Are the closures a precursor to martial law?? This is a brief look at the recent strange closing of 5 Walmart stores on Mon. 13 APR. The purpose of this post is to provide people with what is known so that they can do further study. The concerns of some people will also be provided.

SURPRISE, SURPRISE. Walmart did a surprise announcement that it would close 5 successful Walmarts at the following 5 locations: Brandon, FL; Tulsa, OK; Livingston, TX; Midland, TX; & Pico Rivera (L.A. area), CA. The 2,180 affected employees and countless customers were given about 5 hrs. notice before the stores closed. Whenever stores close without due notice, the law requires 60 day’s pay for employees…and bear in mind, many of Walmarts employees get food stamps and other govt. well-fare due to their low wages. But the Tulsa, Midland, & Livingston stores paid their employees relatively well due to the gas/oil fracking going on in their areas. Walmart says the stores need to close for 6 months for catastrophic “plumbing problems”.

REASON DOESN’T PAN OUT. Employees at the sites question the plumbing excuse. Researchers have detected no plumbing moves, & no permits requested from the county permit depts. by Walmart. Plumbing could be done while stores stay open so that Walmart could continue to generate millions of dollars in revenue. Plus Liberty Tax Service, who had kiosks in some of the stores, were kicked out on the 13th two days before the tax filing deadline of 15 APR and given no option to complete the tax season. People all over the country are questioning the feeble reason Walmart gave for the closings. Without any firm info, people have of course generated plenty of speculation as to the real reasons for the 5 closures.

SPECULATIONS. Considering the Jade Helm 15 martial law exercises done across SW USA and FL, people are linking the closures to a possible martial law. The Dept. of Homeland Security just bought another large amount of ammo. FL, TX, & CA are large states. OK is a central state that is used by the Feds for processing inmates. OK City’s Federal Transfer Ctr. (7410 S. Macarthur Blvd.) is the control center for moving federal inmates around the USA. Some speculate that these closed Walmarts are to be processing centers for FEMA. Another thing that comes to mind is that these Walmarts tie in with the Federal prison system. Midland, TX area is a prison industry area with at least 7 prisons in the area. Brandon & Pico Rivera are also not far from prisons. If these are to be staging areas for martial law, at this point we don’t know that…all one has is speculation, and a fishy excuse by Walmart that most people don’t believe. There you have it people, this is what I know at this point. 
FINAL THOUGHT. Our reaction should be one of wisdom…seeking the Spirit of Truth & Wisdom for the coming difficult days. Remember the Word teaches us, what is not of faith is sin.


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