American Liberty Live released a nice article today on ZeeklyTV today: Jeffry Sisk has used his skills to provide the Awake community & freedom loving people Internet tools to help us preserve our Internet freedom. The following is an excerpt of the article:
A year and a half ago, I [Jeffrey Sisk] was very frustrated and truly disappointed when Edward Snowden told the world that all of the biggest and best tech companies in the United States were giving our government agencies a history of everything we did on the internet. This included companies like Google, Yahoo, Bing (Microsoft), Facebook & Twitter. I don’t know about you, but I truly felt violated. I love technology. I discovered computers at a young age and learned how to use them and write software, and suddenly I realized these marvelous tools that were changing the world had now become the mechanism to allow the biggest intrusion into our right to privacy in the history of America. I decided right then I had to do something about it, and having a tech background, I started the search engine Zeekly ( Zeekly protects you by not storing/retaining your search history (metadata), and by using 2048-bit SSL encryption so your internet provider or cell phone company can’t capture your information either. Part of the Snowden revelations was that our phone companies and internet providers are giving up your data to the government also. I have to say, only when I had Zeekly online did I start to feel protected again searching the internet.

In September of this year, a number of Youtube users approached me about starting a site for uploading videos. They told me they were being heavily censored by sites like Youtube & DailyMotion. Their videos were disappearing, and their channels were being shut down. These weren’t guys posting porn videos or violence… These were normal guys covering news stories and current events, and giving their opinions on what they thought. In every case, they were never given an explanation other than “content or copyright violations”, and their content was censored with no way for them to appeal these decisions. Free speech is fundamentally an American birthright, so this made me frustrated enough to do something about it. So just like I did a year and a half prior, I started working on the problem, and a few weeks later ZeeklyTV was born. I launched it officially on October 1, 2014, and at the time I’m writing this it has been online somewhere around 80 days.

I’ve been involved in a lot of website launches in my life either as the programmer/developer, or as the owner. I can truly say I have never seen anything quite like ZeeklyTV. It is obvious to me that an uncensored internet is very important to the public, and your response to this site has been extraordinary. Every day in the month of December we have broken the record for number of users, page views, hits on the server, and bandwidth. Additionally, every day, I get emails and messages from our users thanking me for caring enough to launch ZeeklyTV.
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