Thoughts on the day 5 FEB 2013

Thoughts on the day…I was listening to the clerk trying to explain the concept of a forever stamp to a lady. Finally the lady gave up trying to figure it out, and said “I trust you.” Have you noticed that now that we spend most of our money on the military, and keep our schools open with bake sales that we have smart bombs and stupid graduates. I told my gf that now with spellcheck teaching spelling is old fashioned. Even English is. I was having fun today making humor to the guy working in the gym beside me until he said, “No hablo ingles.” You can see why my jokes puzzled him. I found an American couple and asked them how many of us are there compared to everyone else in the gym, the guy said 13%, his woman said 25%. Interesting spread, that either way shows this country is popular. Besides Spanish, the most popular locker room languages are Chinese and Russian. Would they know the difference between Bill Rights and Bill of Rights? “No speak Engwish.” All right, now I know I am old fashioned. My face book friends still use English, some even the King James English. It was a normal day today, visiting with people who are straying away from church, …and finding God, (who prefers to speak Hebrew). And my fb home page is saying I am up to 7,854 followers…makes me feel like Forrest Gump doing his own thing, not realizing all these people are following me. It’s been a fun day. How about yours?


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