WISH YOU’D BEEN THERE. A peek at the conversation.

Our conversation was quite interesting & I wish you could have joined us as we discussed the latest media lies, powerful alternative health techniques, & history that few know about. Here are some snippets from it:

Portland defeated the designs by the elite to fluoridate our water, but the elite haven’t given up the battle. I had some comic relieve watching both the pro & negative fluoride protestors protesting together; I don’t think I’d ever seen a mixed protest before. Fluoride is the main ingredient in many drugs…it shows up in so many places. The negative things attributed to it are…shall I say scary.

Statins (like Lipitor) are very popular drugs ($12.4 billion of just Lipitor was sold in 2008), yet they are dangerous and perhaps of marginal health value. Statins have become the leading drug that is prescribed, yet the dangerous side effects (cognitive loss, dementia, nerve damage, muscle damage—incl. heart muscle damage, diabetes, etc.) are being ignored. Many cardiologists are not convinced that cholesterol is causing heart attacks. And the studies don’t show Statins performing the benefits– such as giving mortality benefits– that people believe they provide. So we have a greatly overprescribed med that is causing health problems to people, but in its various forms is making tens of billions of dollars for the pharmaceutical companies each year.

A method called oil pulling using something like sesame oil, sunflower oil or olive oil is used to pull toxins out of the body in the morning. A person swishes this around in their mouth as long as they can stand (up to 30 min.) and then spits it out. Next a combo of warm salt water & baking soda is used to rinse the mouth out of all the oil. The site earthclinic.com has these kinds of very helpful alternative health tips.

We discussed the problems people can’t figure out, that end up being glutton intolerance from wheat. The wheat we have now is not the wheat our parents grew up with. We discussed the value of organic sulfur; & how kidney stones can be dealt with by olive oil & lemon juice.

Julie C. Child, who most Americans know as a television personality, in WW II worked for intelligence. Her father was the Lt. Gov. of Mass. In school she was groomed for being a spy by having the assignment of snitching on her classmates as a job. The OSS was full of Ivy Leaguers. In WW II, she began working top secret security directly under Donovon, the head of the OSS. In 1944, she was posted to Kandy, Ceylon (now the country of Sri Lanka) where she developed her own system for her storing her intel so that no one else knew what was there. Then she was posted to China where Chairman Mao was working for the OSS. After the war, she discovered French cooking which she along with others helped bring to America. In the 1960’s, she wrote a column for The Boston Globe.

The proof that the Boston Massacre & the Sandy Hook, Conn. shooting were staged with actors will be coming out in the future. The ability of the media to help create so many faked events was discussed. Some of the recent Mass media news stories are suspicious, incl. a beheading in London that has lots of improbable things happening in it. There has been a rash of bridge failures recently that also was discussed as being suspicious.

Someone wrote a political statement with a permanent magic marker on a statue here. Now this was not tagger graffiti…which are codes…but a political statement against the system. Interestingly, the park people were having an extremely difficult time removing it. They spent days trying to remove it.

Our conversation was interesting & hopefully you enjoyed “listening in” on it. Have a good one my friends.


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