This is a short update on the Bundy situation, with involved two large standoffs, the first set of trials in Portland, OR where they were acquitted, and now a new series of trials in Las Vegas, NV. By coincidence, I have been in living in the area both times and yet been too busy to attend any of the trials. During April, the judge declared the trial against 6 men who had helped the Bundys in the original ranch standoff to be a mistrial. As you may realize, no government employee of the FBI, the state police, no one of any kind has had to answer for the murder of LaVoy Finicum. The US govt. repeatedly shows by its actions that it is no better than all the foreign govt.s that it states treat their people with tyranny. The following link is an article based upon a telephone call recently made with Pete Santelli, who as you know was a reporter at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge standoff in Harney Co., OR. (By the way, Pete even had me on his show a couple of times.) The Bundy standoff defendants are being held indefinitely. This is a common govt. tactic to break people down. Jail time is much harder than prison time, and people get antsy being held in a jail cell indefinitely and usually end up wanting to plea bargain just to bring some resolution to their lives. http://freedomoutpost.com/bundy-ranch-political-prisoner-s…/ (I had a lot of trouble seeing this article…as my computer would freeze up each time I went to the link…but with persistence was able to see it. You may also encounter resistance in viewing it.)


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