ENERGIZE YOUR MIND, BODY, & SPIRIT: A look at a successful Christian health ministry. Sharing ideas that may turn your life around!*!*

My friend Sandra Synar tipped me off about a Christian minister (Geo. Malkmus) who has been helping people with their health for over 20 years. When I listened to his own testimony, and went to his website, I knew I had a responsibility to share this with everyone. You can go to his website hacres.com and you will see testimonies from many types of medical ailments of people who were helped simply by wisely following what GEN 1:29 teaches. I noted that George had 293 people who gave positive testimonies about cancer, 83 for asthma, 129 for diabetes & hypoglycemia, 38 for MS, 54 for Fibromyalgia, 54 for Chronic fatigue plus testimonies for many other kinds of maladies.

George Malkmus was your common Baptist minister with a church in upstate NY. In 1976, he was diagnosed with colon cancer; in fact he had a baseball size tumor. His mother had basically died from the standard colon cancer treatment—you know, Chemo+radiation+surgery. (Mine also died from the chemo in 1988.) Seeking alternative choices, another minister told George to start eating as people had originally eaten…raw fruit & veggies & to juice carrots…he did and was surprised it cured him. Happy at being cured he shouted “Hallelujah”. (Later when he named his health ministry he took the shout of joy “hallelujah” along w/ the fact he had acreage & called his ministry “Hallelujah Acres”.) After his wonderful healing, George realized the Bible actually speaks a lot about our bodies’ health, & GEN 1:29 tells us what God originally created for us to eat!! Guess what it was? raw fruit, veggies, seeds & nuts .…Of course now we have to also suggest organic raw after the World has placed toxins in so much.

George’s life turned around. He began to teach what he’d learned. His church was not receptive to anything new, so he left them & started a health ministry in 1992 which has really taken off. His wife Rhonda Jean went on the plant-based Hallelujah diet & lost both her arthritis & 80 lbs. The main Hallelujah Acres is 17 beautiful acres at Shelby, NC where they have various things, incl. a health store & café. (The address is Gastonia, NC.) They have their main Canadian center in Toronto. They also have 5 other centers, and free training for anyone who wants to become a health minister! Over 10,000 people have become cert. health ministers.

A typical testimony might sound something like this… the person is on disability, in pain w/ a long list of problems & depressed about life. He or she eats the raw plant Hallelujah diet & his/her life is turned around. For kicks here is just one of these testimonies:

What I have to share with you is truly unbelievable. I am a 63 years old Canadian & have been partially paralyzed from the waist down. I went through two spine operations back in 2002, but was able to learn how to walk again afterward, only to have two hip replacements. I was in constant pain & felt it was all over for me.

20 days ago I started on The Hallelujah Diet. Up until twelve days ago I still thought it was all over for me, but then something wonderful started to happen within my body & to my surprise three days ago I found myself pain free! Before the diet change I could barely walk when I awoke but now have no problem walking.

When I started on The Hallelujah Diet twenty days ago I weighed 217 pounds, ached w/ arthritis all over, experiencing constant pain from my hip surgeries & spine surgeries. People like me naturally have problems having bowel movements & I was no stranger there as I would often go a wk. between bowel movements. Before the diet change my blood sugar was at 9.4 or higher, blood pressure was 187/97 and I had been on five medications to control my blood pressure for some twenty-five years. Well, to make a long story a bit shorter, I now weigh 177 pounds, for a weight loss of 40 pounds in just 20 days; blood pressure is now 127/83; blood sugar is down to 5.8 & lower, I have had a bowl movement every day but one in the last twelve days, and have experienced no pain for the last three days. Now these are miracles & I thank God & the Hallelujah Diet. Praise His Holy Name!


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