Bitcoins are a hard to find medium of exchange (a digital crypto currency) on the Internet. Recently a bitcoin was worth US$ 568. Their value fluctuates. It’s orig. worth in 2009 was only pennies. They are so low key that they have been a black market currency covertly funding revolutions, drug deals & gun sales. Computers must mine algorithms to even find the bitcoins, 21 million exist, but only 11 million have been found. No govt. controls or regulates them; & the U.S. govt. has said that they are legal. A bitcoin is held by a cyberspace “wallet firm” on the Internet. The first Bitcoin ATM was set up at Waves Coffee House, Vancouver, BC & more are being installed in Canada. The tech investor Winklevoss twins own at least a million dollars of Bitcoins. Patrick Murck, general counsel for Bitcoin Foundation will soon talk before the Senate Homeland Security Committee to explain to Senators what Bitcoins are all about.

This post will cover the concept of money (mediums of exchange), a brief history of it in Amer., & some Biblical views of the subject.

Anything that circulates as a medium of exchange (a circulating medium) is money. In the past, money incl. uncoined weights of metal (the orig. shekel was that), wampum beads, sea shells, beaver skins, & many other items….just as long as buyers & sellers accept it as a medium of exchange. In Fed. prison, unused first class stamps functioned as money; likewise, when cigarettes were available, in state prisons they served as money. When a govt. gives full legal backing to a money, it becomes “legal tender”. Without money, barter can be used if the two people both want to exchange what each other has. Money is much more handy, & cash on hand gives the buyer countless more choices than barter. People who advocate strictly using only silver & gold are not realizing that precious metals like these are very limited in quantity compared to the need for a medium of exchange (not to mention the Illum. bloodlines of the Rothschilds & Rockefellers have control over vast amounts of this limited gold supply). When the sale of cigarettes were forbidden in prison, their scarcity stopped their use as money. Likewise, when Andrew Jackson stopped the use of private bank notes, there was an economic crash because no one had any medium of exchange. People began to privately make coins called “Hard Times tokens” so that some kind of basic economy would function. Most money in the USA prior to the Civil War was paper money issued by state-chartered private banks. There were 10,000 different varieties so counterfeiters were quite successful. Lincoln in 1861, did a novel thing, instead of borrowing money from these bankers, he printed U.S. paper money, greenbacks. Lincoln said, “We finally…gave to the people of this Republic the greatest blessing they ever had—their own paper to pay their own debt.” His govt. greenbacks successfully financed the war, & may have been the main reason he got shot. The Banksters make vast sums by creating our money, it’s their cash cow.

From the time the first colonists from England arrived, the Banksters have been exploiting Americans by having a monopoly on money, & using their power (just like the Fed Reserve today) to exploit & bankrupt Americans, for instance, the eco. crisis of 1749. One of the real reasons for the Amer. Revolution was that Americans realized they would be economically stunted unless they printed their own money, which the Continental Congress did in defiance of the Bank of England. While the history books don’t cover the story well, the Continental money depreciated because the British counterfeited it, & used Tories to spread the counterfeit money. The history books make it sound like our govt. can’t be trusted to print money.

The bankers have scandalously run things after Lincoln was shot. They set up laws that pillaged the wealth of America. They have created financial crises, like the Oct. 29th, 1929 stock market crash, so that they could steal for pennies on the dollar the wealth of Amer. From 1958 to 1971, between 400-600 million ounces of gold was sold overseas (for the ridiculous price of $35/ounce), basically emptying Ft. Knox. Much of this gold got into the personal hands of the elite. CFR mmbr Harry Dexter White, led the creation of the Bretton Woods agreement which was designed to strip America of her gold & wealth, build up the industrial capacity of the world, destroy Amer.’s production & sales, & make Amer. interdependent upon the rest of the world. Bretton Woods worked as planned, its objectives have been met. I am trying to briefly convey that the Banksters have been a den of thieves from the beginning & if the true history were known to Americans, they would be outraged. This is why a nation with so much natural resources & hard working creative people is indebted to the banksters. Their next step is to strip us of money so that we have a cashless society. This will give them incredible power over everyone’s existence. You will not be able to buy or sell w/out their approval. Bitcoins are one of several steps towards their goal, along w/ the increasing popularity of buying & selling w/ cell phones…incl. using the image in your cell phone as a plane ticket.

God’s Word condemns the banksters…it advocates justice (DT 16:19-20), condemns faulty measuring devices (PRV 11:1), unjust wages (LK 10:7) and theft in general. Christ got upset w/ the money changers, for spiritual reasons, they had turned the sacred into a market. The orig. text says, “Stop making my Father’s house a house of trade.” He showed contempt for their profits by overturning the tables w/ their money, but he had self-control & did not release their doves which would have flown away but handed the doves to them & asked them to take them away. He had the moral high ground, & the temple guards left him alone…as prophecy said, who shall stand when he appears [w/ the moral high ground]. He didn’t protest to the authorities & create a revolt, but he was zealous in his cleansing. Christ did not support the World Order, & he did create a revolution against it…but his revolution was far superior than others because his revolution was the revolution of the heart. You see Barabbas was an armed revolutionist, the standard variety. The Romans offered a choice, Christ or Barabbas could be released. Now why would the Romans go along w/ releasing Barabbas? You can stop someone like Barabbas: take his weapons, watch his neighborhood, militarize the police & stop his revolution. But how do you stop someone like Yahshua, who doesn’t use worldly weapons & is changing the hearts of men?? How do you stop an internal revolution of hearts, well, you have to get rid of him…and feed his followers to the lions!

One final thought: ROM 8:20-21. Now these verses have been typically applied to nature (not people)…but applying Scripture as Christ did, I think it has further application as it parallels how the Banksters have subjected all of us to economic policies, their easily manipulated funny money, & enslaved us to their bondage of corruption, yet God has a redeeming plan. This nation has not had a genuine chance –we were indeed subjected to economic futility. “For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly,…creation itself also will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.” Their evil devices won’t last forever.


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