I think you should look into who in your city is designated to deal with emergency responses, BEFORE all this chaos hits our cities and we lose Internet freedom. Recently when I was researching what could be done to mitigate the 9.0 earthquake that is posed to go off here in our area, city employees of Portland told me that the Portland Emergency Response team would deal with the earthquake emergency in Portland. (They also deal with martial law situations!!) A city employee described the PER team as “hiding in their bunker”. True to that description, the Portland Emergency Response Team’s building is a sealed fortress-like building on 3732 SE 99th & S.E. Powell Blvd., Portland, OR and they were unwilling to even speak to me, not even by phone. Their website pretends that they are open to the public BUT they would not answer their phone even…and when I found their location, they would not even genuinely talk to me at the security guard microphone–they simply had a know-nothing person come on the speaker and stupidly repeat their phone number to me!! And when I said I’d already tried to call, she just stupidly persisted in repeating the phone number.

That kind of Stalinistic secrecy (*!*) is a big tip off these kind of places are going to be used in martial law as control centers. Find out where your martial law control center is in your area. Believe me, we have a fortress like FBI building & a homeland security building and I was able to go inside and talk to people at both. None were as secretive as the Portland’s Emergency Response Team…and believe me, if their job is to protect us from an earthquake they should be willing to talk to someone who was trying to help the situation. Public awareness is important to deal with the earthquakes. Something was definitely fishy!!! Have a great day my friend.


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