ADVERSITY & CALAMITY: The approaching economic collapse. This post is about the pending global economic collapse that may start during the Aug. to Nov. 2014 time period. This post will report stats, hoping to be basically “in the ball park”, yet, who (but God) knows the real figures. In the past, even the President has been lied to. The World’s global economic system is quite complex, & is manipulated from many different places so it’s difficult to determine exactly what will happen, but dangerous trends can clearly be warned about. It can be hard to prepare for a tidal wave…but it’s easier to deal w/ knowing it is coming than to be blindsided & shocked. Of course, the natural response for some old timers will be, we have been hearing of a collapse for every year of our entire life. How well I know. In spite of that, I believe a number of indicators show August to Nov. 2014 to be vulnerable months for an American economic meltdown, & when Amer. goes, the rest of the world is dragged down w/ us.

The USA & the FED. The Amer. economy is close to collapse. Derivatives may be one of the triggers. Russia predicts that the U.S. will not be the world’s reserve currency by 2017, & they are doing what they can to insure that prediction. When I walk into a Sears store I wonder how they stay open. Sometimes it feels like I am almost the only customer, & I am only window shopping. This current trend is being called a retail apocalypse. Average Amer. gas prices on 6/17/14 were $3.66 for a gal. of gas & $3.89 for a gal. of diesel. I don’t trust the unemployment figures…from looking around, at least a quarter of the adults are not working. Something like 46 million have food stamp cards. Collating numerous studies, the 3 healthiest regions of the U.S. are the Williamette Valley-Portland OR region, the Denver-north to Ft. Collins region, & the So. Minn.-NW Wisconsin region. Of those, the OR area has the best food potential w/ lots of fruit, veggies, & nuts in nature & small farms. It also has a higher earthquake risk, but the chance of an earthquake or volcano are still remote at worst.

On June 17th, a Permanent Subcommittee of the Senate called 6 witnesses incl. Bradley Katsuyama (CEO of IEX group) to discuss the flaws of the Stock market. He told them…”investors are systematically disadvantaged in the way that the markets have been set up.” Lewis, author of “Flash” prefers the description “rigged”. Watching the way Wall St. acts, clearly the lessons of 2008 have been forgotten. Govt. bailout money has allowed the reckless banks to invest in the wild stock market, so we have govt. gift money artificially boosting the stock market. Just remember, when the stock market is confronted w/ reality, it wakes up very fast. Their recklessness will be evident. There won’t be another round of expensive bailouts. Corporate & Wall St. insiders are aware of the pending plight.

This precarious situation forced Etienne Davidnon to organize a banking/finance mtg. this last Sunday in Zurich to discuss it. Attendees of this just over meeting in Zürich considered it very successful. The IMF, the Council of European Economic Affairs will create a deflation to provide security for the US & Europe. High level stringpullers at the mtg. think they may successfully avoid a financial crash like 2007-08. I received the following report of the Zurich mtg. made by Viscount Davidnon [its text follows w/ minor changes such as “and”=>”&”]:
“- Federal Reserve has to determine how & when to gradually raise interest rates & return monetary policy to a more traditional path.
– The IMF is very positive that the U.S. Federal Reserve can reduce its stimulus program & maintain eco. growth.
– In the Euro. Community, the member states’ influences will be positive, ranging from 3.9 % economic growth which will stabilize the $ for international trading.
– On the other side of the Atlantic, Americans (53% positive 20% negative) think the EU has a constructive impact on the world. Americans have become more positive about the EU over the past year, w/ favorable views on their support for the value of the $.
– The EU will be the mediator for the trade between Russia and US….The EU will pay the Ukrainian gas bill to Russia to avoid a gas crisis which might affect the US too.
– The weakened Chinese economy will strengthen the American industrial growth & improve employment for the next 5 years.
The threat remains from Vladimir Putin & his Eurasian Union created in 2011 & probably signed in 2015: Putin’s words were, The Eurasian model is a model of a multipolar world in which Armenia stays Armenian, China – Chinese, in which no one imposes any social model, as Americans impose their own patterns….Eurasian Union will be more successful than the American model of the new world.” [end of my quoting the Viscount’s report.]
I’ve mentioned that Russia is waging economic war on the U.S. I & others have discerned this w/out any input from the Illum. Listen to Putin talk and it is a streaming rant against America. The Viscount sees Russia’s eco. war as the main factor that may prevent the EU & US from mitigating the crash. The problem at one level is probably as he presents it.

