A Post on My Approach 19 APR 2014

A Post on My Approach. As I watch from a distance the Bundy Ranch events, and other disturbances, it occurs to me that I should simply lay out for people my approach and the position I come from and why.

During my life time I have observed many approaches towards dealing with evil & the World Order. It is similar to child raising, there are many theories & advocates of different approaches. As a historian, I have also studied various approaches. For instance, in 1532, the Anabaptists were splintered into many small groups with different ideas…one faction believed that God was going to assist them to rebel and establish a New Zion, a New Jerusalem at Münster, in Westphalia (what is now Germany). Other Anabaptists took an approach that can be seen in the current Amish & Mennonites of today…peaceful co-existence with the world and loving your enemies as Christ taught. The militant Anabaptists gathered at Münster, and went to work establishing their theocracy. The adherents of the militant view only survived for about 4 years, a little prior to their rebellion, and a remnant in hiding for a few years after their rebellion was put down. The World’s military forces were ruthless, and placed Münster in a year long siege. Jan Matthys, one of the militant leaders, gave a prophecy that God would use him & 30 men like Gideon to destroy the infidel army & judge them…by the end of the day he was dead with his genitals nailed to the city gate.

The Amish approach of loving your enemies, based on the teachings of Christ, of overcoming evil with good have been far more powerful and enduring than the open-rebellion-with-weapons approach. Considering the enormous amount of infiltration of the truth movement, patriots and militias, any open rebellion today would not only suffer the negative dynamics that naturally come from a militant approach, but they would undoubtedly also be deflected for purposes that would benefit the World Order. During the 1990’s, I sincerely wondered if there was any sincere opposition to the World Order besides myself (& a few others). That explains my cartoon on my bathroom door of a group of wolves all taking off their sheep disguises and looking around asking, “Are there any real sheep here?” In all my years of work against the Kingdom of Darkness, I don’t recall a single time the militia has ever been friendly or tried to help me. (To be totally accurate…There may be a few exceptional individuals that have liked both the militia & myself.) One must conclude they don’t support the work I do, and are on some other page. However, I have seen such militants self-destruct because they don’t focus on the spiritual battles to deal with the evils in their own hearts. Life has affirmed to me that Christ’s approach is the best. Love your enemies and do good to those who would misuse you. Demonstrate a better way.

And that is a natural lead-in to my approach to those who may work for both sides. So many of the people out there supposedly “exposing” things have made up slanderous lies from the pit of hell about me. That shows me where they come from. I believe if we have a problem with someone, rather than talk behind their back, we should confront them. And for sure to invent lies makes a person a child of the Father of lies. I don’t remember a single one of these slanderers confronting me with their accusations. On my side, even though at times I have “proof” of how they are double agents, pretending to be on our side, I would prefer to follow Christ’s teachings to allow the tares to grow with the wheat. There are exceptions to this also. Some agents are so obnoxious, I need to warn people of what they are. However, I believe awake people with the holy Spirit will see through most of these “shills”. Give these double-agents enough rope & they will hang themselves. Some actually contribute to the awake movement. The other approach is for the awake movement to self-destruct with internal fighting. People who cause divisions should be taken note of. I realize some people are genuinely concerned that we take note of who is bogus, and their motive is not to cause divisions but keep the house clean. While their approach to pull out the tares is not my approach, I understand their motives and I desire to love & respect them, even though my approach is different. Infighting is not healthy, and in our day & age when our society is so retarded about how to have positive personal relations and smooth over conflicts of opinion, infighting can quickly develop into a recipe for disaster. Again, I believe the teachings of Christ are our best guide.

As God can bring good out of events, I also realize that He can use open rebellion. People & things in our lives can irritate us. Environmental pressures can drive us nuts. We even get frustrated at our own shortcomings. Some of these irritants, like a squeaky door or shrewish person can be dealt with. Other irritants can’t be, and we have to grow spiritually to have those inner qualities that can rise above the problems. This is where we need the Spirit of God to direct us in how we respond to irritations—do we attempt to remove them or to rise above them??? For instance, let us imagine we are given unwanted responsibilities from our boss, if we tackle them, we show our consistent trustworthiness to our boss. May the Holy Spirit give us wisdom in how to deal with events like the Bundy cattle problem, the World in general, plus our own shortcomings. Again, Christ’s approach was to encourage us to correct ourselves before we correct others, and he ate with everyone… sinners and Pharisees included.

The fact that I may visit someone, be on their show, or provide information on them does not constitute a total endorsement (or even partial) of that person. As God works in the hearts of all men (in general), and as many persons are a mixture of good & bad motives, it is still possible to see good things in imperfect individuals. Come to think of it, we all are imperfect! And who doesn’t want their own imperfections tolerated! Let us do unto others, as we would want them to do unto ourselves. Let us build humanity up in love, and cast aside hatred, war and cruelty. The other option is not pretty as Jan Matthys illustrated.


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