Freeman Fly has scheduled to run my first podcast on his on this coming Weds. the 17th of May. For non-paying listeners you can hear the first half at 8 p.m. EST. For members you can hear both segments (an early view so to speak) at 8 a.m. Weds.

BIO OF THE SHOW’S GUEST. Angela Jackson is a millennial who is going to college and lives in Toronto, Canada. She has been asked to speak to awake audiences because of her sharp insightful views on what is happening.

SUBJECT OF THE PODCAST ON 17 MAY. My first podcast will cover one of the most dangerous things facing what is left of western civilization, which is post-modernism, which is the tool the elite are using to bring in transhumanism, complete mind-control, a socialist dictatorship and other serious agendas. Typically, people misjudge post-modernism as simply the desire for everyone to have the freedom to think like they want. The show brings on a millennial who experienced first-hand the damage and dangers of postmodernism and then has in a detailed, articulate fashion figured out where it is false. The show is important for listeners to understand and stop this insidious hidden agenda.


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