Eleven cities have been chosen as test sites for 5G in America. Maybe you saw in the thread that someone from Sacramento noted that all the concerns I mentioned: high rates of cancer, headaches, etc. are now prevalent in Sacramento. A number asked me in the thread yesterday what we can do about 5G. It can be fought at the legislative level before it is steam rolled into existence. No matter where you live, you can participate in the fight by calling legislatures. I have seen other things like this stopped when the public made an outcry. Now is the time to fight it. The following was written by someone in California (Jessica Chasko Denning) and was so good that I am just going to borrow it for those who want to fight the 5G. The rest of this post was written by Jessica:

Tell California State Senators “NO” on SB 649 – not on my house!
There will be 1 small cell tower for every 12 houses.
Tell Sacramento City Council & Officials “NO” on 5G Test Pilot Program- we don’t want to be the first in the US with 5G radiation..

What is 5G? The 5G rollout was announced in summer 2016 by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler in a speech stating infinite numbers of new microwave radiation frequencies will be unleashed onto the public. This entire spectrum of frequencies within the microwave spectrum includes the never released millimeter wave frequencies (MMW). The numbers of frequencies allowed is INSANE producing SYNERGISTIC adverse biological effects in combination with existing current levels of emissions. Two months before this fatal announcement, the NTP study, our nation’s most comprehensive and largest rat study ever performed deemed microwave radiation causes DNA breaks and cancers of the brain and heart. The FCC ignored the scientific results of the study and their duty as a regulatory agency and proceeded with the announcement of the 5G rollout.

What are millimeter waves (MMW)? MMW are the fastest, shortest, highest intensity wavelengths within the microwave spectrum. They are specialized frequencies currently used in medicine to treat certain cancers. They are also used in the airport body scanners where high incidences of cancers are found in TSA workers who operate them. All wireless microwave radiation causes biological harm; however, MMW poses unique biological harm. Because MMW are short, varying in millimeter thickness, insects, plant foliage, human skin and eyes are especially vulnerable to these waves. MMW has not been safety tested by the FCC or by any agency that supports the FCC RF emissions safety levels. Again, none of these irresponsible shortcomings stopped the decision to rollout the 5G.

Why is this our last fight? 5G is an ecocide in the making. There are no plans to reduce current microwave emissions. The FCC has not reviewed nor revised their emissions levels since 1996 nor do they have any funding to monitor radiation emissions levels after installation. FCC Chairman Wheeler made clear his intention as he told the regulators to ‘get out of the way’. A percentage of the population are already electrically sensitive, their lives impacted by existing electrosmog pollution. 5G will no doubt increase the numbers of those who become electrically sensitive. 5G will decimate the remaining pollinators, particularly the bees. It will impact foliage and trees’ ability to photosynthesize thereby reducing oxygen production. The impacts are profound and endless on both health and the environment.

How will they achieve this 5G infrastructure? They plan on building out dense placements of these small cell Distributed Antenna System (DAS) on every light or electric poles in every neighborhood and public rights of way. They will be placed right outside our homes and businesses. Rural areas will also be targeted and private property will be fair game. No place will be safe.
The DAS along with surveillance cameras on every pole is necessary to facilitate this mass connection and collection of data. All devices will be connected to become part of the proposed Internet of Things (IoT), information on everything from driverless cars to cell phones, all home appliances, smart meters and RFID chips placed into or onto every product sold, and eventually, everyone.

Is 5G coming to Sacramento? Yes. Last November 2016, Verizon chose eleven cities within the US to pilot the 5G network. Sacramento was chosen as one of the eleven.
Where do we stand? We do not agree to the infinite amounts of unlimited toxic microwave radiation being unleashed into our neighborhoods and cities. We are telling the state of California and the City of Sacramento we will not stand for being manipulated into accepting 5G infrastructure that will destroy health and the environment. The FCC has made clear they have no desire to fulfill their obligations as a regulatory agency. We are not going to allow the FCC to bully our local cities and counties, deny us our due process by taking away our personal rights of local control and public input.

