Followers of Christ will not be surprised if I state that true Christians (as well as Christianity in general) is the most hated and persecuted religious group globally. In Illuminati plans, they want to eliminate true believers, as they see true believers their biggest threat. In at least 128 countries, persecution of Christians is carried out by governments and/or groups with power.(A) Time and time again, I have seen that Christians are singled out, even in the USA for persecution, where other groups are protected and respect for these non-Christian groups mandated by law. In 1978, while still Amish, I visited with the Messianic Jewish pastor Richard Wurmbrand, whose ministry is Voice of the Martyrs. (By the way, he spent 14 torturous years in Romanian prisons for his faith.) For years, I would read his monthly Voice of the Martyrs newsletters, which document the global persecution of Christians.

CUBA & FIDEL CASTRO. Christianity has been outlawed in Cuba since Castro took over. I have read the horror stories of the martyrdom or torture of Cuban Christian believers. The persecution of Christians in Cuba was exceptionally cruel. While Christians were forbidden to worship, and have had to have underground churches (similar to places like North Korea), the Jews have been allowed to have their synagogue services. Why? Fidel Castro’s grandmother was a Turkish Jew!

MESSIANIC JEWS SINGLED OUT IN ISRAEL FOR PERSECUTION. In Israel all marriages have to be done by rabbis, and these orthodox rabbis will even marry atheists. The Sanhedrin in Israel in August, 2017 banned messianic Jews from marriage. This means that benefits such as retirement, medical help, and other benefits that derive from having a state-recognized marriage will now be denied Jewish believers in Yahshua. This is the only group which is targeted and banned by the recent rabbinic court decision. The court was made up of Rabbi Zevadia Cohen, head of the rabbinical court, Rabbi Ahiezer Amrani and Rabbi Zvi Ben-Yaakov, According to halacha (Jewish religious law), all Jews are seen as Jewish, even Jews who convert to another religion, all except those who believe that Yahshua is the messiah!!

ERITREA, EGYPT, PAKISTAN & OTHER MOSLEM & NON-MOSLEM NATIONS. The persecution of Christians in Moslem nations is intense. For instance, in recent times, a Christian church in Peshawar, Pakistan was bombed on a Sunday killing 85 Christians and wounding 120. But singling out Christians for persecution or death is not just in Moslem nations, in recent times in Oregon, there was a gunman who singled out Christians to shoot. But I noticed that the mainstream media was silent about it being a “hate crime”. Christians have long recognized the biased anti-Christian reporting of the mainstream media and Hollywood. Christ warned us that if they persecuted him, they would also persecute us.(C) His words still ring true.
FINAL THOUGHT is from Hebrews 13:3, “Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.”

(A) Pew Institute studies (B) See Internet article…2017/08/sanhedrin-bans-all-messianic-jewish-marriages-in-israel (C) JN 15:20 cf. ROM 8:17, MT 10:22, LK 21:12 and others


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