VEGAS MASSACRE MEGA THOUGHTS: Reflections on ignored clues. 9 OCT 2017

This article is providing my thoughts on the Vegas Harvest massacre. Earlier this year around May-June, I was tracking how ISIS was declaring Vegas would be attacked and were training operatives to attack it. (May 21st, 2017, there was a warning by an ISIS video declaring their desire to attack Vegas.) The Vegas police back then even made a press conference on the possibility. In the early 90’s, I was writing about how the Illuminati had taken over Las Vegas from the mob and rebuilt the strip. I made a trip to Vegas to view the changes in person. A few years later, I received the black & white cards to the Illuminati card game, and then later received the color cards when the artwork was upgraded. One of the Illuminati cards was the Las Vegas card which had a Jack & Ace cards in spades…which is a good Blackjack hand. That particular card is now significant in light of the recent massacre…for the performer on stage where the massacre occurred was Jason Aldean, who had a Jack & Ace (in spades) cards tattooed on his arm. An eerie coincidence. And Jason Aldean is a proponent for gun control, another good coincidence for those wanting to control guns. This article will present some of my thoughts on how I had come into contact with various clues, and did not put them together.

ACADEMI. In 2014, I did a few articles on the Illuminati death squads, and how Illuminati members were a majority shareholder of Academi after 2010. In 2014, the Illuminati requested that Eric Prince send 400 mercenaries to the Ukraine. Academi has financial holders from the Prince Group, the Middle East (Olive Group), and the Illuminati. The Constellis Group which has ties to the Olive Group, the Illuminati and other groups, brings skilled people to Academi. Contractors associated with Academi are reported to have been in Vegas at the time of the shooting.

MANDALAY RESORT GROUP. In 2005, MGM Mirage and Mandalay Resort Group were merged. Caesars Entertainment Corp. owns and operates both casino/resorts, and Caesars Entertainment, and is in turn majority owned by Apollo Global Management (with assets of $3.5 billion) has Illuminati investors.

HOW THE CLUES COULD FIT. If the Illuminati (people like Soros, Rockefellers, & others) were wanting to create a mass massacre to help anti-gun legislation where would be a good place to stage it? It would be a place they controlled, which would also be a believable/likely spot for Islamic terrorism. Considering our shadow government is behind ISIS, that in itself was a good clue that Vegas was a target picked by the shadow govt./Illuminati. I should have realized that the ISIS propaganda that they would assault Vegas, was a good clue that the shadow govt./Illuminati would stage a gun attack on the public.

CONNECTIONS OF PADDOCK TO INTELLIGENCE. Numerous things are surfacing that connect Paddock to our CIA. His plane now belongs to Volant LLC, a CIA front. He has been connected to CIA gun running to ISIS type groups in America. A thin cell battery (CP502520) a Li-Mn02 non rechargeable battery used by Special Forces and the CIA was found in the Paddock Mandalay hotel room…and after the FBI investigated the GM engineer who had created that battery to learn why it might be in the room, the engineer John Beilman, was found dead with his daughter…and the shotgun shot to the back of the head ruled a suicide. As I mentioned earlier Paddock worked for a predecessor of Lockheed Martin. People have also been looking into Paddock’s strange finances. A spook insider “John” was warning on Sept. 11, that “Las Vegas was on their minds” for a “high incident project”. Then there is the strange news brief posted in Israel (on 2/10/17 at 1:19 p.m) which was at 3 a.m. Vegas-time which claimed that the Vegas killer was a Moslem “Samir al-Hajib”. And then there were the two people warning about the shooting just prior to it happening, and being taken into custody by casino security…which seemed to be either absent or inactive during the shooting.

FINAL THOUGHTS. I will be on Will Turbitt’s show soon today to discuss these things and others. We live in interesting times. Let us keep thinking for ourselves and not by the simplistic propaganda of the mainstream presstitutes. I hope people will continue to share on the thread. Have a good day my friend.


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