caused capricious things to magically happen without reason…so they could examine principles within nature. The Christian worldview stimulated scientific investigation. The founder of genetic studies, Mendel, was a Christian monk. The first astronomer to propose the big bang theory as the origin of the universe was a Belgium Christian priest named Georges Lamaitre.

COVERING UP WHAT WE HAD. The beauty of the Christian world view & the blessings it brought mankind (concepts like scientific investigation, liberty, equality of persons, freedom, limited govt. etc.) have been covered up. In the late 19th century, the book that fabricated the myth that Christianity fought a war against science was Draper’s “History of the Conflict between Religion & Science” (1874). His book was completely discredited, but later books picked up the theme by creating their own new myths.

REFUTING 2 POPULAR MYTHS. Giordano Bruno & Galileo are portrayed as martyrs for science in a supposed war between the church & science. Let us leave the myths & review what really historically happened. Bruno was indeed burned at the stake, & I would not justify the church’s intolerance. But he was burned for teaching against the Trinity, not for his science. A similar case is Galileo.

In 1543, Copernicus published his theory in a book dedicated to the Pope. Christian scientists then debated his idea for half a century before Galileo came on the scene. Galileo publ. his heliocentric ideas in 1616, and then went to Rome where he had several friendly visits with the Pope, and attended gatherings put on by church officials. His ideas were given respect & attention, but his proofs were weak compared to the scientific proofs against heliocentricism. Bear in mind, the church had been supporting scientific research which included astronomers and church-sponsored observatories. The Church at that time was quite willing to change its view to Galileo’s IF real proof of the sun being the center of the universe could be provided. At that time, more data was needed to substantiate Galileo’s theory. Galileo actually agreed, & signed a document that he would not teach his theory as fact, but he was allowed to continue his research. In 1632, he broke his written promise by publishing his new book “Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems”. While having good insight into astronomy, Galileo’s approach to things with this book shows a total lack of common sense. The book is a fictional dialogue between a wise brilliant scientist (obviously himself) and a moronic Pope about heliocentricism. Why he felt a need to insult the Pope is beyond me. The book goes way beyond science, it goes on to say that Galileo is the only one who knew how to interpret scriptures, and the Pope did not know how. So Galileo got into trouble for undermining the religious authority of the church, not for being a scientist. The Church not only tolerated science, it supported it financially. However, they would not tolerate scientists mocking the Pope as a simpleton. However, Galileo was NOT charged with heresy, nor was he tortured in a dungeon. Those are myths fabricated by God hating atheists. In reality, his penalty was mild. He was placed in the custody of the Archbishop of Siena, & lived in nice conditions at the Archbishop’s palace for 5 mo. He was later released to cont. his scientific research (w/ the understanding that he’d refrain from heliocentricism, which he did) & died of natural causes. Also take note, the scientists of his day disagreed w/ his weak heliocentric proofs. (Even today a few disagree w/ the elaborate proofs that have since been discovered.) Galileo had overplayed his hand so to speak, and additionally had unwisely provoked censure by needlessly attacking the character of the Pope. Had he stuck to science, he’d have saved himself some trouble.

IDEA 2. THE CHRISTIAN FAITH IS IRRATIONAL, AN ILLUSION, A SUPERSTITION. It is popular w/ the World to declare faith=mental illness, moral choices=illusions, and that science is the only producer of truth. When students go to college they are encouraged to liberate themselves from the moral slavery of Christianity and give freedom to their hormones, lusts & addictions. Often students, like my mother did, buy the lie that this is sophisticated wisdom. It can take yrs. to discover the student has been lied to. If one notices, these scorners of Christianity never defeat it philosophically with rational arguments, but approach Christian beliefs with such scorn as if it were beneath their dignity to even debate the superstitions. I have witnessed this firsthand. It is clearly PC to be a heathen & an atheist. They claim Christians believe in fairy tales to make life easier. They claim that religious people “breed like mice”. What is funny as this alone brings their ideas into question & they don’t even see the contradiction. Atheists believe in evolution—survival of the fittest. Clearly then they are not the fittest. Under secularism & atheism abortion rates have been seen to skyrocket. In atheist USSR they were 2 abortions per life birth. And why would nature select people who mate with others of the same sex?? So there is no Darwinian explanation for non-believers. They are clearly less fit than believers for survival.

When I had a discussion w/ a Russian atheist, I said it was a choice…one could have a life of purpose & meaning, or a meaningless life without God. He cried. I don’t know if he ever later gave up his atheism. One theme that atheists push is reflected in the words of Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene (1989): men are merely “robot vehicles blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes.” (p. v). They claim we are programmed robots, but have the audacity to call the Christian faith a “slave morality”. Their hate of God blinds them to the beauty of the teachings of Christ, and their own inconsistencies and lack of rational defenses for their illogical thought processes. It was Christianity that turned the pagans away from thinking the sun was a god to be worshipped. They taught that it was placed in the sky by God to light things, not for worship. Yes, Christians have faith. The truth is that all mankind has to operate on faith. We have to gamble in life. When you take a new job or new wife, who knows what will happen in 20 yrs. We have to be practical & make choices in life. I would rather be practical and have a life of meaning & purpose, than to have a meaningless life, and I notice that most other people would too. True atheism is having a difficult time selling itself. It had to be forced on people in the USSR & China, where people were tortured to death for believing in God. When people in the defunct USSR could make their own choices, they returned to believing in God!



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