“GOD IS A MYTH & A NUISANCE”: My Commentary On Our De-Christianized Society. (27 NOV 2016)

During my life the Anti-Christians have gotten more vocal & in one’s face (or is it in one’s faith?). American atheists are quite convinced they are virtuously righteous, & they have done it without having to be scared by the myth of hell or bribed with the myth of some pie in sky. They strut their attitude about. They have not been deluded by some fake god & fake outdated fairy tales. They loudly proclaim that religion is responsible for all the wars of history, and they are glad they are liberated from some sadistic God, that wants to stop mankind from having fun. Churches are museum pieces. This is what they say, plus more. If you are a Spirit-filled Christian, you’ve probably heard it all yourself.

WHAT I SEE. When a person runs from inner truths, they desire lies. And the World will give them all the comfortable lies they want. The Bible, which they hate, says that the heart of man is deceitful beyond imagination. It says the World lies in wickedness. It certainly describes these anti-Christians. They believe that their moral anarchy leads to freedom, but then they turn around & believe the lies of those who want to enslave them. People like Hillary & Obama promise peace & happiness & prosperity, IF one just gives them unlimited power. In fact, people like Hillary & Obama are beyond asking for power, they just take corrupt dictatorial power, and these anti-Christians, who claim to want liberty, hand it over to tyrants. It is obvious these anti-Christians despise God’s rule of law. “I will run the way of thy commandments when thou hast set my heart at liberty. …And I will walk at liberty: for I seek thy precepts.”(A) The person of God wants to please God, because he recognizes that without rule of law, that a chaotic demonic hell (like in Lord of the Flies) takes over. A verse near these others says, “Then I shalt not be ashamed, when I have respect unto thy commandments.”(B) I have seen non-Christians sin to the point they are ashamed. “Where the Spirit of God is there is liberty!”(C) There is no question of the reality to the saying: “If a man will not be ruled by God, he will be ruled by tyrants.” The truth sets us free, while the lie enslaves. There is no true liberty aside from God.

DYNAMIC TO ENSLAVE. The Word of God describes how tyrants (& demons) use lies of liberty: “For when they speak great swelling words of vanity, they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through much wantonness…While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.”(D) Christ said, “whoever commits sin, is a slave to sin.”(E) How many countless times have people thought they were going to act free by taking narcotics, and then ending up hopelessly enslaved in their addiction? Numerous meth addicts told me that prison was their salvation. If they had not been incarcerated, they would have died. They had to trade one form of bondage for another. So much for doing things your own way. God is no tyrant…His laws such as “thou shalt not steal…thou shalt not murder….lie…covet…worship idols…commit adultery…” all these are common sense, they are inherently known to be right even to cultures before they had Bibles.

These things are not simply my opinion, I have seen it verified numerous ways. My college counseling psychology instructor, who had been a hippie into free love, (& who was still secular), explained that over much heartbreaking time he & all his hippie peers had realized that monogamy was superior to free love. Having no sexual boundaries had led to all kinds of problems. (Of course, as a Christian, what ran through my mind is that they had just re-invented the wheel the hard way.) In fact, I will add some of what I have seen—atheists & other anti-Christians end up having unwanted pregnancies, & whether they admit it or not, because they want their wild, irresponsible lifestyles, therefore they don’t want to be burdened with parenthood–so their moral lawlessness results in them aborting their unwanted children. They justify it by saying it is a mother’s right, and that they are defending a mother’s right. A mother’s right to kill her baby?? That is exactly what I mean, these people love the lie.