Meanwhile the Illuminati’s assassination bureau has taken out over 30 bankers in Amer. & Europe. Just recently it was James S. McDonald, pres. & chief exec. of the investment management firm Rockefeller & Co., (started by John D.R. in 1882.) McDonald’s gunshot wound was ruled a suicide by Mass. authorities yest. He was found behind a car dealership in Dartmouth, Mass. Barclay McFadden III, a longtime friend, said McDonald “took his own life.” The Illum. tell me that there is a connection between the crash, & the corruption of these dead bankers, but I don’t know what it is. I just know that they are telling me that these people are not dying natural deaths…& they don’t mind me telling you that because they want the corrupt banking community to have some respect for their powers & orders.

The EU & the EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK (ECB). The Fed Reserve lends dollars to the ECB & other world central banks via swap lines, which bankers consider essential to prevent a severe banking crisis. But a crisis will prevail when America slips because the Fed reportedly needs to pay back $3 trillion to the ECB!! The EU is staggering economically…mainly in the Latin countries of Spain, Italy & Portugal, as well as Greece. Official unemployment stats for the first quarter of 2014 (rounded off) in Greece was 27% & Spain 26%. Delinquencies & defaults are rising in these areas. Europe has been using short-term solutions. The U.K.’s official recent recovery will not be sustainable, esp. after Amer. crashes. The common British know firsthand how weak their economy really is.

CHINA & AUSTRALIA. Some think that Australia is sitting pretty because they are economically attached to Asia. While that limits their risk from an American collapse, it doesn’t protect them from a Chinese collapse…& China is a bubble waiting to burst, which should not be hard to realize. China has simply overbuilt everything, housing, infrastructure, entire ghost cities, etc. Because their economy is state run, the govt. can do whatever it dreams up without regards to reality!!

So let me wake everyone up! Home sale values are sliding down in value. In the southern province of Guangdong, they are giving out no-down payment mortgage loans. While the China Banking Regulatory Commission (& others) dislikes no-down payment mortgage loans, the Chinese housing industry is turning to it because they have a severe oversupply of housing with few able to buy; 22% of urban homes were vacant in 2013!! Meanwhile in Beijing, one real estate development company had promotional signs telling customers that property prices “will never fail”. (gulp!) With the glut of homes, there was a 22% drop in the construction of new buildings in the first 4 months of 2014. (Makes sense to me.) When reality intrudes in China, it slows down the economy. The Chinese mortgage industry is also fudging on documentation, & overvaluing property to get larger loans for buyers. Basically, unqualified people are getting home loans. The state banks in China are lending money to keep the economy from crashing. Overinvestment by the Chinese govt. caused financial crises in late 1997 & late 2002. It makes sense that a bureaucratic govt. planned economy is going to have difficulties vs. a market-reality driven system. China is interdependent w/ our economy. They are drastically scaling back on their U.S. Treasury bond debt. They see the crash coming.

RUSSIA & Anti-Amer./anti-Illum. Bank Moslem nations. Russia has assisted Assad’s Syria, & other anti-American Islamic states, because they opt out of the West’s banking structure. Russia’s economy is fragile & based largely on gas sales to places like Europe & China. A World downturn will weaken their already difficult economy. Russia’s Gazprom on June 16th cut off natural gas deliveries to the Ukrainians. They had, by the way, been charging the Ukrainians high gas prices. The cut off hurts both ways. The Zurich mtg. decided to get Ukraine’s gas flowing again. Here in the U.S., new methods of extracting gas & discoveries of vast fields in places like Colorado has made the U.S. indefinitely self-reliant on its own gas & oil, if it wants. Still Amer. will cont. to import gas & oil from places like So. Amer. & Saudi Arabia. I mention this to make the point that Russia is not the sole producer of gas, so they are vulnerable to slow downs when less fuel is being consumed by their clients.

GLOBAL ECONOMY. It is reported that foreign countries hold $6 trillion of U.S. debt. Whatever it is, foreign investment in Treasury Bonds & other U.S. debt is monumental. The U.S. has trade relations around the world. More U.S. dollars are held by foreigners than Americans. America’s collapse is everyone’s disaster, even though China, Russia & India are waging economic war on America & want the collapse. China & India are increasingly active as trade/investment partners w/ Africa, which is the poorest continent. All African nations (except Morocco) belong to the African Union (AU) which has a central bank & is moving the continent towards a common currency. Various causes, incl. widespread corruption & poor infrastructure, help inhibit economic growth. Africa is vulnerable to population reduction. When economic disaster strikes, typically violent & armed chaos breaks out. Expect it here too. And the World will continue down the agenda of the Illum., unless something unexpected would happen.

SUMMARY. The Global economy’s disintegration has been predicted for decades; finally, it appears that it is actually about to start. Aug. thru Nov., 2014 is an especially vulnerable period. Will Illum. actions mitigate this fall? While many people are just barely making it, many others are still lavishly spending money. Hopefully, those who can will be prudent. A wise man sees dangers & takes precautions.


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