The proper Christian way of life is to surrender one’s own life, to allow Christ to live His life in us. It strikes me that the effects of quantum entanglement (& other quantum physics principles) are parallel to the Christian way. God manifests a vision for us, and if we remain entangled (in other words “one with Him”, abiding like a grape on a vine) that vision manifests itself in our lives…but if Christians lose track of that vision by losing that entanglement, discouragement sets in, the person looses interest, begins to see the trivial difficulties of life, and will manifest a murmuring attitude. In physics, there is a new area of research called “entanglement dynamics” which tries to figure out how entanglement appears, disappears & morphs over time. Two particles that are entangled can mysteriously lose their connection. Yahshua taught “entanglement dynamics” on the spiritual level to his disciples. Like particles, our connection to God can seem to disappear. (More on this in a minute.) This article explores the connection between Quantum Physics & True Spirituality.

QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT. The word entered the English language in 1935 when Erwin Schrödinger translated the German physics term Verschränkung. Subatomic particles that are entangled know what happens to their entangled partners. They change together. Such entanglement has even been observed up to the level of small diamonds. Entanglement is at the heart of what physicists call teleportation…where two entangled objects serve as a link that moves quantum info from one physical location to another. But how that information is sent is a total mystery because two entangled photons in 2008 which were 18 kilometers apart sent info to each other at the same moment, which was calculated to be 10,000 times the speed of light! Anton Zeilinger & team of physicists from the University of Vienna measured entangled photons 144 kilometers apart on two Canary Islands, which (as far as could be measured) instantly communicated with each other! The setup is simple: One object (say a photon) holds the info to be teleported. When that photon interacts with one of a pair of entangled photons, new info is created, allowing the original photon to be reconstructed at a distant location with the help of the other member of the entangled photon pair. However, this info needed to reconstruct the original photon must be sent over some normal communication network. Teleportation was proposed in 1993 and was first experimentally demonstrated in 1997. Spooky? No doubt. Are there parallels to spiritual dynamics? No doubt.

SPIRITUAL ENTANGLEMENT. “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ.”(A) “…that you may be partakers of the divine nature…”(B) “…that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body.”(C) The follower of the Way, the Christian, is simply immersed in the Lord. He yields his being to God. Some people use the words “being consumed by Him” …we give ourselves totally to Him. Peter said, “See we have left all and followed You.”(D) “the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord” (E) “For we being many are one bread, and one body: for we are all partakers of that one bread.”(F) Once totally entangled with Him, a person’s holiness happens without your conscious awareness. There is a level of salvation beyond salvation for sin, or of deliverance from sinful habits, that final level is when we are completely delivered from ourselves, because we have joined in a perfect union with the divine! This level can only be achieved when our surrender to God is not a self-centered surrender of our life for personal gain, but rather, “Christ, I want you to live your life in mine.” We walk in the light of God’s vision of us (G), & when He lives in us on a daily basis, that vision is not lost. The apostle said, “I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision”(H)

APPLICATIONS OF QUANTUM PHYSICS TO PEOPLE. Scientists have proved interconnectivity between people even if they are separated by distance & time. Again the test results are spooky. Identical twins appear to begin an entanglement in utero. Cloned animals, recipients of blood transfusions, marriage couples in love are all examples of entangled pairs. Tests with water show that people’s thoughts around water change its construct. There seems to be some kind of quantum entanglement with your blood…so that if it is transfused the person who gets it…may experience what the donor is experiencing. I have been told (whether accurate or not I don’t know), that when a blood donor dies, some places discard the donated blood. Could donated blood be entangled with the donor? I think at this point, it is worthwhile to remind us to stay humble & realize how much we don’t understand. The Word of God stresses that the life is in the blood, and forbids us to drink it.(I) When William Harvey discovered the heartbeat, blood circulation & the pulse (all things we now take for granted), scientists were very skeptical and made fun of him. A leading expert doctor Emilio Parisano wrote in response to Harvey’s claims: “We do not admit such a transport of the blood…He [Harvey] also claims that the movement produces a pulse…” which he goes on to ridicule.(J) It seems amazing that such things as the pulse, which seems so obvious, was not obvious to scientists in the 1650’s. Their problem was that their minds had been blinded to the obvious because Aristotle had taught that the heart was a blood heater & the brain a blood cooler. How much are we blinded to, because we got taught something wrong to begin with?

OTHER APPLICATIONS. MRIs (magnetic resonance imaging) use the quantum properties of protons,… and so next we will explore more uses of quantum physics. In quantum physics there is the observation problem (or factor) which means that by observing an object, we change it. A similar principle effects social science. When people are observed they change their behavior. (This is called the Hawthorne effect for researchers.) It has some similarities with the placebo effect, the expectation that doctors and patients place upon something. Psychologists must deal with the same thing when testing & observing people. This is why some people practice realizing God is always watching them. In Quantum Physics it talks about interdependencies–and there are certainly plenty of those in life. While it would be a mistake to say life functions on the same principles as Quantum Physics…there is no doubt that there are similarities. Science does not want to admit something exists unless they can measure it…but they are now finding themselves “entangled” with Quantum Physics, which is forcing them to realize their limitations.

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