This article discusses how the Great Plan of all Ages of Satan and his hierarchy is panning out. (This article does not purport to give the complete picture or long-range outlook, but is narrowly focused on the current glitches.) Long ago, I concluded that evil must be careful how quickly they corrupt the world. If you corrupt everyone–where for instance police officers know their superiors are corrupt–then everyone no longer has integrity, everyone is on the take–like in the USSR before it fell, and then the system can no longer rely on their own people to carry out orders, for there is no integrity. Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan would sell their weapons to the enemy. We are seeing the same breakdown of integrity & the same pattern of corruption develop here in the USA! For instance, their draconian control of doctors & health care givers is beginning to backfire.

REVIEWING THE PLAN FROM ONE OF THEIR LEADERS. Alice Bailey in her “Externalization of the Hierarchy” spells out a great deal of the Great Plan. The Illuminati are to be revealed as the “World Servers” who will be “overseeing the birthpangs of the new civilization and the coming…new race.”(A) “The new world order must be appropriate to a world which has passed through a destructive crisis and to a humanity which is badly shattered by the experience.”(B) The first part of the plan is done; the hierarchy has been revealed in part, and their thinking, symbols & rituals externalized. We are now entering into the “destructive crisis” period designed to make humanity feel that a “benevolent” world government is the only answer. The book clearly reveals that Lucifer will rule the World, while Satan has the ultimate spiritual power. “Angels” (demons–or glorified “aliens”) will mix with humanity. Tom Cruise, known for doing all his own stunts, is an example of someone who has a walk-in fallen angel who can allow him to do a front flip from a standing position. This is where we are headed…a “new race”. When they say “the Force go with you”–it has meaning.

AN EXAMPLE OF A PREVIOUS GLITCH. In the 16th century, a number of things happened which were obviously inspired by God’s Holy Spirit. A new invention, the printing press, gave Europeans a tool that could break the monopoly of info that was controlled by the elite occult bloodline’s established religious & political powers. Still the positive use of that invention required fearless men who would translate the Word of God into the vernacular languages of the people, and Spirit-led men & women who would translate those written words into godly action. All 3 came together, and the Princes of Northern Europe, desiring more freedom & freedom of conscience, aided the men of God to translate the written Word, and then others to put it into practice. The entire set of activities was labeled “the Reformation”. It was a time of intense revival and spiritual warfare all over. The infusion of Spirit-led settlers into the American colonies were a result of that Reformation.

ITS MEANING FOR TODAY. In recent years, a parallel has happened. The new invention, the Internet, has given people a tool to break the monopoly of information by the elite’s structures. And coinciding with the Illuminati’s plans to externalize the hierarchy–who through writings like Dan Brown were to be heralded as saviors saving mankind from religious intolerance & terrorists, a number of brave people, myself included, stood up & published the truth exposing them. Now they are commonly recognized as sociopathic, psychopathic pedophiles with genocidal plans to enslave humanity in their lust for power. They are small-minded vampire-like criminals. Having remained invisible for centuries, now their own plans to externalize themselves only helped those of us who were exposing them! The Truth-Awake community/movement was born. Secrets like their trauma-based mind control, and other secrets like the Nephalim, and the Darwinian lies of evolution have been totally exposed in recent years. It took brave, God-filled people with the help of the Holy Spirit, and using their God-given intelligence to expose these kinds of things. And just like there were secular rulers who helped the Spirit-led people of the Reformation …likewise, humanity is seeing a similar thing happen.

TWO MORE CURRENT GLITCHES. It appears to me that two other glitches are appearing. The first glitch is their persistence in whitewashing Hillary. Assange has been releasing a stream of exposes of Hillary, showing her criminal activities, her lies, how she threatened Sanders to quit running, and so forth. A number of other people have been trying to question Hillary’s obviously defective health. She has repeatedly been unable to talk to reporters while the cameras were running. I think the extreme measures they are taking to hide her obvious health problems is going to backfire. Finally, the common person is getting to see HOW controlled our mass media has been all along. The longer they persist in trying to hide the obvious, the more they show how the emperor has no clothes. People who have been in denial about the “conspiracy” are seeing it before their eyes. Yes, there is a Matrix!! And some people are seeing how lopsided and biased their reporting is about Trump and realizing that they have done the same slanderous lies to Putin, to Gaddafi, to Assad, and many others in the past (me included). The fact that Hillary is repeatedly mentioning Alex Jones shows they are losing it. In the past, they ignored the truth/awake community except to call them nut cases.

THE MATRIX EXPOSES ITSELF IN THEIR RUSHING TO THE FINISH LINE. Having exposed themselves, at least in part—at least enough that those of us who expose the fuller truth, the dark side of these elite, have had our job made easier…now they have to go for broke and finish things. Only those truly blind still think of them as heroes. One of these agendas that they have hurried up–their genocide health plans– is falling apart. Their haste is helping expose it!! The 2 largest pillars or parts to this plan are vaccines laced w/ poisons, and unchecked cancer. They rammed through mandatory vaccines starting with California, but due to the Internet & brave, informed citizens…it is backfiring. They rammed the same thing through in Hawaii, and then had to repeal the mandatory vaccines! One D.A. in Calif. seeing the vaccine give his son autism, is now outraged. There are others, and some of these others are in the health profession. See the Internet gives people the awareness that exposes their lies!! Truth wins. They want us to ask them to do their agenda. It is not happening! Many people are rejecting the vaccines. Awareness about true cancer cures is still not mainstream. If their fake crusade on cancer can be exposed to the public, it will help people realize just how corrupt & evil these elite stringpullers like George Soros & the Rockefellers are.

TY BOLLINGER. This courageous health professional has declared “The war on cancer is a fraud.” He has assembled many of the world’s experts on alternative health methods that destroy cancer, and he has an upcoming symposium titled “The Truth About Cancer” at Grapevine, TX from Oct. 14-16, 2016. The speakers will expose the dangers of vaccines, and how the Health Industry is suppressing genuine cures for cancers. Just one of many speakers is Mike Adams who will speak on “The Glyphosate Deception: How a devious corporation poisoned the entire world with a deadly molecule hidden in your food”. I have been getting the scoop on the latest cancer cures myself.

SUPPRESSION OF TECHNOLOGY. The murder (by poisoning restaurant food) of Stanley Meyer, the inventor of water-powered engines to run cars, is a good example of their suppression of technology. He had been running a dune buggy powered by water for example–in spite of all the lies that claim he was a hoax. I have personally watched how the suppress inventors…said to say, but most of these inventors don’t have a clue as to how the real world is full of an evil elite out to suppress their inventions. I have watched someone approach an inventor and say, you don’t have the means to produce this…let me help you with the financing of it…and the technology gets suppressed…and at times I have seen the inventors quietly murdered at some point. “New energy” has been shut down. No more printing press type inventions unless they want it. When I was down in Ashland speaking 4 years ago, the young inventors were excited about their “new energy” inventions that would stop the corporate plunder of us. Even though they thought they understood the World Order…I could see they didn’t really have a clue. Part of the problem is that people want to be new agers, & reject Christ. Along with the new age they suck up lies that allow them to be blindsided. Evil & Satan & demons exist people. Believe it for you own good. It is not my paradigm–it is reality. People like to mock me for calling the Illuminati “Satanists”. That is not my opinion, it is what they are. And that is enough truth for one article…have a great day my friend, & be blessed.

(A) Externalization of the Hierarchy, p.37 (B) ibid., p. 102


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