The importance that water, electricity & dams are playing & will increasingly play in the 21st century provides the impetus to write about the Illum.’s activities in the field of electrical systems & hydro-electric dams. This is the first time I have tried to specialize & focus an article on these things.

THE ILLUM. WRITE THE LAWS BEFORE CONGRESSMEN SEE THEM. Before legislation is proposed by our legislators, it is has been studied & written by intelligent men employed by the Illuminati. In other words, generally our Congressmen don’t originate their bills, they are drafted under the direction of the elite. Examples abound of this…for this article, I will choose first, the fake 2000-2001 Energy Crisis in California & second, the work behind Pres. Carter’s 1978 PURPA National Energy Plan.
FIRST EXAMPLE. Both the Democrats & Republicans under elite guidance unanimously voted to deregulate energy (meaning electrical production). California’s electrical producers helped the scam out by shutting down 350% more than normal no. of electrical generating plants for maintenance. Of course if you shut down that many plants you get blackouts—and a manufactured crisis. Gov. Davis gave the CA energy corporations secret contracts worth over $40 billion, the California govt. promised that if CA fined these electric producers for polluting, the state would pay their fines, and electricity was pre-bought by the state at high prices & sold by CA at a loss. Next, California issued bonds to pay for all these secret handouts. California pension funds are heavily invested in these corporations, and if those investors could have been informed, motivated & organized, they could have booted out the corrupt energy management that created the false crisis.

SECOND EXAMPLE. Some of the thinking behind Carter’s PURPA National Energy Plan was done by the Illum.’s Ford Foundation giving $4 million in late 1971 to provide studies to establish “the Energy Policy Project”. These studies later became integrated into Carter’s energy legislation. Under the Ford Foundation money, S. David Freeman wrote two energy studies that were released in 1974. Both reports recommended a non-traditional direction for U.S. energy, which Carter followed. In ’77, this David Freeman was the dir. of the electrical producer TVA (Tenn. Valley Authority) & its chrmn in ’78. Another David Freeman was on the staff of Rockefeller Foundation. As some readers will remember from my Bloodlines book, the Freeman family was one of the top 13 Illuminati bloodlines. By the way, Jimmy Carter’s sister was one of the leading witches in N.A., & Carter was selected by the elite (esp. Dr. Peter Bourne of Tavistock) because he had been subjected to mind control. Also during the Carter administration, 2 nationally important figures in electrical energy Roger W. Sant & Amory B. Lovins were writing articles in the CFR’s Foreign Affairs on energy. Articles in Foreign Affairs are in line with the fake manufactured reality of the matrix. (If you want the real reality behind the matrix, you have to read someone like me.)

THE ILLUM. FINANCED THE ELECTRICAL INDUSTRY TO GET STARTED. Edison (the Wizard of Menlo Park), in order to promote the new idea of electrical lights, built a generating plant on Pearl St., NYC to light up the NY Stock exchange, Wall St. and its banks. So the bankers were the first to see a district electrified, and helped ensure his financial success. I made a list of early exec. & directors in electrical companies who were Freemasons…there were many such team players in the early decades of electrical use. Behind these men who ran the energy companies were the Illuminati financiers. Rothschild & Van Duyn money came in quietly, and was used by J.P. Morgan to finance Edison & Tesla. The Vanderbilt Illum. family also was involved but lower key because they had gas co. holdings. Various Edison companies have been led by elite connected men. Edison’s right hand man Samuel Insull and Edison’s company GE were also financially supported by Morgan & the Vanderbilts. (By the way, Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane is partly inspired by Insull.) Working to get a monopoly in Chicago, Insull made it difficult for Westinghouse & he sold his service area to Insull. Chicago’s corrupt politicians wanted bribes for Insull to be in Chicago, & set up a dummy corporation Commonwealth Electric Co. to receive them. Because Insull had exclusive equipment rights, they eventually had to sell Commonwealth to Insull for a mere $50,000, thereby giving him a cheap 50 yr. Chicago monopoly. In a short time, he’d expanded to 13 states.

By 1930, 3 holding companies controlled 40% of the USA’s electricity. GE has been an Illum. corp. from the start. In the beginning J.P. Morgan controlled it, & for the first 2 decades it had 69% of the electrical market. Charles Coffin of the elite Coffin family helped Morgan w/ GE. You will find many CFR members & Masons in its upper management, for example: Paolo Fresco (v-chrm & Exec., mbr. TC), Ellsworth Paolo (v-chrmn & CEO, mbr. TC), Benj. W. Heineman, Jr. (V.Pres., mbr CFR), & John F. Welch (Chrmn & CEO, mbr CFR).

BECHTEL. The elite Bechtel family got into generators & dams very early on. They participated in building the Hoover Dam and the Grand Coulee Dam in WA. They created a privately owned company, and the family has run it for years behind walls of secrecy. In 1931, during the depression the Schroder-Rockefellers gave Bechtel financing. Bechtel, HQed in CA, backed Reagan for president in ’80. Geo. Pratt Schultz, later a mbr of Reagan’s admin. ran Reagan’s campaign. Schulz was pres. of Bechtel and Caspar Weinberger Bechtel’s v.p. & general counsel. Afterwards, they became Sec. of State & Sec. of Defense. So you can see the clout the elite Bechtel family has in the U.S. Other members of the Bechtel group also served in the Reagan admin. Richard Helms, dir. CIA, was a consultant for Bechtel. Reagan’s special mid-east envoy Philip C. Habib had been (and was still) a Bechtel consultant. Habib had worked for the Illuminati for years. In 1933, when the head of the family inspected a dam for Stalin, he upset Stalin somehow & was killed. The Bechtel family has allowed Kaiser to front for them in a number of businesses like Kaiser Permanente Metals. Bechtel has also been a big player in the nuclear power plants. Bechtel’s v.p. in charge of building nuclear energy plants, Kenneth Davis, became Reagan’s dep. Sec. of Energy. Fortune magazine wrote that the world can “hardly do without a company like Bechtel.” Canada’s prime minister John Turner was dir. of Canadian Bechtel. In 1986, you see Morgan Guaranty (then the respected conservative bank) providing the Bechtel Group financing to build energy plants. This 1986 example gives an idea of how one of the leading nuclear energy designers has operated with the backing of the elite over the years. This post is too short to go into how nuclear energy turned into a big fiasco for energy production costing consumers perhaps trillions of dollars.

AN EXAMPLE OF TRANS-NATIONALISM. Companies like Bechtel are global. I will share an ITT example from history. ITT is often considered an American co. International Telephone & Telegraph (ITT), via its subsidiary C. Lorenz AG, owned 25% of Nazi Germany’s Focke-Wulf, who manufactured successful Luftwaffe fighters. In the 1960s, ITT Corporation was awarded $27 million in compensation for damage inflicted on its share of the Focke-Wulf plant by Allied bombers in WW 2!!

CONCLUSION. This has been a short look at the energy industry & the Illuminati. Considering the importance of water & electricity in the upcoming years, it is no surprise that they place people under Illum. mind control in key positions in dams and electrical systems management.


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