Gerry Vassilatos wrote about Nikola Tesla, Dr. Royal Rife, T. T. Brown, T. Henry Moray, Baron Karl von Reichenbach, the wireless of Antonio Meucci, the controlled fusion devices of Philo Farnsworth, the earth battery of Nathan Stubblefield & more. His books/materials exposes the suppression of Lost Science. Vassilatos himself has gone into hiding. Tesla said the answers to technology were to be found in frequencies, energy & vibrations. Long ago, a friend of mine built a flying saucer that flew when he accidently ran a particular frequency through it. The govt. suppressed his discovery. Masaru Emoto (1943-10/13/2014) reported that water was a “blueprint” of its environment, and that “energies” & “vibrations” could change the physical structure of water. His claims are rejected by mainstream science. But his book with photos of water crystals has been popular with the lay public. Nobel prize winning biochemist Dr. Gerald Pollack has also come out w/ revolutionary important discoveries about water & how water-produced energy runs our cells. This article is about suppressed, helpful technologies.

WATER. Water is quite complex with many various forms, polywater, microwater, different PH values, different charges, and so forth. You might think we have water figured out, but the leading scientists studying water say we don’t have a clue about water, that we are just beginning to study it. The subject fascinated me enough to make me want to write a book on water, but I should leave it to more qualified people. Dr. Pollack states, “If you don’t understand how water interacts with the components of the cell, you haven’t a clue of how the cell works….[T]he chemistry book says, if you have a charged interface, or so-called hydrophilic (water-loving) interface (which most of the constituents in your cell are), the current view is that a few water molecules might actually line up and become ordered. But this is considered a secondary effect, — not very important for understanding of how cells function. What we found is that instead of two or three molecular layers, the ordering of water can actually amount to a few million molecular layers. In other words, the water at interfaces can order in a macroscopic way. It’s a really huge amount of this kind of water, and its properties are so different that it looks like a distinct phase of water.” Further, he discovered that each cell has grids of proteins & nucleic acids with water in between the matrixes. The layers of water in the cell have different charges—just like a battery, and function like an energy battery! As a final wow…we all have been told that 2/3s of our body is water…but in terms of molecules…99% of our body is water molecules!

STRUCTURED WATER. While water is essential to our life & health, the water in our cells is not like water in a glass. It’s actually ordered pretty much like a crystal. Like ice, it excludes particles & solutes as it forms. The space formed is called an exclusion zone (EZ). Exclusion zone water (aka “structured water”) is H3O2, which is physically different from bulk water (H2O), & is distributed body-wide. Structured Water forms (honeycomb) hexagonal sheets very similar to ice because it’s the next phase! Structured Water (liquid crystalline) is H3O2 . . . the fourth phase of water. It’s a transition stage between water & ice. Surprisingly, structured water appears in great abundance in our bodies, in most of our cells. Even our extracellular tissues are filled with this kind of water. Where can we get structured water? NOT out of the tap, nor from bottled water…

SOURCES OF STRUCTURED WATER. +Spring water under pressure (deep in the ground) becomes structured. +Glacial melt — ice turns into Structured Water (EZ water) when melting . . . The phase between liquid & solid is structured water. (The ancient Caucasian Kennewick man found near here drank glacial melt.) +Vortexing — A vortex occurs naturally in nature, as in streams, rivers, waterfalls, etc. There are machines for sale which make vortex water, for instance, the Natural Action Structured Water Unit.
+Juicing — is water that comes from the plant cells. Structured juice water!
+Antioxidents — Most of the tissues in our body are negative. Our cells are a negative charge; oxidants are a positive charge. Antioxidents maintain the negative charge in our body.
+Sunlight — critical to our health. Light builds Structured Water. 
+Circulation — Red blood cells work their way through capillaries; light is the driver of flow. Add light & flow increases. Something other than the heart (pressure) is driving the blood.
+Infared light — energy is generated everywhere. It drives the processes in your body.

OTHER WATER RESEARCHERS. One pioneer water researcher is Gilbert Ling, who wrote several books on the central importance of water in the cell. Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto’s water crystal experiments were done by exposing water in glasses to different words, pictures or music, & then freezing & studying the aesthetic properties of the resulting crystals w/ microscopic photography. Jacques Benveniste reported his experiments on water memory. The finding of Emoto & Benveniste have been rejected by mainstream science. But for the sake of discussion, what if water did react to its environment & hold memory?…the long term potential for computing and A.I. would be great. The final researcher/inventor to mention is Dan Winter.

DAN WINTER. From what I have heard, Dan Winter used water that was structured which doubled the yield of crops. With water shortages looming globally his research is badly needed…yet he was killed. He called his research the Implosion Group. He spent time researching frequencies, such as the exact frequencies for: photosynthesis, the Schumann Resonance, magnetic pain reduction, the cascade of EEG Brain waves (e.g. alpha, beta, delta, etc.) & other freks. We all know the power of music to regenerate us—frequencies have power.

TESLA TECHNOLOGY & OTHER LOST TECHNOLOGY AVAILABLE. There is a connection between Dr. Gerald Pollack, the famous water scientist, and Tesla. If you go to Aetherforce dot com you will find one of the website’s categories is water research…Dr. Pollack’s words just recently got the 2014 Water Conference kicked off, & you can hear them there. But even more important, all of Tesla’s articles that he wrote are on line at this website in the Tesla Archives. People have been sending in articles & magazine articles about Tesla. How long they will be up at this site is anybody’s guess, as certain people are definitely upset that this info is out.

TESLA’S LEGACY. Tesla passed the baton to his protégé Otis T. Carr, in hopes that Carr might get some of his suppressed discoveries out. Carr’s OTC Enterprises in 1955 successfully built a workable flying saucer using Tesla Tech. but it was immediately suppressed by the govt. When he tried again in Apr. 1959 he died. Carr’s protégé in turn was Ralph Ring, who is advanced in age. Another saucer researcher/inventor was Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) who was a genius with water implosion engines. Schauberger said: ” I connected the implosion motor to an outdoor water tap and it began to spin and finally took off, powered off of nothing more than ordinary, cold, tap water.” The Nazis forced him to work for them in creating flying saucer technology. He was brought to the U.S. after the war, told he would be backed to the hilt in his research, forced to sign over all the rights to his inventions to the U.S. govt. and then kicked out of the country. The U.S. govt. claims he never discovered anything. Yeah right! He discovered how to propel using anti-gravity, and he researched vortexes.

FINAL COMMENTS. Besides what I mention in this short post, there are many other suppressed technologies that could help mankind. And I know of other researchers (besides my friend) who stumbled upon anti-gravity technology & had it quickly suppressed. My conclusion is that somehow they can globally watch such things because they pounce on these inventors very fast & seize everything! The interested reader should be able to continue to research these things from the info in this article, because the Internet has youtube videos and websites that give more info, plus there are books available like Gerry Vassilatos’s book.


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