This is a report about strange geological signs occurring…and the potential for trouble. (Well yeah, we knew that potential from Bible prophecy.) It is also a report to put it in perspective. As reluctant as I am to put out this report, I would rather lay the truth out, than hide it. Studies of modern severe earthquakes have shown that a person’s personality & beliefs can have a major impact on how well they survive an earthquake. People who go through life fantasizing & avoiding problems are not able to cope with a large disaster, and they suffer more.

OUR PIONEER ANCESTORS WERE TOUGH. One thing about me is that I feast on history. Both sides of my family were farmers who broke the virgin soil of Kansas to farm. I have tremendous respect for them. I was fascinated to learn about the first settlers in the Morris Co., KS area. The first year the annual super large prairie fires burned them completely out. The next year they tried harder & plowed land around their settlement as a fire break. It was not enough, the fire which travels high & fast was carried over the plowed fire break & burned them out. But you are never beaten until you give up; & they came back and plowed a fire break a mile wide around their land, and unfortunately, the strong Kansas winds blew the fire across it & burned them out yet again. It was not until the 4th year that they got established. In western KS, the large horse flies were so bad that the Amish gave up their settlements & moved east, and the Mennonites switched to tractors. Weather consisted of dust storms, heat, blizzards, and when it thunderstormed then floods, plus tornados thrown in for excitement. (The topography of my grandpa’s farmhouse was such that the tornados in the area never bothered it.)

LIFE IN THE SPIRIT & OUR TEARS & PRAYERS. God sees our tears of joy & frustration. Remember those words, “They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.”(A) Your tears are sacred & a precious seed if they stream forth from a godly heart. Many godly people have seasoned their prayers with the salt of their noble teardrops. We are reminded in Psalm 56:8 that God has a record of our tears. He also knows the depth of our pain. (See JN 21:17 and 2 SAM 7:20) Our good heavenly Father has repeatedly taught over the many thousands of years His people to pray with tears. So your tears are beautiful, they purify the soul & enhance your prayers. Some places in the Bible where it says to pray with tears : Joel 2:12-13, Isaiah 22:12 & Joel 2:17.

MAN-MADE QUAKES. Jackie & Jim Dill & family have an old homestead in Oklahoma. After fracking came into their area, there have been 34 man-made earthquakes in one yr. She finds it nearly impossible to talk about her homestead without breaking down & crying. “We feel so helpless & hopeless….I try to be a brave soul, but it rips my heart out. Last year was ungodly. I held my breath every day. You know when it’s coming, because there’s a roar like thunder in the ground and the dogs start to howl. Then there’s a big bang and a drop. The big bang is the ground breaking. Under our house, which is built on sand, the earth is giving way.” Besides oil fracking, big dams have been linked to causing earthquakes; 2 big ones in China, and a big one in India came after big dams were filled. When Lake Meade was filled with 12 billion tons of water by the completed Hoover Dam there were tremors in the area. The Rocky Mtn. Arsenal caused earthquakes in the Denver area from ’62-’67 by injecting waste water 2 miles deep into the rock. They have been forcing CO2 underground to stop global warming. That and deep mines, and underground nukes also contribute to man-made earthquakes. And then there is HAARP. The U.S. Geological Survey predicted CA, WA, WY, OK and MO as places they expected earthquakes in 2016.

AND NOW THE REPORT. Now that I have talked about how those before us dealt with harsh weather, and how God knows of & values our tears of frustration, allow me add one more thing to your plate…. Basically in a nut shell it is this. The U.S. govt. is lying about the earthquakes in the Yellowstone area…the p & s waves on the seismic charts don’t match the news we are getting. Furthermore, FEMA, who is responsible also for natural disasters, has recently secretly prepared for disasters in the Rocky Mtns. coming down from Canada to the Yellowstone region. They have also prepared for a concurrent disaster in the central Allegheny Mtns. and the region that the Missouri River flows through—ND, SD, NE, and North east KS. What has me concerned is that the public is not being told the truth, so I feel a responsibility to write this. To further underscore the govt.’s concern about earthquakes…Obama signed a 5 pg. Exec. Order 13717 to deal with Fed. management of earthquakes on 2 FEB 2016.

YELLOWSTONE, THE SUPER VOLCANO. It wasn’t until 1973, that someone recognized that Yellowstone’s super-volcano was still alive, and then he (Bob Smith) did not publish his findings until 1979. Since 2004, the land has been surging up about 3” per year. What is underneath the surface of Yellowstone Park? Two hellish large reservoirs of molten rock. The first sets 2.5 miles below the surface and has 2,400 cubic miles of partially molten rock. The next underground chamber of lava lays 12 miles below the surface and is 4 times as large. The heat from all this magma heats up water and which pops out as more than 500 geysers over the Yellowstone park area. Half of the world’s geysers are at Yellowstone. Last time Yellowstone’s supervolcano blew it covered half of modern day U.S.A. with ash. When I visited Old Faithful Geyser it blew water like every 15 minutes—now it & the others are blowing continuously. Last December 1,000 quakes hit the area. It normally averaged about 166/month. This Seismic activity & dooming of the land are precursors to an eruption. I have no idea when it will blow, but the secret activity of FEMA to deal with an explosion makes me wonder. If it erupts, blasts will go on for weeks, and ash will scatter over the Midwest or further. This kind of thing could disrupt life for months.

OTHER DISASTER AREAS. There are certainly other vulnerable areas around the U.S. and the world, for instance, our area is overdue for a 9.0+ earthquake that will cause a tsunami that will basically wipe out Portland. (Even though I live in a safe area, this possible OR-WA disaster is a research project of mine.) People in our area are aware of the danger, but the disaster preparations are not adequate for what is anticipated. There are currently 38 active volcanos around the world.

There you have it. Christ didn’t say the end times would be easy!

(A) PS 126:5


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