RIGHTS. Yes, the founders of this nation said that God gave us natural rights to defend our life, liberty & property. Yes a right to defend life–not murder it. But what do so many of the anti-Christians do? They despise the Constitution & Bill of Rights. Anything that smacks of law they run from. They swallow the lie that these “self-evident truths” are not evident, but rather myths. But if our laws & rights do not come from God…and are merely from men…guess what? then men can change them, and that is exactly what happens. The second amendment right to bear a weapon to protect your God given rights is not valued. And these “virtuous” atheists, get more reprobate & evil as time goes on…and never seem to notice it. I’ve seen it first-hand. For instance, a person who begins as an honest atheist (usually because he grew up in a Christian home), sees the advantages at work of being dishonest, & over the years gets less & less honest. And why not? As he sees it, laws are made by man to be broken by man.

GODLESS LEADERS LEAD US INTO CAPTIVITY. Our selfish shadow govt. & its authority has grown like a cancer. It sucks the life out of our nation, and feeds its out-of-control growth. It uses our tax dollars by the trillions for unproductive, undeclared wars. In 2016, the Federal govt. simply circumvented the moratorium on earmarks to waste $5.1 billion. It lavishes money on senseless research, and pornography called art…such as Andres Serrano’s “Piss Christ” & Wojnarowicz’s picture of Jesus shooting heroin. It intentionally squanders $50 million for an “indoor rainforest” in Iowa, $ 1/4 million for gang tattoo removals in So. Calif., $3.4 million for a tunnel so turtles are not run over…and countless other things around the globe & in outer space. Little do most people realize that in the 1950’s, the secret govt. planned to waste the wealth of America so that a dictatorship could be installed. Our godless leaders are knowingly & intentionally bankrupting this nation to enslave it.

Life is robbed from us by the govt., because anti-Christian liberals want to believe the lies of people like Hillary & Obama. And Jessie Jackson & Al Sharpton, who promoted & voted for Obama & Hillary are part of the fake “Christian” leaders who want to lead us into captivity. Notice how Jessie praises Castro (who just died). He should go live in Cuba. Notice how Jessie constantly race baits, creating racial tension & trouble –fake crises–so the people will give their rights away & want the govt. to have more power… Fake racial incidents: Tawana Brawley’s fake rape & the fake rape claims against the Duke lacrosse team…and other lies to stir up trouble. No these are not real Christians. These are men who love the lie…and the lie enslaves. One of the Bible’s strongest injunctions is: Thou shalt not bear false witness. One can only understand the human capacity for evil if one reads the Holy Scriptures. One can only understand what is a genuine Christian by reading the Bible. Everyone talking about heaven ain’t going there. And the Spirit of God & the Word that He inspired are the only constant reliable restraining agents in an age of idol worship that is an obstacle to men like Hitler & Stalin & Pol Pot. That is why Hitler & Stalin brutally killed all ministers opposed to them, along with all Christian conscientious objectors (i.e. the ones who sincerely believed in the Prince of Peace’s teachings). Yes, they left the Christians who they controlled.

ONE BIG LIE OF ATHEISTS. There is one lie that is so big & ludicrous that it blows my historian mind. The lie is that Christianity is responsible for all the wars and people being killed by wars. Wow–does any one want to recognize that Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot were atheists. Look at all the people they murdered. Look at the wars they fought. Look at all the people killed by communist revolutions. More people died from such atheists than Christianity even begins to be responsible for. And northern Ireland, where the Catholics & Protestants fight–well the sincere devout Catholics & Protestants are not the one’s fighting. It is the irreligious ones. But at any rate, a great to-do is made over a handful of witches that were burned at Salem, and the hundreds of millions of souls who lost their lives to atheism are totally swept under the rug. I guess the bigger the lie, the easier it is to believe. (By the way, it was secret witches within the Salem Puritans, who were the ones for burning some innocent people.)

FINAL THOUGHTS. Not only are these anti-Christians leading their own lives into slavery, they are taking the rest of us. As Benjamin Franklin put it: “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” God is not a nuisance, He is the one preserving your freedom.

(A) PS 119:32, 45 (B) PS 119:6 (C) 2 COR 3:17 (D) 2 PTR 2:19 (E) JN 8:34 cf. ROM 6:16


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