Farms and FEMA 10 MAR 2013

Farms and FEMA. First a little historical review…The States and Federal government have passed Executive Orders and laws to empower FEMA to seize extra food and supplies you may have. For instance, Hawaii 1997 Title 10 is to regulate “equitable distribution” of supplies in an emergency. One has to examine the fine print, the Committee Notes, to find out on Title 10 what the Courts may use if you try to recover your property by civil suit what is seized. The Committee Notes spell out 1 week of supplies, yet don’t define specifics of that phrase, so the lawmakers have given the courts a means to approve whatever is seized.

On the Federal level, a recent king decreed by Exec. Order 10997 that the Feds have the authority to seize fuel and electric supplies. 10998 gives the power to seized all foods, farms, and farm equipment. All this would be meaningless unless someone could enforce it. So 11051 authorizes FEMA to implement these kind of EOs, and FEMA answers only to the National Security Council, which is made up of CFR members, who may also be Bilderbergers, and Trilaterialists, etc…. in other words Illuminati types! For instance, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was all of the above plus MJ-12. I wonder if FEMA will raid the NSC members’ mansions, or if they will get to break all the rules like so many in government already are doing.

Now one of my farmer relatives tells me about a recent census letter sent to the farm wanting to know how much of the different fuels they had, and what kind of grain was stored and how much. The census letter was ignored, but the Fed. govt. followed up with a call, and feeling intimidated, the requested info was given over the phone. I find this new census chilling. I remind myself of Christ’s words to be of good courage.
Any other news on this developing situation?


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