Did you know the ice at the North Pole is constantly on the move? And the weather there is terrifically horrible. The Arctic Ocean floor is thought to contain a sizeable amount of the world’s undiscovered oil & gas. Due to various changes in ocean & air currents, the iced in NW Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific has thawed some. Some think the water passage will unfreeze in coming yrs. The potential use of the NW passage for cargo ships could potentially save shippers lots of money. Russia, the U.S., Canada, & some NATO countries like Norway are increasing their arctic military presence. During the Cold War, the “Free World” played a big ongoing cat & mouse game w/ the Russians in the Arctic Ocean with nuclear subs, aircraft & sniper teams. This post is a collection of details & thoughts on the new military tension over the Arctic Ocean. Hillary Clinton calls for deeper Canada-U.S. military co-operation to “stand up” to Russia. Others call for a “radical new defense doctrine” to contain Russia’s expansionism in the Arctic Ocean. Canada’s govt. decided to strengthen its Arctic-North pole claims by declaring Santa Claus is a Canadian citizen (I kid you not!).

This post will contain lots of details because I believe we will continue to hear more about Arctic military maneuvers, & back ground info is not necessarily easily obtained. This is a problem close to home.

DENMARK. Denmark just officially made a claim of ownership of the North Pole. The Lomonosov Ridge that extends underwater from Greenland to the pole makes their claim credible. Greenland was given autonomy within the Kingdom of Denmark, but still is subject to the royal family of Denmark. Denmark also performs many of Greenland’s military functions. Just as well as Greenland’s native eskimos (Inuit) are a peaceful people who don’t even have a word in their language for “war”. They were horrified when they learned about the European propensity for war. Denmark was a founding member of NATO, & integrates NATO heavily into its defense plans. Denmark was the host nation of the Bilderberg mtg. this year. 
Recently an aggressive Russian fighter nearly hit a passenger plane out of Copenhagen, Denmark. Bornholm (the island of the Burgundians) is a Danish island far to the east of Denmark in the middle of the Baltic. AFTER WW 2 was over, the Soviets took the island but gave it back to Denmark a year later w/ the demand that only Danish troops could occupy it…not NATO troops. During the entire cold war, tension existed over whether the Russians would re-invade Bornholm. This June, Russia held a training strike against Bornholm. I mention this because in recent months all the Scandinavian countries have been provoked by the Russian military. Russian subs violate Swedish waters, & Russian spy planes and bombers their airspace. Norway & Finland have also had numerous violations of their space this year. Norway is in NATO & is calling for it to take a more active role in the Arctic. Sweden & Finland are not NATO, but after all these Russian provocations are wondering if they should be. 
In 1951, the U.S. mounted a major secret op (called Blue Jay) to build the huge Thule Base in northern Greenland on its west coast. At its peak it had 10,000 personnel. It still operates, and has helped the DEW line & the Alert base which we will discuss.

CANADA. Canada has always been less militaristic than the U.S. & keeps its nose out of other nations’ business (in contrast to the U.S.) In the early ‘50’s, it was decided that an early detection system was needed to guard against a Russian attack against North America. Canada & the U.S. cooperated jointly in the construction & manning of the bases. The U.S. paid for the DEW Line (Distant Early Warning Line). In the event, 3 lines of stations were built across Canada. The main northern DEW line was at the northern top reaches (roughly the 69th parallel) of Canada & Alaska & Greenland and consisted of 63 stations over 10,000 kilometers. I count 19 main stations. A main station was a self-sufficient community, in contrast with intermediate sites (of which I count 28) which had 4 personnel. Along the western Can.-U.S. border (roughly the 49th parallel) stretched the Pinetree Line of stations from one end of Canada to the other. In between these two lines was the Mid-Canada Line of radar stations.

These three lines of long range & short range radar stations were tied in with a communications system in Alaska called “White Alice”. No one knows why the name Alice was chosen, but it brings to my mind the Alice In Wonderland programming used by the Airforce which uses the White Rabbit in its programming themes. Strangely, an examination of Canadian survivors of trauma-based mind control reveals that the DEW bases & adjacent communities were centers for victimizing children subjected to the mind control.

Interestingly, McGill University where Canadians were subjected to the mind-control programming, was also where the idea originated for the Mid-Canada line of stations, and officers for the Mid-Canada line were trained at McGill. I am not sure even why the DEW line existed as it was obsolete when it came on line in 1957. (It was officially shut down in 1993.) I can only speculate why elements in the U.S. military used the DEW line stations & adjacent communities for mind control programming. First, as I have said before, essentially all the airforce bases here in the U.S. are used for the t.b.m.c….so why wouldn’t the pattern cont. in U.S. airforce bases in Canada? The DEW line bases were secret, and the military intel types that get secrecy clearances often seem to be the Michael Aquino types. One t.b.m.c. survivor who received Theta programming said that they were trying to use the Theta programmed people as an Early Human Warning System. At any rate, by occupying and defending the upper north edge of Canada with the DEW line, Canada strengthened their claim to the Arctic Ocean & north pole area.

