Some thoughts on the World Matrix, its design & construction. The goal of this is to help people realize how the Matrix operates.

STARTING POINT. For the sake of discussion, let’s assume that the Scriptures’ starting pt. for mankind is an accurate depiction…by that I mean that man was created in God’s image with similar traits. It is not hard to realize that man has vast abilities to imagine and create…similar to God’s vast creative abilities. In fact, the inherent abilities of the human mind are simply incredible. There is perhaps an inner genius in most everyone that never surfaces to the conscious mind. Plus it’s also not difficult to comprehend that man has the ability to know right from wrong…to have a conscience & moral values. Christ’s mission was to set the Matrix captives free…liberation. People who claim he supported slavery (I recently heard some speakers say this), simply don’t understand what he was about. Christ was constantly trying to liberate mankind by encouraging them to think outside of the box. “Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.”(A) Wow, he told his disciples, “nothing shall be impossible to you”. Paul restates this truth, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.(B) Christ repeatedly stresses that God Almighty wants to care for His people: “Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” (C) This sounds similar to what he said on another occasion, “And all things, whatever you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.”(D)

DO YOU SEE THE PROBLEM FOR A CONTROLLER TO BUILD A MATRIX?? The problem is that humankind has been endowed with all kinds of natural mental abilities, and has a Creator who is committed to providing what he needs. So the first task in building a Matrix of deceptive control is to sever mankind’s connection to his Creator. Isolate him from his divine support system. Logically then, one will need to replace that divine support system with a system that makes the person dependent upon the Matrix. (I’ll give examples later.) And one must find ways to capture & dumb down the natural mental abilities of human kind. Create fixations for the human. One great fixation is to create conflict & wars. He becomes an ape beating his chest and chasing his opponent. Create lusts & addictions, and you naturally prevent the person from using the full range of his creativity. He gets stuck on stupid, like an ape that constantly masturbates. Confuse his mind with myths, and disinformation, and contradictory information. Belittle him. Constantly traumatize him so that he is discouraged and passively resigned to anything. Constantly create states of mind that separate him from the mind of God. Demoralize him with injustice all around him. Instead of allowing him to see beauty and justice and fairness, show him brutality, absurdities and parodies of justice. Are you beginning to see the role our mass media plays in the Matrix!! Of course, all the time you lead the person into captivity in the Matrix, you must pretend to be his friend, his support system, Big Brother.

LOCK HIM INTO THE CONTROL. So a child is born and grows up being taught a world-view. Each area of the world has their own script, but each is designed to get the person’s attention off of the Creator God and onto idols that the Matrix has created. Idols that lock the person into demonic control. A series of expectations are structured around the person to insure that his natural creativity is stifled. This is like a box. It is the little cubicle that the Matrix assigns to that person’s mind. And now all the needs & functions that God has built into His Creation are twisted into points of control. A man needs a woman…the government gains control over their relationship, and in turn gains control over their fruit of the labor, and even views the fruit of the woman’s womb to belong to the state. Everything the Creator has given the man, becomes co-opted for the benefit of the Matrix. And he is confused into willingly accepting all this. He sells his birthright for a bowl of pottage.

END RESULT. People who have listened to me lecture, will recall how I break down the Systems of Systems of the Matrix. Each of God’s attributes that sustain the universe are twisted into a control mechanism by the Matrix. To review a few of these… for instance, God has order, the State becomes god. God has truth, the dispensers of truth become the education system and the state approved religious system. Remember how Christ said God’s Spirit would personally guide one to “all truth”!! (No need for a Matrix system here!)(E) God gives life & has provided natural healing agents for us, so this power is delegated to the medical system & big pharma. (This is why they keep trying to outlaw alternative & natural healing agents.) Everyone of these systems makes the person dependent on the Matrix. Churchianity is used to reinforce the power of the state…to legitimize parts of the Matrix. (I have heard state-approved ministers almost sound like salesmen for big pharma. Yuck!) Other religions also work to validate the state, and in return the state supports them. So the priest says the king is God’s choice, and the king says the priest is the one who holds the truth. A nice marriage of power. People grow up dependent, thinking they are helpless without this “wonderful” Matrix, which continues to frame the world views and frames of references for the next generation. The controllers work outside of what is believable in people’s frame of references, so what they do to maintain control is inconceivable. Because entire societies are controlled, you can build any illusion you want into their thinking. The more illusions & lies the better, because as Christ said, “The truth shall set you free”, and we don’t want people to be able to make sense of much. Just function in the Matrix, keep your nose clean, and receive your rewards (stimulus-response) and be happy. If you want to have good relations with other people you must believe the same illusions as everyone in your area of the Matrix.

EXAMPLES. When the white man came to New England, the natives plowed their land with primitive homemade wooden plows. They were content with these. But the white men forced them to get the metal European plows. The natives did not want the better plows because they knew they came with a price–DEPENDENCY on the Europeans. They wisely felt they were better off with plows they could make themselves. But the Europeans would not allow it. (Now why was it so important to get the Indians to discard their homemade plows?? If you understand that the Matrix wanted to incorporate the natives into their system, then you understand. Without comprehending the Matrix, it makes no sense that the whites would be so “concerned” that the natives were more primitive.) The same process happens with our technology. Constant “upgrades”—planned obsolescence—keeps us dependent upon the Matrix. One of the big reasons the Amish rejected car ownership, is that it would make them dependent upon the world. I have been surprised how much widespread anger has been shown me by people (in the Matrix) who are upset that the Amish don’t drive cars. This is but one example of how people in the Matrix insist everyone join them in the Matrix.

CONCLUDING REMARKS. You have a choice: your God-given resources & inheritance or this Satanic Matrix? People’s true life force & a meaningful productive life with their Creator are at stake. People joke that they are “slaves to the system”. There is more truth to that than what people realize. People minds think, what would we be without all this system? and I ask the same question (but with a different perspective & different answer)—what would we be without the World’s Matrix?? Certainly, all the mothers who lost sons in WW 1 & WW 2 would have gotten to enjoy the fruit of their wombs and the darlings that they loved so dearly. Millions sacrificed for the Matrix. What a waste.

(A) MT 17:20 (B) PHIL 4:13 (C) MK 11:24 (D) MT 21:22 (E) JN 16:13


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