WILL WE MAKE PAPA PROUD, or miss Him by a foot? : Wisdom about POVERTY.

Yahshua spoke about close encounters of the divine kind, “This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.” MT 15:8 (which quotes ISA 29:13). I figure the distance between lips & heart is about a foot.

This post is about making the most of poverty, for you my friend will be poor when America economically collapses. When a child pays attention to his mother’s advice to wear a raincoat when it will rain, he makes his parents proud. The wisdom you choose to do or not to do will make Him either proud or embarrassed. Don’t be one of those persons knocking on the door of the Ark after it is shut! In times like that, embarrassment is only a minor problem. There are some things all of us can do which will help us deal with poverty (& no, it’s not the lottery). And we are assured, “in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Make each passing moment count in your life, for God provides opportunities & specific purposes to each moment. Discerning His will, becomes valuable, as it says in the Word, in Wisdom’s hand is riches.

You may have noticed that Max McDollar, although he is beyond filthy rich & drunk w/ power, will persist in squeezing us like a sponge to get those last few dollars. I think Christ had a sense of humor, he said give them your undergarment (underwear) too! (MT 5:40). So I have some they can have. He & his co-members use their monopoly of power to play with the lives of the poor. Through the mass media & entertainment industry they promote their own values, so that the poor commoner smucks feel compelled to buy things like x-boxes that they can’t afford like McDollar can. The elite, by means of the World System, mold people’s world views & then exploit them. The poor get caught in a web of lies. The truth is important to liberate the poor. “Blessed be ye poor, for yours is the Kingdom of God.” Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, LK 6:20. As my previous post, wherever we are, we can choose to have joy & happiness: “You shall be happy, & it shall be well with you.” PS 128:2 “Rejoice evermore!”

The World’s Max McDollars have also outfitted Christendom w/ the Sword of the Flesh, the Shield of Doubt, the Helmet of Damnation, the Breastplate of self-righteousness, girded their loins w/ half-truths, & shod their feet w/ rotten news. Exactly how the Illuminati want them. Now in hard times, who will pay for their programs?

What survival strategies do you know about? Some poor know survival well! Water is a basic survival item & clean drinking water can be insured with a filtering straw. Don’t depend on the System which is currently trying to kill all of us in multiple ways to provide answers. And if they do have help, what will be the price of their handouts– taking the chip??

Most important: don’t reject the Creator who loves you. God doesn’t make people poor, the System does. Often poor people feel God doesn’t love them, & isn’t working in their lives, or else they’d have a personal jet like a televangelist, and be living next to McDollar. Hey my friend, God has been very active w/ the poor, it’s just that His victories in that area get poorly reported (pardon the poor pun). The World’s distorted “histories” warp the common man’s perspective. While the poor find their communities & marriages under pressure & attack, and can go to jail for peeing in public….The World gives full legal protection to the privileged rich & powerful, who can get away with almost any crime. This is why true Christian community is an important answer today. Remember that God’s redemptive work is both spiritual & physical, and He is going to oppose their global New World Order. “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.” 1 JN 3:8 “Our God is a consuming fire.” “Perfecting the saints…till we come in the unity of the faith… EPH 4:12a,13a. He offers us new relationships, & new family.

Yahshua did something noteworthy when a beggar came to him; Yahshua said, “What do you want me to do for you?” MK 10:51. This is an example of giving dignity to the poor, by offering him the right to choose his own future. At times, when people attempt to help the poor in other countries they assume the people are ignorant, and they ignore the people they are helping. Reminds me of the 2 communists: “Come the revolution comrade we will all eat strawberries & cake.” “But comrade, I don’t like strawberries & cake.” “Come the revolution we W-I-L-L A-L-L have strawberries & cake!”

One of this post’s primary thoughts is this: “I have set the Lord always before me: …I shall not be moved.” PS 16:8. David said, “My times are in Thy hand.” Stay in touch with your Creator when poverty hits. Don’t buy into the lies, esp. the lie that He has rejected you. His presence will bless you & be a source of strength. And don’t be surprised if He provides our daily bread like the Manna, and His Word helps you understand your life. Don’t be so terrified by poverty when it hits, that you lose sight that these tests come with answers. May YHWH bless you.


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