BELGIUM: a World Power Center. The goal of this post is to contribute to the public’s understanding of the World’s power-centers. During our nation’s history, Illuminati directives have emanated from the low countries of the Neth. & Belg., as well as Britain. Continuing this, from May 29th thru June 11th, 2014, the elite will assemble at Copenhagen, Denmark for their annual Bilderberger conference, which will be led by a Belgium Illuminati leader Etienne Davignon, who has been a Bilderberger leader for a long time. Another Belgium, the current head of the Illum., William C. Van Duyn has developed the guidelines for the 2014 Bilderberger meeting.

BELGIUM PROVIDES A BASE OF SPIRITUAL POWER FOR THE ILLUM. The little nation on the surface has no obvious religious significance like Rome or Mecca. In order to grasp Belgium’s spiritual significance, one must understand that the Merovingian’s bloodline is considered the Holy Bloodline—the Holy Grail that the Knights Templars protected, & to which the Priory of Sion is connected. (For brevity, this bloodline is abbreviated “Hol-Bld”.) The Van Duyn (Van der Duyn) Dutch noble family married into this Hol-Bld in 1663 when Gerrit Cornelius Van Duyn md. Duane Saint Cyr. The Hol-Bld sacred sites were found & used in the area of Belgium & incl. northern France’s area called Lorraine, which is just to the south-& SE. Lorraine, has provided various things, incl. Pope Leo IX, & Joan of Arc. Nearby Troyes, which gave its name to gold “Troy weight”, also provided Pope Urban IV. Directly after official recognition, the Knights Templars purchased estates in Flanders (now Belg.). The Abbey of Orval (connected to St. Bernard & the Knights Templar) is very close to the Mother’s of Darkness/Chateau des Amerois castle. Besides it, other Belgium castles (as well as some in northern France) were also used for modern satanic rituals & human hunts. Merovingian desc. Lord Godfroi de Bouillon (1060-1100, from what is currently Belgium), assisted by other Belgiums like Robert of Flanders, led the first crusade in their capture of Jerusalem. After his rule of Jerusalem, his descendants Baudouin I thru IV served as kings. Godfroi also ruled Lorraine & Antwerp.

Later during the Middle Ages, much of what became Belgium in 1830, was the Dukedom of Burgundy. The court of Burgundy, with its elaborate court rituals, was the cultural arbiter of late-medieval Europe. The aristocrats of Burgundy were a society equal in importance in setting standards for Europe as the Renaissance city-states of Italy. Burgundy was the “theater state” with pomp & rituals. It’s height of power ended when its Duke Charles the Bold (ruling from 1467-77) (married to Margaret of York) was killed by the Swiss. The Duke had residences in Brussels, Bruges (the palace Prinsenhof) & Lille. It was typical for aristocrats to stay on the move, so furniture got its Fr. & It. names from the French term for “mobile”, as the furniture had to be mobile. The Illuminati Queen Mother’s ebony/gold throne intrigued me as it has features from the late medieval time period & breaks down like the furniture back then. (The Duke had trick rooms w/ twisted mirrors & hidden conduits to surprise visitors w/ spraying water.) He also created the secretive Knights of the Golden Fleece, which still exists. This period is called the Golden Age of Belgium.

THE MODERN STATE OF BELGIUM. The tiny country of Belgium (the size of Maryland) was created in 1830, by a Bruxellois-led revolt against the Dutch House of Orange/Nassau. Leopold of the old German House of Saxe-Coburg, who had briefly been King of Greece, & a friend to the Rothschilds, was brought in to rule Belgium. One of his main lovers on the side was Caroline Bauer. Leopold I did not know the country or people, but was courageous, tactful & self-confident. He & his desc. have in general been loved by their adopted country. Leopold’s dau. Elizabeth had secret sexual liaisons with Abe Lincoln when he was a big lawyer for the big railroad barons, & gave birth to his twins Ella & Emily, who were adopted out. Again to show how small the world can be, King Leopold I had Napoleon’s nephew Murat organize his army. Murat lived in Brussels w/ his wife, the great-niece of Geo. Washington. Members of Illum. bloodlines that went to America were given opportunity to make money, but the stringpullers w/ power stayed behind in Europe. Amer. Illum. mmbrs. return to Europe for high level rituals.

