This is a look at how Germany is dealing with some of the same major issues that face America. This post is meant to help the reader not only understand upcoming decisions by Germany, but also to find ways to improve or appreciate the USA better.

DESTRUCTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT. Germany has faced much more serious environmental destruction than the U.S. I remember the German rivers in 1971 being black sludge. In response, Germany did a major overall on its cities & countryside. It focused on green issues so well & worked so hard, that it has become the leading nation worldwide in green technology. Those who want to study green technology can study at German higher education for free. About 85% of university instruction at these green technology schools is in English, and 15% classroom teaching is in German.

IMMIGRATION. As Germany miraculously rebuilt itself (called Wirtschaftswunder in German) after WW 2 (and no it wasn’t a free ride paid for by America) it had more jobs than people. Germany & Turkey have had close relations, so it was natural for German firms to recruit Turks for temporary workers, with the understanding that after they were no longer working in Germany, they would be helped to return to Turkey. These were Gastarbeiter (guestworkers), and they were recruited from 1961-73. The firms that hired them, liked to staff whole areas with blocks of Turkish workers as it reduced the need for interpreters.

In 1973, due to the oil crisis & other factors, the guestworkers became viewed as “foreign workers” and new policies were put in place in Germany. Specific money was set aside to help these workers return after two years. The Germans began to realize that enclaves of Turks in German cities like Berlin & Hamburg (called Little Istanbuls), much like America’s Chinatowns had developed. The German media began giving attention to a number of social time bombs associated with these un-integrated foreign workers. When a German classroom had more than 30% of foreign children, the foreign children would be pulled out and given separate classes. This time period is the point that the German people realized they needed a policy of “assimilation or return”. It would not work to have Turkish ghettos & large parts of the population who had no concept of German culture or German values. If Germany did not insist on assimilation, the concept of Germany would be lost. (It is interesting that America has not protected itself this way. In speaking with lots of illegal aliens (Latin Americans), I can report first hand that most have no concept of American values, and no loyalty to America. (That is not to say there haven’t been some great Americans from Latin America who do understand.) Obviously, people like Obama would like to dilute our culture to where it fragments & falls apart. This is just the practical nature of how things work. And it has become pc to hate on the white race and their contribution to America.

1987 to 1999. A period of upheaval, perestroika & questioning. Ethnic Germans (Aussiedler) were allowed to come to Germany and join the Volksnation. The Turks in Germany saw the double standard. Ethnic Germans were accepted for citizenship quicker and easier than Turks. The German govt. moved to block people keeping dual citizenships if they wanted German citizenship. 1999 to 2001. The backlash in Germany from this unfairness, caused the Social Democratic-Green govt. to announce that they would pass a new citizenship law that would make Germany an open country to immigration. If a foreign worker had one parent with an 8 yr. legal status & an unlimited residence permit, then the German-born foreign worker had a right to German citizenship.

Since 2001. Most Germans today want to help the millions of Syrian refugees. But the concept of “assimilate or leave!” is still intact. Numerous incidents since 9-11 have led to most Germans feeling like Islamic culture is incompatible with German values. For instance, Moslems are intolerant of other religions, Germany is not. Moslem youth in Germany have high rates of criminal activity and studies show they are more violent than German youth. So Islamic immigration has been a public issue since 2001. Immigrants from Sweden, France & the U.K. have integrated well into German culture, while Moslems (incl. Turks) have not. Studies of this difference, have reinforced German attitudes against the Islamic tide of immigrants. A well-publicized study in 2010 reported that teenagers who were strong adherents to Islam in Germany wanted to be violent. And of course this study created a lot of controversy. Some Turks have created new organizations like Deutsch-Plus which are creative approaches to join German society. They hope to keep their identity as Turks and still join Germany.

Tens of millions (or perhaps it is hundreds of millions) of people have been displaced in recent times in the Middle East. During the first half of 2015, 137,000 were asking for asylum in Europe. The enormous numbers of refugees is causing some Europeans to ask that the flow of refugees & migrants be limited before their fragile economies crash. Already 1 in 8 residents in the U.K. are foreign born. Meanwhile, homeless refugees are building little refugee cities where the number of people using a single toilet may number 300. I hear these refugees saying the same thing that I heard illegal Latinos in America say, “We just want to live & work, that’s all.” The refugees in Germany, by & large are happy as it is a good place to find work. And the Germans, by & large are welcoming them, happy to help, but are also expecting that they will learn German & German values over time.

NATO AND ITS FACE OFF W/ RUSSIA. Germany has a lot of economic ties with both Russia & the Ukraine, and now has lost a lot. Due to the sanctions against Russia, the northern German harbors (Hamburg to the North Sea and Kiel to the Baltic) are being seriously impacted. Northern German logistics firms are hurting, and some may soon be out of business. There has been a serious drop in trust & enthusiasm for NATO. It went from 73% to a level of 55%. And the majority of Germans don’t want to be involved in military action against Russia, if Putin starts fighting NATO countries which border Russia. NATO is an organization that is pledged to defend any member. So it is no wonder some Germans (who don’t want to go to war) are talking about leaving NATO. There is a serious problem if Russia attacks Latvia or Poland. Most Europeans think America will jump right in and protect these nations—my research shows the U.S. doesn’t have the military muscle to do it, because we are spread too thin. (Obama has played a big role in that.) Nor are the Germans pro-Ukraine, and anti-Russian. The majority of Germans don’t want the Ukraine in the EU, nor in NATO. What this signals to me, is that NATO and the Illuminati will try to set the Ukraine up as a buffer nation between NATO and Russia. Also of note is that there is still a tremendous carry-over of cold war attitudes in Germany. In West Germany only 19% have a positive view of Putin, while in east Germany, formerly a satellite nation of Russia, 40% have a positive view.

SUMMARY. Germany has taken a different approach to the immigration of workers than the U.S. Germany is also taking a different attitude towards the Ukrainian civil war than the U.S. Because the Ukraine (& new cold war) is closer to Germany and impacts Germany directly, positive feelings towards NATO has declined, and Germans don’t want to get sucked into a war in eastern Europe. One also has to keep in mind that the attitudes of the people of former east Germany, which are now part of a united Germany, also pull Germany away from NATO.



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