A house divided against itself will not stand. It’s one thing to give direction, but an entirely different one to judge someone. The truth movement is set to self-destruct because of the infighting, egos, pride & misguided efforts to expose subversion in our ranks.

The Word teaches us there is a time for silence and a time to speak. (ECCL 3:7) “A perverse man sows strife.” (PRV 16:28) It is indeed perverse that the truth movement is set to self-destruct itself; the World System will get a good perverse laugh while it happens.

I know people think they are well meaning to attack truthers who act suspicious. But they apparently don’t think through the consequences of everyone pointing out suspicious people on the basis of slight, questionable, or irrelevant info—that is what happened during the French revolution with horrible consequences. No good comes out of these kinds of hunts.

Sure, the World System loves to create its own opposition, or infiltrate its opposition with shills, and in general play havoc with those who challenge it. (By the way, I was trying –w/ difficulty– to point out that concept 23 yrs. ago, before it was commonly realized by the growing truth movement.) So does that mean we should go on hunts & ferret out the infiltrators? (Even though I was a pioneer in exposing the widespread subversion in our ranks, I have been diligent not to backstab, infight & attack others in the truth movement. Even when they were making up cruel lies about me.) The kindness I was showing is Biblical; we are warned not to be slanderers, murderers…or “a busybody in other men’s matters.” 1 PTR 4:15. Plus we lose everyone’s trust when we negatively gossip behind people’s backs, back stab & argue dirty.

There are flaws in everyone, and any human organization. There is no truther, no Christian, no radio announcer exposing the NWO who is does not have flaws. And anyone taking on the system is going to be exposed to more scrutiny. No one cared 15 years ago about what one did with one’s hands. Now I don’t even want to use them in public lest someone think I have done some obscure hand signal. A judgmental attitude jumps to conclusions, which people have done many times with me (falsely I might add), and then you can count on this judgmental attitude spreading the false accusations to people not related to the problem, and trying to project their hostility into other people, in other words spreading the malicious hate. That’s what the Word calls spreading gossip about others—being a hater, yes it is a form of hate.

While I had some reservations about the Occupy Wallstreet movement that swept this nation, I admired how they kept the infighting to a minimum. I admired how their leadership tried to make it a chance for people to express themselves, (and I don’t mean the expression of controlling egos, which they kept in check), and many took advantage of that.

Christ warned about subversion hunts: he told 7 parables to just his close disciples to challenge their misconceptions about the Kingdom (which in its present form we call “the church”). His Wheat & Tares teaching is found in MT 13:24-30. Servants sow good wheat seed. But at night in secret the enemy (Satan’s servants) sow bad seed (the pretenders). These pretenders grow up looking just like the good seed. Most translations call the bad seed Tares (in Gk. “zizanion”, actually bearded darnel which does look exactly like wheat till harvest time). There are false prophets, false shepherds & false truthers among us. They resemble us in outward appearance. Christ wisely doesn’t ask his disciples to convert them or to become self- appointed weed pullers. Why, because to start pulling the weeds out will damage true believers. No test to differentiate the good from the bad will work. Human effort will just make a mess.
The truth movement is set to self-destruct itself unless it applies the teaching of Truth given in the Parable of the Tares.


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