SMALL BUT MIGHTY. At first glance, one might reasonably ask how a small nation w/out political or military power has such a large voice & role in the World’s power structure?? Belgium sits at all the important conference tables & is listened to w/ respect! You may remember me explaining how Belgium diamonds were vital for both sides in WW 2. Here’s another interesting thing: the Belgium director of the Belgium Congo’s uranium mines moved Belgium’s Antwerp stockpiles of uranium to the USA before the German’s invaded in May, 1940. Later that year, he moved over 1,000 tons of high quality uranium from the Belgium Congo to Staten Is., NY. For doing this, he was rewarded with the Medal of Merit by the U.S. govt. Belgium also contributed to events by being the back door that Germany used in both world wars to attack France.

For the last seven centuries, England has gone to war each century to keep France (or anyone else) from gaining control of Belgium’s ports. And this is the key to understanding why Belgium is so important…its ports of Antwerp, Bruges, and Ghent connect w/ the Scheldt, the Meuse & Rhine rivers. Belgium has been called the Crossroad of Europe, the Keystone of Europe as well as its Battlefield. Bruges was the metropolis of no. Europe ‘til the 15th cent. playing the same role as Venice. After the new world, India & the far east were being exploited by trade, Antwerp became the port of choice for Portuguese & Spanish cargo ships to unload their cargos in trade for things like German copper & Belgium manufactured goods. Elite families like the Fugger family (which not only had money but political influence) moved to what is now Belgium. On the flip side, families from Flanders went to Scotland such as the House of Stewart, the House of Bruce (from Bruges), & the Flemish nobles of Graham, Hamilton & Cameron, which are today families prominent in the World Order. Belgium led in the European unity movement. Their Royal Palace is bigger than Buckingham Palace. Amer. ambassadors to Belgium like John Clifford Folger (dir. World Bankg. Corp.) & Robert Daniel Murphy (Bldbrg, CFR) were identified by me as Illum. mmbrs.

ECONOMIC POWER. Belgium’s merchant class has typically been focused on expanding trade & profits. Ghent has had a linen industry & for a while was Europe’s greatest industrial ctr., Bruges a drapery industry, and Antwerp commerce. From 1500 to 1585, Antwerp was the foremost banking & trading city in Europe. The Societe Generale de Belgique is HQed in Brussels. The elite Boel, Janssen and Solvay families have stock in it. Interestingly members of these 3 families have also been Bilderberger attendees, for instance: Jacques Ernest Solvay (1920-2010), Baron Rene Boel, & Baron Daniel E. Janssen (Chrmn of Bd of Solvay in Brussels). Chief exec. for the Soc. Gen. d. Bel., Herve de Carmoy has also been a Bilderberger. By the way in 1966, Belgium had 15 delegates to the Bilderbergers. Paul van Zeeland, foreign minister for Belg., began advocating for a united Europe when WW 2 ended. He helped create the Council of Europe in 1949. Ernest Solvay by his invention in 1863 in soda manufacturing got the chemical industry going. Silk & jewelry have long been things Belgium specialized in. It was the silk trade that brought Cornelius Van Duyn & Mayer Amschel Bauer (Rothschild) together.

ROLE FOR THE ILLUM. TODAY. Belgium is home to all kinds of nuclear research & industry. Tiny Belgium became the 6th most important nuclear power after WW 2. The diamond business centered in Antwerp is one of their specialties. Brussels is the de facto capital of the EU: it’s home to the European Parliament, NATO, World diamond trade, & the HQs for many other organizations. SHAPE (Supr. HQ for Allied Powers in Europe) is also in Brussels, as well as the BEAST computer & other technology. Belg. also became the first country in the world to approve euthanasia for children.

SUMMARY. Belgium has been the traditional homeland for the elite, it has been the center of European trade & commerce, and has some traditional sites for satanic rituals (for instance several castles). Brussels has become the capital of the largest economic unit in the world, the EU. It is definitely small but mighty.


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