LOOKING AT THE WHOLE PICTURE: An essay on the insufficiency of using labels to describe how the Illuminati works (16 DEC ’16) Readers familiar with my works already know how strongly I have fought for decades to get people to quit using a single label to describe the activities of the elite stringpullers…it is not a Catholic, or CIA, or Communist, or Corporate conspiracy…rather this globalist power manipulates all these and many other factions. I was surprised that the inventor of the Illuminati card game had all the right elements. The goal of this article is to build a better understanding of the dynamics of the Illuminati, the mother of all secret societies, which works through thousands of organizations globally.

MULTIPLE PLANS. Prior to WW 2, the elite had to realize that when they unleashed the forces of WW 2, that various scenarios might occur. Although the likelihood that Hitler (& Axis partners) could win was quite miniscule, one had to prepare for multiple contingencies once forces were unleashed. John Foster Dulles headed the appeasement faction in the U.S. Allen Dulles led the intervention faction. The Dulles family was an ancient elite family, with these two brothers members of the mother of secret societies. Immediately after Germany invaded Poland on Sept 1, 1939, the CFR (an Illum. think tank) made a secret agreement with the U.S. State Dept. to provide expertise in policy planning. The Sec. of State at that time who made the secret agreement with the CFR to provide America’s policy planning was both a CFR & Illum. member Cordell Hull, who was also the “Father of the U.N.” & a close friend of Al Gore, Sr. (By the way, it was Sec. of State Hull who turned refugees back from Nazi Europe from entering the U.S.A. & who prevented Amer. Jews from sending money to rescue Romanian Jews from the Nazis, even though Hull had Jewish blood.) The CFR called their secret policy planning for the U.S. govt. “War & Peace Studies”, and it studied such things as an American Occupation Army in defeated Germany BEFORE we entered WW 2. It also studied the contingency of the British govt. having to relocate to Canada. The CFR contingency plans covered the entire range of possibilities, most of which obviously never happened. From one Illum. member, I received info that there were secret elite meetings between the elite from both sides during the war. And there is evidence of such collaboration, such as Illum. kingpin Onassis being able to sail his merchant ships anywhere without danger of attack from either side.

MULTIPLE & “OPPOSING” YET SIMILAR OCCULT THEOCRACIES. Typically, many people see the Jesuits & Freemasons as opposites, but key Jesuits & Freemasons sit together on regional Illuminati area boards. I have previously explained how the head of Freemasonry saved the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) when the Pope in 1773 outlawed them. What I have not explained is the one-to-one correspondence between the secret society of Jesuits & Freemasons–which both organizations (unknown to the public) began collaborating together in the 1960’s. Both agencies have been tools of the Illuminati, although lower level members often have no clue that they are. And all along there have secretly been Jesuits in Freemasonry. The Jesuits have used the sun & moon as symbols. They use a G in the center of a blazing star–which they say means their General (called for centuries “the Black Pope”). Freemasonry has a Battery of 3 Knocks…the Jesuits have 3 Vows. Freemasonry has 5 points of Mastery…the Jesuits 5 Duties. Freemasonry & the Jesuits both use the initials I.H.S. The Jesuits took Masonic lore and gave Jesuit interpretations to the same lore. Charles William Heckethorn in his book Secret Societies of All Ages & Countries (London: Richard Bentley & Son, 1875) wrote, “There is considerable analogy between Masonic and Jesuitic degrees; and the Jesuits also tread down the shoe and bare the knee…” Various other old books exposing Jesuit rituals reveal other similarities. As a final example of similarity, many Jesuit operated Roman Catholic churches have had the Illuminati pyramid & all-seeing eye…also used by Freemasonry. I might add one more tidbit, the fourth general of the Jesuits was a Belgium Jew, Eberhard Mercurian (a Walloon). It’s caught the attention of some that a number of other influential Jesuits in history, for instance, Francisco Ribera & Emanuel Lacunza were also Jews. And 2 other Jesuit generals were from little Belgium.

INSIDERS. David Rockefeller put together the Trilateral Commission. The Rockefellers have also played a big role with the CFR. Now my readers know that David Rockefeller is an Illuminati member as well as Zbigniew Brzezinski. Born-again Baptist Jimmy Carter (from a powerful witchcraft family) wrote a book “I’ll Never Lie to You” while running for President where he said, “The insiders have had their chance and they have not delivered. And their time has run out. The time has come for the great majority of Americans…to have president who will turn the government of this country inside out.” In other words, he was going to get rid of insiders. I remember this promise back then. His good looking strategist & personal advisor Hamilton Jordan said before the inauguration that he would quit the Carter Administration if you found insiders Cy Vance as Sec. of State and Zbigniew Brzezinski as head of National Security. He said that people like that would show Jimmy Carter had failed his promise. Well those two insiders were placed in exactly the positions Jordan said they should never be in –but he did not resign. Brzezinski was CFR, Trilateral Comm., Bilderberger, U.S. National Sec. Council, & MJ-12. You don’t get more of an elite insider than that! Carter’s campaign was financed by insiders, and he in fact later joined the CFR…so what did he mean when he told people he was going to get rid of insiders if he became president??? While I am pleased with some things our president-elect Trump has done, & a few things like getting rid of Obama care will give great relief, I can’t say that insiders are not getting into his administration.

BRUSA. In my Be Wise As Serpents book I expose the 1947 BRUSA agreement, which made all the spy agencies of the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia & N.Z. into branches of the same organization. These nations had been already working together during WW 2 & WW 1. When one agency is blocked from doing something–let’s say the NSA or CIA in America, they can simply hand the job over to a brother agency within BRUSA. I never see anyone call them out on this. An example of the collaboration is when the NSA’s computers all crashed 24 days after Y2K. Of course, such a catastrophe was kept secret…but during the three days that their system was down, they simply turned their spying over to the U.K.’s GCHQ. I have repeatedly diagrammed out how the various criminal organizations & the Illuminati overlap, and the same can be said between the intelligence agencies and these criminal organizations. When I was in prison, the go-between person between the Li Illuminati family & the Mafia gave me lots of inside info that I wrote down on a yellow legal pad. (Unfortunately, a guard threw the pad away.) The point being: is so-&-so a bad person because he is a high ranking Freemason? or Mafia? or Illuminati member? Labels are insufficient at times, which is my point.

CONCLUSION. We find the Word of God validated…”For all have sinned…” & “The kings of the earth set themselves, and [all] the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed…” (PS 2:2). “Be not conformed to this world…” (ROM 12:1) Have a good one my friend.


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