Call/Write CA Senators Vote ‘No’ to SB 649:
Who Opposes this bill (so far, the list growing):
– League of California Cities
– City of San Francisco
– City of Santa Cruz
– Marin County Council of Mayors & Councilmembers
SB649 will streamline placement of small cell Distributed Antenna System (DAS) on electric and light poles in front of businesses and residences. This bill eliminates the power of local control and jurisdiction and gives it to the federal government to take over control of all placement of small cell distributed antenna systems (DAS) throughout the state of California.
California Bill SB 649 is at the Governance and Finance Committee right now. Please write or call the senators and tell them to vote ’NO’ to CA Bill SB 649. In addition to writing and/or calling, please write on their twitter account, your comments will be perpetually in cyberspace and everyone will see it. And we need as many people to show up at the hearing on April 26, 9:30 am, Room 112 at the Sacramento Capitol.
If you live outside of California, we still need your help! Please make calls and use the *67 numbers before dialing so your number comes up as ‘private’. We need as many people as possible making calls and showing up at the hearing!
Senator Mike McGuire (Chair) 2nd Senate Dist — North Coast/North Bay, State Capitol Rm. 5061, email: [email protected], Phone: 916-651-4002
Senator Janet Nguyen (Vice Chair)34th Senate Dist — NW Orange County, State Capitol Rm. 3048, email via website portal, Phone: (916) 651-4034
Senator Jim Beall 15th Senate Dist — Including cities of San Jose, Campbell, Cupertino, State Capitol Rm. 2082, email via website portal, Phone: (916) 651-4015
Senator Ed Hernandez 22nd Senate Dist — San Gabriel Valley communities, State Capitol Rm. 2080, email via website portal,Phone: (916) 651-4022
Senator Robert M. Hertzberg 18th Senate Dist — San Fernando Valley, State Capitol Rm. 4038, email via website portal, Phone: (916) 651-4018
Senator Ricardo Lara 33rd Senate Dist — LA & LA County-various cities, State Capitol Rm. 5050, email via website portal, Phone: (916) 651-4033
Senator John M. W. Moorlach 37th Senate Dist — Much of Orange County, State Capitol Rm. 2048, email via website portal, Phone: (916) 651-4037
Points to help you draft letters, make calls and/or give testimony at the hearing, provided are some sound bites for you to give to the Governance & Finance Committee:
– Taking away property rights will result in lowered property value
– Lowered property value will then lead to lowered property tax revenues
– US NTP $25 million dollar study proved RF emissions from cell phones causes DNA breaks, cancers of the brain and heart.
– Over 220 international scientists have sent an appeal to the WHO that RF emissions are already out of control, and this statement was made two years ago.
– Increase in health care costs due to growing health problems amongst the population
– Lowered productivity at work due to negative health impacts from the increased wireless radiation exposures
– Lloyd’s of London and Swiss Re, two major insurance companies of the world, will not cover medical expenses incurred due to exposure to electromagnetic radio frequency radiation (EMR) (i.e. cell phones, wifi, cell tower, antennas, DAS, IoT devices, smart meters, etc.)
– Environmental devastation from loss of oxygen producing foliage due to damage of trees and vegetation from EMR exposures
– Environmental devastation from astronomical increases of approximately 124,416 lbs. of CO2 per city every day, or 1.6 trillion lbs. of carbon per year nationwide emissions from powering up the 5G DAS infrastructure 24/7 (and this does not include the carbon footprint created from all the other IoT network and clouds)
– Fiber optics is the best and only solution. They are energy efficient, less vulnerable to shut down due to EMP or hacking, and do not create hazardous RF emissions that cause damage to health and the environment
– Russia has denied 5G rollout in their country. Instead, they are utilizing fiber optic cables to deliver the internet to every private resident.

Keep up the good fight my friends. Let us not grow weary in doing good. Have a good one.


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