The DYE-2 & DYE 3 auxiliary stations were out on the Arctic Icecap. Earlier in March, ’52, a drifting ice military station was set up by a C-47 landing on the ice. It was est. a mere 103 miles from the north pole, and was called T-3 (aka Fletcher’s Ice Island). Canada’s CFS Alert base on Ellemere Island is just south of the North Pole. This large secret Alert base, with its CANEX store, several dozen bldgs. & graveled airstrip, monitors Russian SIGINT which is sent to the NSA & Canada’s Communications Security Establishment in Ottawa. It monitors Russian satellites (more on that in a moment).

RUSSIA. Russia’s current goal is to maintain military superiority in the Arctic Ocean. On Dec. 1, 2014, they announced that all Russian military operations in the Arctic will be unified under a strategic command HQ in west. Russia. The Northern Fleet commander is Admiral Vladimir Korolyov. Two Russian spy satellites constantly monitor the Arctic Ocean. They have est. a drone base at the admin. HQ for Chukotka at Anadyr which is a mere 420 mi. from mainland Alaska. They are operating the new weatherproof Zala 421-08M drone & the Altius 001 drone which can carry out strike missions. The Zala drone can stay aloft for 100 hours. Some Russian drones deploy chemical warfare. In response, Canada is testing drones in the Arctic, as well as unmanned land vehicles.

Prior to the Russian Revolution in 1917, many European countries had sent explorers to the Arctic. The new Soviet Union stopped that & began to expand their claims. In 1926, they formally claimed sovereignty over all the arctic islands off the mainland, and they placed a Russian flag on Hooker Island in 1930. The Norwegians during the ‘30s had to accept that Franz Josep Land was now occupied by the Soviets and off limits to them. I mention this to show that Russian claims are rather recent…and don’t go back for centuries. From the 1930-70s, the Russians also had drifting stations quite close to the North Pole. In recent yrs, a private Russian venture each spring sets up a drifting station 60 miles from the North Pole for tourists to go see the pole. Russia now wants to claim most of the Arctic Ocean. Their claim is based on the underwater shelf that extends from Siberia. In 2007, a Russian minisub used a robotic arm to plant a Russian flag in the seabed under the North Pole. (A stunt slightly more impressive than Canada giving citizenship to Santa.)

From Murmansk to Chukotka along the Arctic Ocean, the Russia military this year has been refurbishing bases that were closed 30 yrs. ago to building new bases & power plants. During the cold war, the Kola Peninsula was covered with bases incl. 40 air force bases. The area is still heavily militarized with a special Arctic brigade of Marines. It had had 2 army divisions but I don’t know if they are still there. 66% of the Russian Navy is in their Northern Fleet which is in the Arctic. Two Borey class nuclear subs make up the backbone of the Northern Fleet. The Russians just brought into their navy 2 Yasen class subs (which are their quietest nuclear subs): the Severodvinsk & the Kazan. Severodvinsk K-329 cost perhaps $1.6 billion, and the Kazan even more! With 25-30 yr. nuclear cores they can sail indefinitely w/out refueling. They are armed with nukes & cruise missiles. They are upgrading Tiksi in Yakutia to be the main Arctic Air Force Base. They have a new permanent base on New Siberian Island in Laptev Sea, with a new brigade send north to reinforce another permanent Arctic brigade. They have a major shipyard the Severodvinsk Shipyard on the White Sea 25 miles west of Arkhangelsk, which is an important Arctic naval base. They had ICBM’s on Novaya Zemlya Arctic Island. They still have ICBM bases in the far north. They have nuclear powered icebreakers (like the Lenin) & their nuke subs have icebreaking abilities.

Once again, just like during the cold war, Russia is an economic basket case, but insists on maintaining an aggressive large military. The ruble had dropped recently to worse than 80 rubles to the dollar, and the retail currency trading platform FXCM stopped allowing ruble trading, and the crash of the ruble means that the Russian govt. will probably slap capital controls on their currency to avert more disaster. On Dec. 15, the Russian Central Bank drastically raised the primary interest rate from 10.5% to 17%. What is seriously hurting Russia is that the national govt. depends upon taxes on oil & gas for over 50% of their budget! With gas prices plummeting, and the fact that their only real crude oil is an inferior grade to start with, the Russians are hurting. Putin has been dumping U.S. dollars—at last estimate I saw he’d already dumped around $2 billion.

THE U.S. Last but not least is the increasing U.S. arctic military presence, maintained mostly by the Navy, Coast Guard & Airforce. A Coast Guard icebreaker was the historically first ship to go thru the NW passage. The DEW system has been deactivated. Its original commander was Col. Andrew J. Reynolds. An example of a later DEW line commander was Col. William Davis of the Airforce. The DEW line was built by Bell Systems using Western Electric Corp. as the prime construction contractor. Interior Airways was contracted to fly planes to the bases. The American economy is stronger than Russia, and much of our military hardware, say for instance, our nuclear subs, are better quality than theirs. The long history of Russian commitments in the Arctic, and Putin’s publicly announced position on the importance of the Arctic, means that Russia is not going to back off from its aggressive stance. The tension of war in the Ukraine was distant to America. Problems in Syria & Iraq are also distant. But an aggressive Russian military in the Arctic Ocean is right in the face of Canada, the U.S., Denmark & Norway.


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