ANNOUNCING A MY NEW RADIO SHOW “Insights by Fritz Springmeier.” (17 SEPT 2016)

I have been invited to have a radio show on the Truth Emerges Network. It can be listened to by phone or Internet. The show is planned to be one hour and its first show is on Friday 23 DEC ’16 from 6 to 7 PST. I plan to give comments on the news for the first segment, and then give something along the lines that Paul Harvey would give in the second. I also will give an answer to one question from listeners each week. There will be a 5 minutes commercial in the middle of the hour. People can send emails to [email protected] and I will answer one question per week from listeners.

THE TRUTH EMERGES NETWORK. The Network’s shows are:
TUES–The Truth Emerges–Lisa Brumfiel (Liberty Lisa)
WEDS–Guerilla Radio by Austin Thomas
THURS–The 4th Branch by Debbie Carol
FRI–Insights by Fritz Springmeier
SAT–Unraveling the Matrix by Austin Thomas
SUN– Applying Christian Principles by Joni & son Jered

More details will follow in the upcoming week before the show.


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