2nd PODCAST of Fritz Springmeier 22 MAY 2017

This Weds. at 8 p.m. EST my second podcast will air for those who are not subscribers. Subscribers can access both the second and first hour in the morning. The link is http://freemantv.com/dissolving-the-family-core-linda-gross
In the show we talk about the specifics of the Illuminati plans to destroy the family, especially by destroying men. We talk about some of the reasons why, and how one can see the agenda. We discuss how those who advocate for men get harassed by the World System, and how the attack against men is global. Linda Gross has years of experience helping men and has had a keen sense of justice that is repelled by the ceaseless unfair attacks against males. This sense of justice led her to become a male advocate as well as write books and do shows to help men recover what they have lost. This show will not only inform but should encourage men.

Here is the BIO for Linda Gross: Linda Gross is a unique woman who advocates for men’s rights. She is the author of ‘Mastering Women’ a veritable encyclopedia for men to not only learn everything about women, but to be an expert when dealing with them. Combining years of academic research on relationships from Caveman days to present along with interviewing over 20,000 men to write this book, gives the reader undeniable confidence to handle any interpersonal situation. Tune into her radio show, ‘The Men’s Advocate with Linda Gross’, Live or On-Demand, on KMET 1490 AM or from her mobile app.
In addition, she only discusses men’s issues on her show: dating, relationships, sex, women, fitness, health, business, male interests/hobbies, and more. A link to her Facebook for her show: https://www.facebook.com/TheMensAdvocate/


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