Yes, life does really matter. We live in a jungle of ideas, and in this jungle some of these ideas like post-modernism are dangerous. It is why my first podcast on freemantv.com deals with postmodernism. You won’t to miss it. You can subscribe by going to Freemantv.com and click on the first button to subscribe. It costs like a $1.20 to subscribe. My podcasts, like my books, are an authentic reunion with reality.

When you go down the rabbit hole with me, it’s an exciting journey down unexplored paths, and in the past when you stopped to drink in knowledge, the waters were often muddy, but many have found that the waters were clear when you read or listen to me. Learning where the agenda of post-modernism is taking us is un-nerving, to say the least. And you don’t have to walk across the Australian Outback in the hot desert like Marlo did to learn her lessons, you can learn from me in the comfort of a chair. Yet, I warn you, you may not be walking barefoot on stickers and hot sand like Marlo had to endure, but the journey down the rabbit hole may be exceptionally painful (in a positive way)—“good pain” as some have described it.

Do you crave the truth? Do you cry out in anguish for answers, and burst with joy when you find them? My books are for you. My podcasts will be for you. I will undoubtedly speak to all of you, your heart, your mind, your doubts, your suspicions, as well as your experiences. My material has often caused its readers to exclaim, “Now I finally understand my life.”

Our lives are rich; our Creator has supplied us with an abundance. But the World Order has blinded us to our abundant resources by harnessing the power of FEAR. I like to call fear an acronym for False Expectations About Reality. We are trapped in our own negative views. The system is great for trapping people in their limited views because it thrives on slavery. And most of the world system’s slaves don’t realize their slavery. There is plenty of free energy on this planet that could be tapped into and distributed freely to the people. There are essentially cost-free alternative practices outside of the established Medical System that could ensure the common man health without being an economic slave to the system. But again it is not happening because the system is set up to enslave.

Righteous indignation burns in my heart at the propaganda and lies, the repressed medical cures and technologies, the senseless contrived bloodbaths called wars and police actions. Dear Reader, apathy, fear, hopelessness and laziness are your enemy—not truth. Further, if you want to seek God’s presence in your life—you’d better have a face to face encounter with the truth of reality, because that is where you’ll find God, for God is TRUTH. I cry out to humanity, I challenge humanity with what I write and say. My work is not tomes for scholars; it is a shout, a scream from the heart of a concerned passionate & informed man. There is a longing in the common man for a Senator Smith (like Jimmy Stewart portrayed) or a Senator Bulworth (like Warren Beatty portrayed), someone who will call a spade a spade. The problem is that the elite, who run the world, work outside of the paradigms of the common man. The world system has over the centuries carefully constructed worldviews that protect the elite from exposure. This means all the sacred cows of the common man hide the reality of how the common man is controlled. Post-modernism is a recipe for total control, the Brave New World of Aldous Huxley where people are created in test tubes and assign a job for life in the Social Predestination room.

As a researcher, I have plenty of information to entertain and titillate, and even more important to expose what is going on. However, your core beliefs which can’t be changed by discussion or reasoning are going to affect how you respond to the information that I could pass on to you. It is not enough for the author to have years of experience with what he is writing or to have file cabinets full of information.

I know that I must gain your trust, reach your heart, and somehow expand your window on the world. We must and need to LOOK BEYOND the official explanations, LOOK BEYOND our own worldview, and LOOK BEYOND the here and now to the future. Yes, dear Reader, life does matter. You must move through the jungle of ideas & secure life. And I, like God, ask you to choose life!

“I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.” Deuteronomy 30:19 Christ said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Have a wonderful day my friend.


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