Taking Whiff of Wash. D.C.’s Foulness. Yesterday, a patriot embarrassed all of Washington D.C.’s various security forces by flying his gyrocopter onto the West Lawn of the Capitol as a publicity stunt to wake Americans up to Washington D.C.’s corruption! Doug Hughes, 61, had planned his stunt for perhaps two years. He took off from Gettysburg, PA and flew so low that no one picked him up on radar. He embarrassed Jet Johnson & his Homeland Security, as well as the Secret Service. On the copter, he carried letters to all 535 members of Congress calling their attention to the financial corruption of Washington. Doug Hughes went to court today, and was released to home detention. His close friend had thought Doug would be shot down before he got to the capitol, and had not recommended the idea. In the spirit of Doug’s publicity stunt to wake Americans up, this post will highlight some interesting issues.

JESUIT SWAMP LAND. The land of present-day Washington D.C. had originally belonged to Daniel Carroll, an early American Catholic. Daniel Carroll II (1730-1796) and his brother John Carroll (1735-1815) offered their family’s swampland to U.S. so that these U.S.A. could build a capital. John Carroll was a Jesuit leader (meanwhile the Pope was trying to suppress the Jesuits during this time period). He was also the first Catholic bishop & archbishop in the U.S. He worked with Russian Jesuits who had been spared by Russia’s Catherine the Great. He was educated on the Fr.-Belg. border at the College of St. Omer. And Carroll Ave. on the Wash.’s District Line, as well a Jesuit college in OH, were named after him. Washington D.C. was known for many years for being exceptionally unhealthy because of the swampland it was built on.

THE BIGGEST HEROIN MARKET between Miami & NYC. For some reason from the early 70’s to the early 80’s, the 14th St. area of Wash., D.C. was a mecca of drugs & prostitution. (At that time, the heroin was said to be coming from the U.K.) Many users in the D. of C. died from heroin overdoses. To get a picture of that area, the NE area of Washington D.C. was the Catholic District. The White House is in line with 16th St. And then 14th St. is just east & NE of the White House. In other words, you have the White House & then you went through this drug & prostitution area to arrive at the Catholic district. For some reason, the leaders in Washington decided the hookers were too close to the White House & they created what they called a “prostitution free zone”. To do that, they had to get so draconian they would arrest someone for merely having a condom. They made some high profile arrests also.

OFFICIAL CORRUPTION. Many people have written on the corruption of Washington’s politicians, for instance, Peter Schwizer with his book Throw Them All Out. Youtubes abound concerning Obama & the Clintons. Washington’s politicians, a band of thieves whose loyalty is to the almighty dollar, and who are all under blackmail by the PTSNB, are unfortunately the one’s making our laws. Students of this corruption can label their corruption as malfeasance, misfeasance, & nonfeasance. Malfeasance means doing criminal acts…it includes how crimes are not prosecuted…note that even though Clinton was impeached he stayed in office. Congressmen are the best for not being accountable for tickets. Political contributions which people are forced to pay are another example of this. Misfeasance means not performing your official duties correctly. This is so widespread, that many have forgotten what their actual duties are. Bribes by powerful men & powerful corporations have been great to cause politicians to forget to carry out their legal duties. Misfeasance is the first step towards nonfeasance, which means not doing your official duty at all! Well, for Congressmen it all pays the same. They are in general unaccountable. I was shocked when I visited Washington, D.C. and saw them “in action”. It was nothing like the American people picture. I can understand why some call the D.C. “the most corrupt state in the nation”. (It is not a state, merely a Federal district.)

WHAT IS BEHIND SEVERAL STRANGE POWER OUTAGES? Just prior to the 9-11 false flag there was a power outage in Wash. D.C. A few days ago (APR 7) there was a power outage again in Wash. D.C. hitting at 1:45 and causing the White House to rely on their backup generator. And a few days after that on APR 14th, a transmission line from the Calvert Cliff Nuclear plant was said to have caused outages in Wash., D.C. again…& this time it may have been suspiciously related to a White House agenda. During the July 10th, 2014 power outage, 911 emergency calls were dropped. On 12/15/2014, a fire at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management caused the power to flicker at the White House. Examples of other recent Washington power outages include: Apr. 1, 2013; Sept. 8, 2012; & July 13, 2012. Now that you have a heads up on this phenomena, you can help watch it, to see if these outages are connected to other events.

THAT’S ALL FOR NOW. God’s best to you my friend.


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