FUTURE WAR. (14 JULY 2016)

In the past, I focused on specific new weapons, some still secret. Now this short post is a discussion of what some elements (concepts) a future world war would include. If one becomes aware of the enormous sums of research funds that are being channeled by the U.S., Russia & China into improving their war machines, & in what way they are being upgraded, it is obvious they are gearing up technologically for a world war. The next world war will certainly not look like the WW2. Only a few of the main nations are prepared for the next level of fighting. In spite of a great deal of idealistic peace rhetoric (along the lines of the idealism that created the UN), unfortunately, governments persist in using warfare as a way to project their policies. And just as occurred with WW I & 2, there are blocks of nations which will go to war together.

RUMORS OF WAR THESE LAST FEW DAYS. Recently, China, Russia, & Obama have been saber rattling. Putin, reportedly because he was upset with his Baltic Fleet commanders for them not wanting to be more militant against NATO, fired them all. China is upset because an international tribunal handed the Philippines a victory by saying China had no legal basis for its expansive South Sea claims to many South China Sea islands that have historically been under the jurisdiction of other nations. After its loss in international court, China warned other nations that it may declare an air defense zone over the South China Sea. Since that is a major international shipping lane, that move would sharply escalate tensions. Obama continues supporting the NATO buildup in Eastern Europe. The truth is this, NATO can cramp Putin, especially with sanctions, but if Russia decides to make war, NATO does not have the force in place to guarantee the independence of the nation-states near Russia. Since all of the large nations, (except for Ger. & Japan) continue to act the same as prior to other major conflicts, it is reasonable to assume that at some pt. the world will be dragged into another world war. A third world war is still on the Illuminati agenda; although I expect a number of other disasters to hit before actual war begins. For instance, what I term our “zombie economy”, will stumble around alive, until the controllers want it to die.

CYBORGS. Our technoscience culture keeps moving us closer to a cyborg culture. People & machines are merging. The military is seeking to overcome the limitations of the human body by merging man & smart machine. Soldier-machine interfaces are hoped to make the soldier very well informed (good situational awareness & battlefield awareness) and very controlled. Autonomous armed vehicles were used to some degree in the last world war. The marriage of man & machine will definitely reach a new high in this next conflict. While the Atari game’s 40 ft. robot with weapons is fiction today, the military is striving to make such things reality. Already exo-skeleton suits can turn soldiers into massively strong army men. Other suits can render them invisible. Cyborgs are slated to be the front line killers in the future.

MIND-CONTROL. A CIA-programmer said, “The problem of every intelligence operation is how do you remove the human element.” Through sophisticated mind-control that problem has been solved, the the spy or the soldier becomes a human robot. The military has intensely studied how to control their soldiers, and they have it down to an exact science. Deviation will be rarer, & conformity to orders better than the last war. It has been well documented & witnessed that a normal male can only handle a few months of continuous modern warfare without psychologically breaking. Only those who are rare psychopaths can endure the inhumane battle field. The military has been researching all the possible ways to extend the ability of soldiers to endure the battlefield, incl. the use of drugs. They now have drugs that take anxiety away while leaving the mind clear. Russia’s military has researched this also. One drug that showed promise was a variant of busbirone. I don’t know what designer drugs they currently have as their best. The U.S. army has an ongoing history of quietly providing designer amphetamines to their super-soldiers. It makes them feel invulnerable; and with their body armour & superior weapons, it can seem that way. One proven way is to rely more on killing machines, which can take some of the emotional impact of the battlefield from the soldier’s mind. Smart machines will take some of the thinking in situations away from the soldier. The soldier will be given options by the smart machines.

MEDICAL ADVANCEMENTS. Regenerating limbs, spray on skin and other medical advances will improve the ability of the military to recover from wounds. Genetically modified soldiers will also play a role.

AIR-LAND BATTLE. The obsolete concept of land battle is long gone. In its place is the realistic concept the air-land battle. Whoever controls the air (incl. space) of the air-land battle will win. The front will be perhaps an area 60 miles wide and extending into outer space. The entire military has been designing weapon platforms that are smart, quick & precise. Opponents that are using obsolete equipment won’t know what hit them. NASA has played an important covert role in building up the US military’s space capabilities. While the Air-land battle front is determining the front lines, cyber war against the enemies computing capabilities will battle, weather modification, and many other unusual things will spread the actions of the war everywhere. So the front line will only be a fraction of the actual competition for dominance. It is possible that the large size of the factions fighting will mean when both sides are exhausted perhaps they will come to some truce, rather than one side totally winning.

This has been my short analytical discussion of concepts we will see employed in the future at some pt. For the time being we are fortunately only having to endure a lot of “saber rattling” (posturing).


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