I just finished watching the presidential debate, and this post is written to provide a platform on the thread for people who watched to give their opinion on what they saw.

MY REACTION. I will get the stew started by offering up what my reaction to what I saw. During this debate both candidates needed to influence fence sitters, those Americans who haven’t made up their minds. As this was the primary objective I believe for both, I think Trump failed and Hillary may have helped herself slightly. Trump definitely made all the right points that have caused his supporters to support him. Hillary definitely looked polished enough to be presidential. Now those of us that are not in the Matrix know she spoke polished politician double-speak, slander, & lies. For instance, she put down Trump’s idea of stop & frisk policy in NYC as unconstitutional…as if she & the Obama administration ever cared about the Constitution–which they never did. They used it daily as toilet paper during the last 10 yrs. (Books could be written on that!!) Nor are they opposed to tyranny. You & I may see through her polished double-speak, but people in the Matrix may be impressed with her polished words, over Trump’s unpolished speak-his-mind approach.

I think if Trump could have seen his grimace when she was speaking he might have lightened up. He was not a polished politician–he was a CEO at a board meeting. But to gain the uncommitted voters he needed to be more of what they expect. His supporters understand the rage of America towards the criminals in govt., but the uncommitted want to see someone act presidential…and they would rather see someone smile and not seem driven by emotions. Hillary is a witchy wild-cat, and you could see it at times in her eyes…but she did a better job of staying composed and bringing up factoids. Granted, you and I can see she has great words–which are just words to get voters–but what will the undecided who are still in the Matrix going to see?? Will voters realize how bad her Iran agreement was? Trump tried to make points on that–but somehow even though he has the truth on his side, his style of covering the subject seemed weak to me. I would have presented the case in a different way that would have been stronger. She made the world much more unsafe with that Iran agreement, but if my experience with people in the Matrix is any clue as to how the fence sitters are thinking…I don’t think Trump got through to them. And that was a point he should have won. At least Hillary did a polished job of deflecting his words…I think. But maybe the American people are smarter & wiser than I think. On Oct. 5th, I believe we have the vice presidential debate and I think Pence, a polished politician, will steam roll over Kane, who will appeal to the gay community, but will look weak compared to Pence. Just my guess.

What do you think about the debate?


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