TOO MANY COOKS SPOIL THE STEW: a discussion of EU geopolitics & the future. (26 NOV 2016)

The goal of this article is to alert the reader to what may happen in the future, based on today’s realities. If it is successful the reader will have a clearer picture of the geopolitical forces in Europe. The center of much of the World’s power resides in Europe. European disunity & wars will impact America in the future. America was settled by ex-Europeans, & our early leaders warned that unless America stayed out of European politics, we would be dragged into their constant bloodbaths. In the long run, their warnings went unheeded.

The nations of Europe (Sweden, Denmark, Ger., Netherlands, Belgium, the U.K., France, It., Portugal, Russia & Spain) all managed to create colonies worldwide, & by the time the Europeans were through, essentially the entire world had been colonized. And Europe continues to be globally linked with ties everywhere. France still connects to its former North African colonies. Germans still have ties to Namibia. The U.K. is still intimately linked to the U.S. (MI-6 set up our intelligence agencies, the Crown has had lots of economic clout here, and American beef & food have supplied England much of our history). And these ties have a pull. Another chaotic force that separates the nation-states of Europe is their history. Margaret Thatcher once remarked that Europe was the result of history, & the U.S. of philosophy (an idea). America was a concept, the concept of liberty. Europe is the result of centuries of blood feuds that have repeatedly soaked the soil in blood.

But the Illuminati have had a goal of unifying Europe that can be documented back to the time of the creation of the Bavarian Illuminati. They needed this to establish their Luciferian One-World-Government. So the current fashionable P.C. view is that Europeans don’t do wars anymore, so the recent blood baths (wars) in the Balkans & the Caucasus (both parts of Europe) are not acknowledged as “European”. The P.C. view is that Europe does not engage in geopolitics (after all that caused two world wars & they are now supposedly smarter)…but they have the ENP & are building a European Army. What is P.C. thinking & reality are two different things–bear that in mind.

WHAT IS EUROPE?? The Europeans actually don’t know. They discuss it, but they have different ideas, so they let the idea remain vague. The EU keeps growing, but not every nation gets taken in. Turkey & Iceland applied, but did not make it. Moldavia asked also & never made it. (More on why later.) The EU created a common currency–but some of the nation states in the EU want their own currency. So when I went to Europe in October, I had this vast research project to determine what currencies could be used at the different places I would be (Turkey, Czech Republic, & Germany), & where I would get the best exchange rates. So Finland uses the Euro…Sweden doesn’t. The Slovak Republic uses it…the Czech Republic doesn’t. Austria uses it, Hungary doesn’t. Latvia uses it…Lithuania doesn’t. The borders are gone (at least in theory). I discovered that borders still matter when travelling the train from Berlin to Prague. As the Czech’s won’t allow anyone but a Czech train driver in their land, and he did not show up to drive the train when we stopped in Dresden, the train had to park itself for almost 2 hrs. The Brexit shows that plenty of Europeans are not keen on losing their national sovereignty to the EU.

THE RUSSO-GEORGIA WAR, Europe’s 1st 21st century war. This was Putin’s first big test of NATO & the EU, and it showed that Russia could successfully challenge the EU & its NATO. In 2003, Georgia (a former Soviet republic) got a pro-EU govt. Five years later (8 AUG ’08), Putin did a surprise attack w/ Spetznaz & Airborne troops and in a two month war beat Georgia, which called on NATO for help. NATO would not send its own troops. The USAF airlifted Georgia’s best brigade (the 1st) from Iraq back to Georgia. NATO moved naval forces into Georgian Black Sea ports. And a NATO air defense station in Turkey supplied them w/ data that helped them shoot down 6 Russian aircraft. But the quick Russian victory was a warning to new independent states, NATO can’t save you.

RUSSIA & THE E.U. As I continue to discover that Americans lack a firm understanding of things, allow me to establish some basics. Life is hard in Russia. Putin, who like Trump wants to put his nation first after watching it get the short end of the stick, is quite popular. The Russian mafia & its oligarchs run day to day Russia. If you are in such & such city, you have to get a hammer from the mafia–you don’t just go to the local Home Depot like in America. A simple transaction is that complicated. Now Moldavia applied to be part of the EU. It is a small un-noticed nation that sits between the Ukraine & Romania, and speaks a Romanian dialect. Russia put pressure on the Ukraine to refuse to accept Moldavia joining the EU, which it succeeded in doing. Here is my take (not a main stream media view at all)…the Trans-Dniester part of Moldavia is run by the Russian mafia & they use Moldavia to move money from Russia to the EU. As long as Moldavia is not part of the EU, its western banks will remain a conduit for laundering their money into the west. Hence, the Russian mafia pulled strings to prevent Moldavia joining the EU. Now Russia needs the EU; and vice-versa, Germany, which is Russia’s consumer of Russian resources like gas, needs Russia’s gas.

Germany & France dominate the EU’s complex politics. France is getting poorer, Germany richer. I got to see how affluent Germany has become in October. The breakfast at my youth hostel (20 Euros/day) surpassed what would be found in a nice American hotel. In spite of the common man’s best interests, the EU, the US & NATO continue to struggle w/ Russia over supremacy in the Ukraine. Trump’s approach is to take a saner less aggressive stance in the region. While my personal view is that the Ukraine needs its sovereignty defended, Russia clearly has national interests involved in preventing the Ukraine becoming anti-Russian, and has no choice but continue the struggle.

CONCLUSIONS. I see a lot of mixing of Europeans, and a great deal of EU unity on the surface. But below the P.C. mirage, I still see Frenchmen, Germans, Greeks, Poles and Scots, etc. being fiercely proud of their nations and wanting policies that favor their own nation. It’s more common to see Europeans advocating a policy that favors their location than a policy that is an overarching European policy. If a triggering event(s) occur, the unity you see now could collapse into competing factions. The kind of transnational interdependence that the globalists have created has not altered the deep psyche of these nationalities. My conclusion is that we can’t rule out more wars in Europe, and I am in agreement with President Trump, America needs to take care of our own affairs, and not keep being drawn into their bloodbaths. The wisdom of our founding fathers is still pertinent. It’s the global elite that want us to be the world’s policeman.


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