WORLD’S BIGGEST NEW GENOCIDAL TACTIC: An alert about 5G Networks 23 JUNE 2017

This post is to sound an alert to wake the world up!!!! You are encouraged to share this. 5G means 5th generation wireless. It is a massive global communication network that is going to install large devices called “small cells” (which are similar to the radiation sprewing magnetrons of microwave ovens except larger!) every 12 houses throughout cities. Some of these devices are large like refrigerators. In Toronto, for instance, cell phone towers are being installed completely throughout the city and are being cleverly camouflaged so that they are hard to detect. 5G is coming next. Mississauga, Ontario gave a first 5G test network. 5G radiation & energy are directional, and like cell phone towers may be pointed directly at busy intersections! What a strange coincidence that they have installed them in ways that would be most damaging to large numbers of people!!! Research has conclusively proved that the high radiation from them produces DNA damage, cancer, & sleep & hormone problems. Other problems also accompany the 5G networks, like high voltage wastage, but it is their genocidal capabilities that are alarming.

The direct pushers of 5G are Intel, Verizon, and AT & T…but these companies have long had a relationship with the elite, who manage and finance them. And wait to you see what these companies with the elite’s backing are doing!! More red flags! The Chinese company Huawei, which is known to spy for Red China is also involved in the 5G network. The U.S. govt. views Huawei as a front for the Chinese intelligence. And Australia banned them in 2012 from taking part from their national broadband network for security reasons. The NSA is concerned that Huawei is involved in building the US’s 5G network.

Most of my readers are aware that the Illuminati elite want to reduce the world’s population. In fact, they “bragged” to me that they would be able to accomplish much of this through soft kill methods. These evil controllers of the World system have really outdid themselves on this one.

HOW GOD’S END TIME ENEMY WORKS. Satan has always used our lusts and desires to entrap and destroy us. A person wants to get rich, and becomes addicted to gambling and is destroyed. A person wants to be popular, and gets addicted to drugs and is destroyed. Once you see the pattern, you know that Satan will invent something that people crave to lure humans to their destruction. Well, his hierarchy has really succeeded on that this time with 5G. They will lure all the cell phone users and Internet users with the promise that the Internet strength will be increased, and data rates of tens of megabits per second for tens of thousands of users will be flying through the wireless air. Communication will be more efficient, faster, and more reliable…all at the cost of the secret destruction of human DNA from high radiation levels and the promotion of cancer!! What a demonic devious plan.

THE EUROPEAN ILLUMINATI GET THINGS STARTED. In 2012, the Illuminati’s European Commission gave 50 million Euros for research into 5G mobile tech to get it installed by 2020…the project was METIS 2020. Fast forward to July, 2015, and the EU began the mmMAGIC 5G research project to set a foundation for global standardization for 5G. Over in the USA, it has been Intel that has done lots of the work. So the elite picked California to ram the 5G through. They tried to fast track a bill through the California state legislature giving the state of California total dictatorial control to locate 5G “small cells” where ever the state wants in spite of any opposition from anyone. They tried to fast track and ram this dictatorial power through, but people have been fighting it in California. Currently, Verizon is using Sacramento as its pilot city for 5G wireless cells. If I were in Sacramento or Mississauga, Ontario, I would move before I got cancer or ruined my DNA! And I already have troubles getting good sleep!


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