DELUSION & DENIAL made in the USA: a post on the fantasy that the Arab Spring is bringing democracy to the Islamic nations. Instead it paves the way for increased conflict, magnifying the severity of a third world war centered in the Middle East.

Islam is Islam. Sharia is Sharia. But our govt. & media spokespeople’s rhetoric is not reality. Further, Islam & its Sharia are not democracy, are not moderation, and are not progressive. I have heard countless times from ignorant Amer. that people are alike everywhere. “People are basically the same everywhere.” WRONG. Some people have ended up in cannibal pots by ignorantly believing that. I have been in half a dozen Islamic countries, and a country under Sharia is nothing like America. Islamic culture is incompatible with Amer. culture. They know it, & hope to overthrow our decadent culture. Americans compartmentalize their work lives & their religious lives, and I notice Americans often seem to think others do also; so often Americans take the attitude a religious affiliation is just like a coat you take on & off, and tomorrow you may wear a different one or none at all. Islam is a set of rules regulating a person’s entire life—it is viewed as submission to God’s will, and has been called by some Islamic scholars “slavery to God”. Jihadists will tell you there is no place in the Islamic world for secular democratic values. Sharia is conform-acy, not democracy. Sure there are westernized Muslims who will say that Islam can be a private religion w/out being public law. Yes, they don’t believe in imposing Islamic law on the rest of society…but they are not representative of people who live in Islamic countries. Bear in mind the mental straightjacket that Islamic culture imposes on those who grow up in it. Once you pass puberty, to leave Islam means the death penalty, & plenty have been executed for leaving.

LOOKING FOR LOVE IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES. Our National Intell. director James Clapper would have us believe that the Muslim Brotherhood are a secular group believing in peace. The Clinton Admin. picked Abdurahman Alamondi to be their Islamic Affairs adviser as well as their goodwill ambassador to Islamic nations. He was a financier for al Qaeda & Hezbollah. Moving forward in time, Obama has secretly & scandalously spent billions of dollars on bribes to hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood members. He intentionally picked Turkey (after Turkey Spring) to be the first country he visited after becoming president. (Notice that the word “spring” carries the connotation of new life.) Turkey’s Spring destroyed their democracy & est. Sharia. The Muslims in revolt are not striving for religious freedom, for pluralism, and to chart their own destinies. They seek strong men to impose Sharia. They don’t want a culture of liberty (most have never been to Europe or Amer.); they see Islamic culture as superior to America’s. Our govt. has bragged about Iraq’s & Afghan.’s new constitutions being democratic—both impose Sharia. The Taliban can feel comfortable w/ Afghan.’s new constitution. All these various people we are putting into power have the same goals as Iran’s leaders—strange that our govt. demonizes Iran’s leaders while inconsistently helping these others to power! The death of a despotic Muslim govt. does not mean the birth of freedom. Pay attention to what replaces it! When people speak one also has to realize how they use words. When the Muslim Brotherhood says they don’t approve of terrorism, they mean they don’t approve of Muslim civilians dying. I believe that our elite are being ruthlessly dishonest w/ us, rather than being arrogantly incompetent. They are intentionally setting the stage for disaster. Americans can try to curry favor, pay bribes, & try to convince Moslems to love America…”Hey, we’re really lovable”…but we are simply looking for love in all the wrong places!

(Please refrain from hateful comments on the thread. We will gain more from love than disrespectful hate.)


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